Harmony as the official Blockchain partner for Codetivate 2022

Name of event

Proposal overview
On September 10-17, over 10,000 developers, makers, technologists, and engineers would gather from more than 100 countries for Codetivate’s unique week-long conference, career fair, and hackathon, a 3-in-1 all-virtual, and free experience!

Last year, Codetivate Hackathon (with over $600k prize pool) was hosted with support from more than 30 companies, two Forbes 30 under 30, the first-ever maker researcher at Intel, and a Thiel Fellow whose nonprofit received a $1.5 million donation from Elon Musk.2021 speakers come from companies like Google, Wells Fargo, Intel, and more.

Our goal for Codetivate 2021 was 1,500+ attendees but we received 6,432 pre-registrations from 70+ countries. So, we selected 1,732 attendees. This wasn’t done to show how exclusive Codetivate is but to ensure that every attendee has a great experience and access to unparalleled resources, and most importantly, to make things easier for the organizers to manage and achieve our goal of over 95% satisfaction rate since our budget was prepared for 1,500+ attendees last year. With over 6,400 developers registered to attend Codetivate 2021, we’re going bigger this year: 10,000 developers! One Codetivate!

The Ask

Knowing that the ultimate goal of this event grant is to increase the global adoption of Harmony by developers and to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in web3, we’re proposing that Harmony:

  1. Becomes a TERABYTE sponsor for Codetivate 2022 for just $100,000 at 35% off the original cost of $155,000.

  2. Enter the bid to become the official Blockchain track partner at Codetivate 2022 (the Stellar Development Foundation was the blockchain partner for 2021) for $50,000 (this is optional but highly recommended so Codetivate |Blockchain Dev track will be “Powered by Harmony” ).

Why should Harmony sponsor Codetivate’s unique 3-in-1 experience?

Our sponsors always get their money’s worth!

Harmony community and ecosystem growth through Codetivate sponsorship

  • Exhibition booth to engage with over 10,000 developers from 100+ countries and spread the word about Harmony out. Help them learn everything from NFTs to DeFi to DAOs, and more. And the many ways they can kick start an amazing web3 experience with Harmony.
    *Pre-accelerate at least 5 prototypes built with Harmony at the Hackathon (on Day 5-7 of the event) into market-ready products with equity-free funding from a pool of $100k+

  • Help attendees from a pool of over 3000 hireable participants land their next job from Harmony’s ecosystem (Harmony can participate in the career fair as a TERABYTE sponsor, send recruiters, access over 10,000 resumes of diverse tech/web3 talents, and also invite startups in Harmony’s ecosystem).

  • Inclusion in social media campaigns that will be targeted to reach over 1 million developers.

  • Connect Harmony with strategic community partners like World of Coding (one of Discord’s largest global developer-centric servers with 15,400+ devs) Hack Club, a global network of makers, backed by Elon Musk (he donated $1.5 million and hosted an interview), the founder of Ethereum (he donated $200k and hosted an interview, also a Thiel Fellow like the founder of Hack Club), the founder of GitHub (he donated $500k and hosted an interview, now a board member), and many more.

  • Educate newbies about Harmony through workshops, the hackathon, tech talks, AMAs, and more. As a TERABYTE sponsor, unlimited speakers from Harmony are welcome as well.

  • Harmony Day: a 24-hour co-locate event consisting of workshops, AMAs with reps from Harmony, mini-hacks built with Harmony, and more. It will be all about Harmony as a TERABYTE sponsor.

Metrics for Success

  • Total # of attendees and demographics

  • Total # of visits and drop-ins at Harmony’s booth

  • Total # of Hackathon projects built on Harmony

  • Total # of people who learned about Harmony for the first time (results from post-event survey will tell).

  • Total # of prototypes built on Harmony that were pre-accelerated into market-ready products

  • Total # of developers who adopt Harmony through Codetivate

  • How cool do people think Harmony is compared to other DAOs? (results from the post-event survey will tell)

  • Total % of attendees leaving the event feeling more curious, capable, and confident about web3 and Harmony

  • Total # of useful feedback from Codetivate that can help improve Harmony for millions of users

  • Total # of new hires made by Harmony and its affiliates at Codetivate 2022

Where the money goes

  • Paying speakers, judges, mentors, and teammates who are not volunteers.

  • Ordering and shipping of prizes, swag, merchandise, and more to over 10,000 attendees from 100+ countries, 250 Ambassadors, 100+ speakers, and over 200 mentors and judges.

  • Providing diversity, equity, and inclusion scholarships for jump-starting a career in web3 to select attendees from marginalized genders, underserved backgrounds, impoverished communities, and more.

  • Pre and post-event logistics and compensation for the organizing team, freelancers, part-time hires, and more.

  • Optimizing, maintaining, and scaling Codetivate’s web application and cloud infrastructure and their development.

  • Planning, producing, and presenting Codetivate 2022 in a bigger and better way.

  • Social media campaigns paid promotions, paid media coverage, and the likes.

  • All spill-over from the event proceeds will go toward funding prototypes built at Codetivate Hackathon, hosting mini-events or initiatives pre-and-post-codetivate, and supporting the global tech/web3 community at large.

The benefits and possibilities are endless!

Secure Harmony’s spot now, registration for Codetivate 2022 opens on June 1st and your sponsorship is 100% tax-deductible

Harmony and Codetivate, what a perfect match?

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and assigned to @essalacher on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

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Thank you for applying to Harmony. Unfortunately we will have to decline this proposal because this event is not within our scope for this year.