Harmony CDAO Resignation

This is my resignation as CDAO governor. Harmonybagger nailed it on the head. Good luck everyone.


I’m really sorry to hear that, @RagweedRasta. Seems a lot of members on the chain are learning valuable lessons in the importance of clear communication combined with a clear path.

Interested in hearing additional details on what’s going on with CDAO; I know the community at large has really been hurting for information, especially after another seeming delay in news. Delays happen, but how we handle them is paramount.

Offer stands, the same way I’d make it anywhere else: how can I help?


What are you actually talking about?

Waiting to be handed the DAO? I have signed multiple transactions on the Multisig previous to now since the term ended, and you have only just set up a transaction to change ownership of the multisig. Edit correction : You have only just set up a transaction to remove 1 owner.

You haven’t tried anything, I haven’t seen a DM from you… you haven’t even bothered tagging the previous governors.

Get yourself organized and stop trying to put this on other people.


All transactions signed. Still the transactions are not there for control of the multisig from new governors

P.s you cannot stake from the Multisig, regardless of what you read in the screenshot banner above, there’s no functionality of interface to do this.

Think before you speak.