Harmonauts on a mission to bring the Harmony ONE network to a decentralized state ONE validator at a time

I recently came across a group of delegators that are working towards the goal of getting Harmony decentralized. We can all agree that the only way to accomplish this is to have more independent validators in the ecosystem. Harmoforce is the group both on Reddit and Twitter: r/harmoforce @HarmoforceONE . Please look them up, read through their mission and see if this is something you can help support. We are all in this together and together a decentralized Harmony ecosystem we will have. Thank you for your consideration.

Edit:. I want to also add that we have telegram (Harmoforce🐬
Telegram: Contact @harmoforceONE) and discord (Harmoforce)

Telegram chat is usually the most active. But we invite discussion on all forums


As a member of Harmoforce, I’m proud to say that we’ve helped 2 previously unelected validators each achieve stable election (over 13 million combined delegation)

We have currently begun the process of supporting our third validator, and have seen their total delegation rise from around 15k to almost 1.1 million. [EDIT: Today, on Christmas Eve, we helped get our third validator elected. Now our goal is to make them stable]

Decentralization is key to the security and future of Harmony. It is often suggested as being a key reason as to why Harmony is not yet listed on Coinbase

For those concerned about the risk involved with delegating to smaller validators, know that when these validators initially become elected, they will often see a higher rewards % than the standard 9-10%. Our first two elected validators were in the 25-35% range. This incentivizes decentralization and helps delegators mitigate/recoup potentially missed rewards

To all interested in supporting Harmony’s decentralization, please do look over the links to our socials. Say hello and get to know our members. A lot of validators are active and willing to offer advice/troubleshooting to delegators and fellow validators alike

I want to also add that we have telegram (Telegram: Contact @harmoforceONE) and discord (Harmoforce). Telegram chat is usually the most active. But we invite discussion on all forums


Being a live proof that the system actually works, can’t stress enough the importance of this for the ecosystem. Small but steady and sure steps. We have a plenty of fine examples that are acting solely on behalf of decentralization. The more the better. We need more wallets19, harmoforces, or1on, validator initiative and so on, anything that would help the network being safer as the way it meant to be.

Congratulations for all those who, promotes the true decentralization, for the sake of all! Even if it means a temporary halt in their profits!


Thank you for this mention of us, there aren’t a lot of us, but we are set on our mission! I am with @CryptoTech on this… being just elected (only 1 epoch tho) is only positive for our cause. I can wholeheartedly say that the process works, we just need to come together.


I think it’s great what harmoforce and or1on are doing for harmony, the more delegators we have, the more better for decentralisation. Spread that $one love.