Harmony 8 Ball Game (pool)

Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned to @papi, who will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:


A few questions:

1- in pvp 8 ball, what are the players playing for? you haven’t mentioned a pot or rewards pool.
2- what’s the logic behind the pool ball strike - are you using a random number generator? if so which one?
3- what other mini games were you thinking of building?

Sorry accidentally deleted the reply :sweat_smile:

Hey Peter

1, So the PVP will utilise the native token in two ways. First, the player can use the token to bet against another player on a set price table, for example, one single token per match or another table for two tokens etc. The Second is that the user can open a session and define how much they want to bet; it can be any amount above 0.

  1. This game is interactive; the player can play it just like a regular virtual pool game. Two things will determine the outcome. First, the players’ skill level, and second the attributes of the NFT and upgrades applied to that particular cue, for example, accuracy and power.

  2. The other mini-games I’m planning to build are separate projects. This proposal is specifically for the 8-ball game. Some of the games I’m making are Mini golf with different courses, Team bowling, a digital version of Air Hockey, basically 3D pong but with VFX, some cool upgrades to the strikers, and a few other games inspired by old C64 and Atari games with my vision.

I’m in the early stages of building an online arcade on Harmony.

Thanks for the questions.

Link to game play vid here.

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Whoever says no to 8 ball? :grinning:

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I am not much of an pool guy but the attention to the details look good. Games like these will introduce new people to blockchain gaming thus opening new horizons for blockchain gaming. I will wait for your mini golf game. Pls keep us posted about it.

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I am imagining me and my buddies Playing Harmony 8 Ball Game into the metaverse. It’s so cool.:heart_eyes:

Hey Mando - when do you anticipate being ready to launch on testnet? Mainnet?

Hey Peter, good to see you back in action, I’d say realistically 12 weeks for a testnet launch with most of the features and UI completed for this particular game.

I’m building several games for my virtual arcade so at the moment I’m dividing my resources between the various projects and hopefully in a couple of weeks I can bring on some more 3D designers to help speed things up.


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Clarifying question: for this grant application, only 8 Ball Billiard is the game for which you are seeking a grant, correct?

In real life, playing pool is fun, but virtually, I’ve seen virtual pool as part of a casino, where there are other games one could play. Not always, but I wonder how many users would be interested in playing a pool-only game, versus pool as well as other games, kind of like in a Dave and Buster’s Arcade (Dave and Buster’s is a place to eat and play games for grown ups).

Have you done some market research to see how interesting a pool-only game will be to Harmony users?

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Hey peter, the funds will be used to setup the infrastructure of the arcade, not just for this pool game but also any other games that will be built in the future, this includes the internal marketplace, servers and marketing content. The funds requested in this grant will go towards creating different game modes and adding more in-game features for the pool game.

On the marketing side I ran a WL for a 5% discount on game NFTs just in our community on discord with minimal marketing (TG, Twitter) and we have over 200 users who signed up for that.
Looking at other similar games like miniclips 8ball which reportedly has over 10m active daily users it makes sense to try build our own version here on Harmony.

I’d imagine a game like pool combined with the other games in the virtual arcade will be a good addition overall, once the arcade is setup and theres multiple titles under one banner utilising 1 universal token it may prove to be successful.

Right now it’s difficult to show any accurate data but the initial community response has been well accepted and positive.

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Hey team - I’m at an offsite this week so, wanted to give you a quick update so you know I’m not ghosting you. I’ll be sure to review next week when i’m back.


I like the pool concept but I think the addition with arcade based games would be needed , as well as maybe an EVM Retro game emulator where say paying 1 ONE you could play 1 game of pong or for 10 ONE you could have access to a ranked leaderboard with weekly or monthly prizes , etc … something related to that and obviously using ONE as your native exchange currency

@ juanonewuan He stated there will be a minimum of 25 games in the arcade. Given w can’t expect 8 ball Testnet until Q4, M1 2023 etc (according to WP) this much be the 10 year plan :slight_smile:

Not entirely sure I follow your logic here, the team can work on more than one game at a time :wink:

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Indeed there is a market for a stand alone pool game. The market only exists if the quality of the game is sufficient to attract a large user base over a long period of time and after discussion with Mando, i believe this version should do that. Online multiplayer pool games have alot of potential imo. What has always been lacking in this sector are cheap and fast online payments, Harmony ONE of course solves this.

Adding other games as in an Arcade style would imo cheapen the actual pool game itself.

Even if it takes 10 years at least it will get done, we’re gonna be here for 80 years. :clinking_glasses:

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theoretically they can yes, but you’d be better off managing your expectations

oh no, why only 80 years?

My expectations or your expectations ? :joy: