Harmony All Hands - August 23rd, 2021

Here are the notes from the All Hands meeting today on August 23rd, 2021. There was an emphasis today on the Hackathon and on the upcoming conferences.

  • Wolf - (Idea) Allowing people to see the projects and meet the people behind them will help decrease rug pulls and help with confidence in good projects.
    P.S. Wolf had an adorable baby that made it to her first All Hands today. Already a Harmonaut at 5 days old!

  • Peter - There are almost 700 registrants for Hackathon already! We are actively trying to get the teams to submit their teams so we can have a team inventory and a team name for some fun!
    Panels and workshops have started to be published so check those out and look for more on the calendar that can be found here.

  • Li - We will be writing proposals for projects to launch on Harmony to get more engagement. If you have an awesome project that you want to integrate on Harmony, drop it in the comments below :point_down:

  • Sam - Friday was the first DAO call and it went great! “DAOs are like a viral spread, they are going to be taking over.” Validator DAO and Community DAO are setup, the Incubator DAO is coming soon. Creative/Marketing DAO will be being setup soon, this week will begin the official talks. Other DAOs will be coming soon and it’s an ongoing battle. Engaging now in tooling for DAOs to help in scalability.
    We are currently trying to find out how we can incorporate other languages into the DAOs, so everyONE can get involved (Early stages of thought).

Conferences that Harmony will be going to:

  1. Web 3 Weeks (San Francisco) August 26 - sep 11
  2. MCON Denver September 14-18
  3. Messari (New York) September 19-22
  4. Wyoming Blockchain Stampede September 20-26
  5. ETH Lisbon October 18-24

Please look into incorporating Connext, a L2 scaling solution that uses State Channels to swap between various chains. A few of Harmony’s competitors are already on Connext and through projects making use of Connext like Stakenet, Harmony can have fast, extremely inexpensive interoperability with Bitcoin via Lightning Network.

@Bill two PRs related to vector support for harmony is already merged: add: Harmony One mainnet and testnet by aadorian · Pull Request #522 · connext/vector · GitHub, Deploy to harmony One by rhlsthrm · Pull Request #572 · connext/vector · GitHub
waiting for connext team to deploy. should be done soon.
Regarding connecting to lightweight network, in one of our previous hackathon, a dev was able to build bridge. we didn’t find a use case at that time. but we can surely revive that project.
any further suggestions?


Hi there! Absolutely LOVING this ecosystem. I’ve been busy and having fun throughout this whole correction - from ViperSwap community coins, to TokenJenny, to LootSwap adventures, to Freyala, to Royale, Daikiri & PiggybankOne, to OneMoon! There’s seemingly always something new to do or learn.

Not sure if this is what you all are seeking in terms of a “project”, but I’ve got a unique take on NFTs where I write custom songs to “fit” a pixel art character / personality.

Plus… it goes with the name! “Harmonies” :slight_smile:

I’m just starting, but could pump out hundreds if the demand is there. I’ve sold 4 of 12.

Harmonies NFT Collection on DaVinci here:

Would be great way to showcase DaVinci and also a different take on the typical pixel art apewhalepunk NFT. Thank you for the consideration!

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