Harmony in Lisbon

Harmony in Lisbon

In two weeks, the harmony protocol team will be present in Lisbon to attend the “Liscon” conference (20-21th), the Hackathon organised by “ETH Lisbon”" (22-24th) and all the side events organised by Aave, the daoist etc…

This conference will offer opportunities to network within the crypto space. This can lead to big potential partnerships and growth within the ecosystem.


The october 18th we will organize an event with a budget of 10K.


“Harmony One World”

Conference: harmony, scaling daos, Defi “open finance for all”, NFTs & games.
Party: buffet, drink, music.

If you need a ticket you can contact Abraham on Twitter (@abrahamone4all / @forumharmony) or on telegram (@AbrahamOne4all).

Harmony Lisbon team:
Li, Boris, Adrian, Bruno and Abraham.

Organiser of the harmony event:
Abraham and Li.


here we go! excited to be back in europe.


I’m ngmi but would love to see film :movie_camera: I’ll be there in spirit :grin:

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looking forward to meeting all of you in Lisbon! :portugal: