Harmony 8 Ball Game (pool)

theoretically they can yes, but you’d be better off managing your expectations

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oh no, why only 80 years?

My expectations or your expectations ? :joy:

Ahh dude you’re out of the loop.


ah ok will watch it :slight_smile:

lol - was talking to RufasBotsmel about expectations.

It wont happen overnight, nothing does but, the plans are there and I’m working on a few different things simultaneously, there’s always something going on and everyday we’re making progress. Website is next on the list as that’s a major component and it’s missing.


You’ll always have our support Mando. One of the most hard-working & ambitious community leaders out there. Legend.


congrats on the token launch

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Looks like a great project; one of the few gaming projects that I’ve seen with alot of passion behind it. Had a few conversations with the project leader and he seems to have a strong vision for what the project will become~ hoping to see this succeed!


Hey @Mando, thank you for sharing your proposal with us. I want to provide you with an update on our grants program. The text below is a copy/paste, but I am sending it with the same TLC that I would send any personalized message with. I care about your game and simply want to see you succeed.

As you may be aware, all funding for grants and investments are on hold. I would like to invite you to join our discussion here so that you can be fully informed and stay in the loop as things unfold.

That said, I want to encourage you to continue building. Our goal is clear: to make Harmony the leader in gaming and to make it as easy as possible for you to build, launch, and find success with your game. Most importantly, we care about the relationship we can build together. Please reach out to me on Telegram so we can make this happen. As you build, you still have access to our team for technical support. As you launch on mainnet and gain user traction, there are many ways a partnership with Harmony can lead to great things - even without funding.

Today, we released this video to highlight the many features that makes Harmony a great place for web3 gaming:

Thank you for considering Harmony as the home for your game launch. I look forward to cheering you on and am here to assist you in any way I can.



Can we get someone to review projects that applied around the time we did ( the ones who are left here anyway ) and consider funding some of the good game-fi projects?

I applied for this long before the recent events and it wasn’t really looked at properly, would be nice to get a bit of funding.

@stse @lij

Matty, any updates on when grants will resume ?

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Hey Mando! We have put @cheualx in charge of our grants program, so he can answer this best. Can you reach out to me on Telegram - I’d like to connect you to our gaming, ventures, and marketing teams to find ways that we can best support you

@cheualx i see lots of projects are now waiting on you!

lol, oh well thats another project going

@cheualx i cant help wonder why you wouldnt comment on here - hope you do a better job keeping in contact with other posts

I’m not leaving Harmony we are still launching our project here just going to limit the NFTs for now.

Just going multichain…

We have 4 HRC20 tokens that can be used in our game inc ONE.

yeah understood, but its a big change of position from your earlier stance. would be nice if harmony team actually responded here. im sure if they were responsive responsive you wouldnt have changed stance.
(fyi i’m not against this, i think its the best move)
great four tokens can be used, any idea of when it’ll launch :slight_smile:

Actually we recently formed a group for Arcadian+Harmony on TG with core team members, so it doesn’t really have anything to do with that, I just wanted to take advantage of the portal I developed to move to other chains and target a larger community.

I’m still finishing up the framework so not sure exactly, not too long though.

Honestly building the game(s) is not so difficult, it’s everything else to support it all, websites, web3, accounts, backend etc… thats where the majority of the time goes.

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