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[WePiggy is an open source, non-custodial crypto asset lending market protocol. In Wepiggy’s market, users can deposit their crypto assets to earn interest, or borrow others by paying interests.

WePiggy has been deployed in well-known public chains and Layer 2 networks such as Ethereum, OKExChain, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon chain, Huobi Eco Chain, Arbitrum and will soon be launched on Optimism, Harmony, etc., realizing the exchange and lending of cross-chain assets.

Now our total deposit market size is 76,119,582.37, total borrow market size is 29,843,977.32, and data will be updated on the homepage.

WePiggy team is a full-time development team of 19 people, with members from tier-one Internet companies such as Meitu and Meituan, with a complete system and clear division of labor.

WePiggy will launch the lending protocol on Harmony, and allocate WPC tokens to WePiggy users in the Harmony ecosystem.

The grant funds will be used for:
1.Covering the development cost of the first version and the subsequent versions of the protocol
2.Operational cost on Harmony
3.Marketing cost on Harmony

Our milestones are:
Weeks 1-4: WePiggy lending protocol launches on Harmony testnet.
Weeks 5-6: WePiggy lending protocol launches on Harmony mainnet.]

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[2,000 users]

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YouTube link: 一分钟带你了解 WePiggy 借贷协议的崭新体验 - YouTube]

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  • for the total deposit market size, what currency is this in →
    76,119,582.37, total borrow market size is 29,843,977.32
  • can describe what operational cost on Harmony means?
  • and how many total active users do you have today?


The currency is USD. The data we submitted is out of date. Now the deposit market size is US$92,681,720.75 and the borrow market size is US$33,100,978.59.

The operational cost include, but are not limited to, the price-feed oracle, front-end server costs, special customer service and marketing staff salaries, as well as the promotion budget with related partners, etc.

There are more than 7000 users using our product in different blockchain networks. You can track the user details on

Visit our website and enjoy the best user experience of lending protocol.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

@WePiggy your proposal is close to a Launch category in Apply for Grants or DAO

  1. 500 Launches ($20M). Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet, $10K after mainnet launch, $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and $20K for after 10K users.

The difference is we cap at $50K for Launches and ask that you aim to hit 10K monthly active users before the final $20K is released. The DAO is also necessary to manage the community answering questions on Harmony. Can we agree to the above terms?

Yes, we agree the terms.

Approved for Launches at $50K. Congrats @Ron !

multisig wallet: 0xe1d776AbF67F567E24419F2c81E7E4311f676651

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Update Oct 29th 2021

:trophy: Milestone 1 reached! :tada: :tada: :tada:

WePiggy Test is now available Harmony testnet here :point_down:

:mega: Announcement :mega:

:memo: Tutorials :memo:

Welcome to participate in the deposit, withdraw, borrow and repay experience of ONE test token on WePiggy-Test (Please claim ONE from the official Harmony faucet) :+1: :+1: :+1:

On October 19th, we announced the test activity announcement in the WePiggy community. So far more than 205 community members have participated in the test! :two_hearts:

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Any user feedback is greatly appreciated!


Run piggy forest run! :rofl:

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Good to see piggy in Harmony :smiley:

Support it
Hope to see WePiggy at Harmony

Really fun to play with… folks, go setup a Testnet wallet to try it out. Instructions here Metamask - Harmony (use Testnet side)

Faucet for Testnet ONEs are here -

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funded the $10k milestone for testnet launch: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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Thank you so much!

WePiggy will go live on Mainnet soon. More information, please feel free to check here.

Discord: WePiggy

Tested on testnet and looks really great. Interesting idea and nice frontend.
Congrats :clap: