Harmony as a bridging Layer

I keep seeing a lot of Bridging projects including the Harmony’s own bridge.

All are promising and all say they are doing the fastest and best bridging among networks and yet every time I try them I get disappointed. Until I can transfer 1USD cross chain and it will cost a fraction of a cent I don’t believe we can have scaleable DeFi disruptive economy that will scale. Correct me if I am wrong thought.

The only place I have found that I can make meaningful financial transactions is the Harmony network. However, there are so many networks out there, as we all know ETH and BTC are so far on top but it make no sense to do anything on them apart from mining and expensive NFTs or big investments on CEXs.

I want to buy 1USD of ETH and then buy ONE then I want to buy an NFT then send my NFT to Matic then sell its for BTC and move my BTC to my Metamask on Binance BNC wallet.
It might make no sense wanting to do that but I want to be able to do it just because.

So that making me think should a team or teams be working or at least looking if Harmony network should become a new layer that all financial and NFT transactions happens and settled to whichever networks the user wishes at negligible costs. Basically, Harmony become something or Swift or SEPA, amongst other current things that happening. Just thinking out loud.

I know it is like the holy grail but if there is an opportunity that to happen we should look into it.

Your thoughts

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I guess it needs an agile technical team. the chain that integrates the most bridges and have low transaction fees like harmony can be a hub. But needs fast execution and its really technical heavy and maintenance is also hard. cross chain stuff are things that are hard and get hacked sometimes. poly network and thorchain being examples.

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