Harmony Bridge Marketing Suggestion: Free BTC Bridge To Harmony Network First 30 Days?

I placed this idea on reddit, copied to the forum

Harmony talks about marketing quite a bit.

I think the upcoming public release for the Bitcoin bridge is a perfect opportunity for a marketing event.

Harmony should consider subsidizing the bridge BTC → Harmony Network. This can be in the form of covering all fee’s for the bridge transfer into the network ( no subsidy for Harmony → BTC)

This type of marketing event would have multiple positive affects.

Will encourage more liquidity to the network

Will increase exposure of Harmony One to the public

Will increase confidence in using the bridges in the future

Of course, there would have to be some limits to the promotion, to prevent abuse. Here are some considerations:

Put a minimum on the amount transferred (0.01 bitcoin or more).

One free transfer per address

Cap the overall number of free transfer for the entire network

Since Harmony has a $300 million dollar startup fund, I think they could allocate some money towards subsidizing the BTC bridge as a promotion. I will likely transfer some BTC into the network no matter what, but, if there is a free promotion, it may quicken the process and will certainly build up my confidence in its use.