Grants: Space Misfits - Massive Multiplayer Game

Space Misfits is actually one of the very few play to earn games that have a working game and is fun to play. Building on Harmony is much needed since an ERC20 token killing the economy of the game and make it unplayable. Hope to see a cool partnership soon :wink:


Yeah we need more P2E


this game is simply amazing.


I played a lot this game since the alpha the alpha in the mining zone and the new rogue release is awesome, the team is working really hard on development and they are delivering great content in the game, although I have the feeling that the issue with transaction fees of ETH is slowing the development of play to earn mechanics, in my opinion moving their ERC20 token to Harmony will help the team to overcome the burden of Ethereum fees and transaction speed, it will be a huge game changer and will bring many more new players that right now may be held back by the high transaction fees of the Ethereum chain.
Also I want to add that with the right marketing this game will explode in term of player base and this will bring many benefits to Harmony too, think about Solana, it was almost a unknown chain, then Star Atlas was announced and Solana adopters numbers and price went skyrocket.
The future of gaming is crypto-gaming and right now Space Misfits is a well developed and solid project, it made high player numbers even with so little marketing, this is a good organic growth and one of aspects I like most about this project: they are focusing on content and development before marketing, just imagine when marketing and promotion will seriously start how many new user will come, it will be incredible.


For me personally Space Misfits was THE breakthrough where I realized that there is more in the playtoearn space than just some annoying games where you have to repeat tasks which aren’t enjoyable for a long time.
I’m a huge MMO fan and although I always tried different space games, non of them really suited me. After I played Space Misfits and their new “rogue” gameplay i was surprised that you can literally play a space game for several hours and you still have goosebumps if you enter a new area and the enemies are already waiting to try to kill you.
Like some other people mentioned already: One of the main brakes this game has to release are the huge gas fees of ethereum. If they can solve this problem and can finally implement their own tokenomics this game will start flourishing like it deserves to.

Of course the game is still in a very early development stage, but even with the little amount of content they have available for now it already feels really satisfying and also sometimes a little bit too addictive.

Why I think that harmony is a really good choice for their tokenomics (maybe even the best choice):

  • the really fast transactions will enable the game to do realtime trades with ingame assets, no unnecessary waiting for a transaction to be accepted
  • the additional possibilities they get with cheap transactions will leverage the game even if no new players will join the game
  • if the Space Misfits tokenomics can finally start and can be traded on an exchange I’m pretty sure that this will allow the development team to integrate even more ways to enjoy this game.
  • the harmony community could really benefit from a game with such an awesome development team, maybe they can even bring a lot of new ideas to the game and with the help of the additional community the game could become one of the strongest movements in the playtoearn space

Whatever the future is holding for this game and for harmony, in my opinion both of them need way more attention and I think one way of creating that additional attention is by linking these 2 projects together.


Approved for $50k under “Launches” track.

  1. 500 Launches ($20M). Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet, $10K after mainnet launch, $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and $20K for after 10K users.
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Will this push through? Their recent whitepaper discusses about enjin and nothing about harmony.

They need to focus on more harmony ecosystem. I participated in their AMA upon they released their whitepaper but they seemed like they had no idea about this ecosystem rather than low-cost tx fees, fast txs. I know they have been granted and they will be releasing their tokens on HRC-20 format. But no idea about cosmic guild, freya, fedi kingdom or any other projects developed on harmony. projects itself does not speak, you need to be blended with community. Hope that this will change in the forthcoming days.

There are many references in our updated whitepaper about Harmony and our token being a HRC20 living on the Harmony chain.

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We are using Harmony for our solution to high gas fees with our current ERC20 token. As we focus on that we can begin to learn more about the Harmony ecosystem. We will also be utilizing the bridges and along with the staking Harmony provides for our HRC20.

As far as not knowing other projects we just haven’t really taken the time to learn about the other projects in our ecosystem. We have an upcoming AMA where we have been invited to discuss our project on Harmony and these other projects are part of the AMA. We will make sure we attend all of them so we can get to know the other projects more intimately.

We are very excited to partner with Harmony!


I apologize. It was my fault, I was just skimming through it. Im excited for the project by the way. Hope all goes well.

Awesome! Our immediate need is getting off of Ethereum and bridging to HRC20 to use our token in our marketplace. As we build on Harmony we will get to know the chain intimately and explore more of the ecosystem. We need to take care right now of our immediate problems that Harmony will be able to solve!

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Thank you for clarification and sorry If I was being rude.

I can imagine that you may have other technical problems which you will be confronting in the upcoming days. I am very excited about this project and I am sure the community will support you as much as they can.

I think this project will be the first space story-based P2E project on Harmony while other projects such as DFK, Freya, Cosmic Guild is more medieval story-based projects with different utilities. So story-based collaboration seems would not work but pool/staking options may be on the table while NFT collection could be issued on $VINCI. (VINCI is most well known NFT Marketplace on harmony) I suggest you to contact their developers from discord when you feel the project is ready to show up :slight_smile:

All the best and good luck!

Awesome thank you! Space Misfits is community-driven and we take their feedback very seriously! As we collab with the Harmony community, we invite them to take a deep look and participate in our community governance in the direction we are headed! Excited to participate in tomorrow’s AMA and learn more about the other Harmony gaming projects.



Last few months have been pretty incredible in terms of development. We launched our major R7 update which includes a ton of new game content, more play to earn features, missions/tutorials and so much more!

In terms of Harmony development we have successfully completed Deposits and Withdraws on the Harmony network. We have established a deposit contract pool allowing players to convert their onchain CROWN to offchain CROWN allowing players to use their CROWN in our upcoming player driven marketplace.

CROWN can also be earned in the game allowing players to withdraw their CROWN onto the Harmony network.

Our TGE has been delayed but we are expected to announce a new listing date along with a Tier 1 exchange listing.

We are currently in development of our staking app which is being built on the Harmony network as well! We expect to have the staking dapp done in 4 weeks and will have a double audit be completed.

We are excited to be building on Harmony and so far the engineers have had no issues developing on the network!

We are excited for the future and thank Harmony for our grant!


Hi there!
It looks like no updates in the forum since months ago.
Are there behind the scenes?

Thank you!

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