Harmony Bakery Proposal for Project Y

Name of Project

Harmony Baked Goods & Cafe (Harmony Bakery)


Transparents NFT project supporting the $ONE Harmony ecosystem. Eventually governed by holders. Multiple support for elected, unelected validators, and collectors.

Proposal overview

Harmony Baked Goods & Cafe is an NFT project supporting both two parts elected and unelected validators,one part nft staking, and a dash of gamefi.
Harmony Baked Goods & Cafe is an NFT project with 75% of the funds invested over multiple validators, 10% to a $ONE single stake protocol through Kuro, and 15% to the team to continue building out the platform. Types of the NFT Baked Goods will be governed and voted into either elected or unelected validators; if elected, holders will receive split portions of the $ONE rewards from each epoch. If the validator is unelected, the holders will receive Ingredient NFTs, allowing them to then “bake” and mint their own NFTs of the Baked Goods.


Project Lead, visionary behind the bakery, as well as active Harmony community member, creator of Jewel Juice, and many other things. 6+ years working in tech startups and companies, Sofa looks to bring some of the trust and innovation into the Web3.0 side of things. Transparent projects, with unified vision.

Contractual Solidity Dev. Toto is the lead solidity dev behind Kuro. With their expert knowledge on both smart contracts, NFTs, staking, and more, they were the perfect architect to help with the Bakery.


Contractual Frontend Dev. John is the peanut butter to Toto’s Jelly. Expert front-end dev that works exceptionally well with Toto, it was only fitting to contract john to assist in building out our front end while Toto worked on the back.

Contractual Design. Persimberry is the bread to the Kuro PB&J. Working closely with both Toto and John meant the perfect mix and keeps everyone in check. Persimberry has long time experience in design and working with John and Toto, so they have become the perfect trio to help build out the Bakery.

Another artist heading up the international treat offerings. Also new to the scene, Bread’s artistic designs are much more inspired through the Singaporean culture and treats not seen as often in the western world.

Artist, activist, and baker. Morgan is Sofa’s partner, and the initial artist for the Bakery. Drawing the sweet treats, and coming up with new designs from actual baked goods made in the kitchen. New to the web3.0 scene, and just getting their feet wet.

Proposal ask


Our milestones are:

  1. Weeks 1-3: Initial mint and connections complete and deployed onto testnet
  2. Weeks 3-5: Give beta access to Harmony community to test and give feedback
  3. Weeks: 5-6: Deploy and Launch NFT minting, and begin delegating with funds.
  4. First month after launch: Build out the governing process for holders of each NFT Baked Good type, open Market place for in-house Baked Good and Ingredient secondary market.
  5. Second month: Establish multiple new NFTs supporting more validators and ecosystem.

Grant Allocation and Usage

Initial grant allocation will go to support full time smart contract dev work and front end UX/UI design work.

Further grant allocations will continue to support the development to launch and second stage marketplace and governance build out.


Harmony Bakery begins with a close relationship with the Kuro team and projects, utilizing their NFT staking protocol, but will expand to numerous validators around the ecosystem.

Social Media

Twitter: @AHarmonyBakery


Yesss! So honored to be working on this with Sofa and the rest of the team. Cute art, supports validators, and helps Harmony – what’s not to love? :blue_heart:


How do you plan on selecting elected/unelected validators?


Hey! Thanks for the great question! For the initial launch, I will be reaching out to a few different validator leaders. However, I would love to get this into the community’s hands as well to help identify and select both willing and wanting validators. We will also allow the already delegated NFT’s the option to vote on transitioning to a new validator with a governance vote too, though the time frame between each vote has not been figured out just yet.

I do not want the votes to be too often where validators are getting large delegations, then losing them immediately, but I also do not want the community to feel trapped in certain validators either. Currently figuring out the best amount of time to find a good middle ground.

I hope this answers your question, if not I am happy to discuss more of the plan with you!


We could help with the selecting validators for election part. Let me know if you want to collab. :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely link up with the Validator DAO.


Not sure about this @Sofa character :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face: but this is a beautiful idea. Thank you for wanting to share support for the validator eco

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Happy to chat! You can catch me on Twitter or Discord, working on setting up Bakery specific stuff this week.


Can I have a discord invite. I would love to work something out with you guys!

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As soon as I get it set up for sure! DM myself on Twitter or discord. @iamsofa_one for Twitter and sofa#0666 on discord!


@Sofa was my very first friend on H1, and to this day remains one of the most sincere and trustworthy persons I know. Harmony Bakery is an awesome idea, not just cause it’s thematically amazing (with absolutely ADORABLE art), but because the vision and intention behind it is great and healthy for the ecosystem. Hyped to see this project succeed!


This is a great idea @Sofa I’ll be keeping an eye on this. :alien:


This proposal is approved under $10K Project Y, strong yes from us both!

Essa + Flu


Amazing, awesome, and thank you! Please let me know whatever next steps need to be taken, and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Thanks again - Sofa


Agreed upon funding for 10k from Essa and myself. Great support to validators!!


I was hoping for free pastry at my local coffee shop but an NFT will do


Huh a web3 bakery… this’ll never take off, this Sofa guy is off his rocker :grin: :face_with_monocle:

Jokes aside, this is a super exciting project, great for decentralisation, power to small validators! :blue_heart:

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Thanks! That’s the plan. Decentralize defi again!

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Funding Hash: 0xf71d930b1656091d630f2d9c635589f29f0db68d2c4945c9ec408955741b7918


Funds recieved for Project Y! Thank you Flu, Essalacher, and Harmony in general! Can’t wait to get these ovens installed and to start baking some bomb NFTs for the community.