Report on first meetup by harmony naija (nigeria) dao

by @brodaGreen

Gm frens of the Harmony Naija DAO.

First off, we are really excited about the progress we have made since inception, and how far we have come. There is still more to be done, and this little milestone achievements only show us that our dreams, as bold and audacious as they are, are valid and very possible.

On Saturday the 19th of February, 2022, the Harmony Naija DAO held its first ever physical meetup in Benin City, Nigeria. I think it is also Harmony’s first fully organised event in the country, the first of many to come. The program was an eye-opener, and as a DAO we discovered that many Nigerians are really interested and passionate about the Blockchain Space. We onboarded all attendees to our Telegram community to keep the conversation going, and several of them have started exploring ways to break into web3.0 and provide value to the ecosystem. This is why we keep working.

Summary of The Event
The event took place at the Edo Innovation Hub, Benin City. It began at about 11 am (WAT) and ran till evening. We had two speakers who lectured at the event. The first speaker, Mr Tunmise Olaoluwa spoke on “Getting Started With Blockchain: Basic Concepts of Blockchain Technology.” The second speaker and blockchain developer, Mr Constance Etiosa, spoke on, “The Blockchain Developer Roadmap: Beginner Guide To Building Solutions on Web3.0.”

We also had DaVinci DAO give a lecture on NFTs and how our creatives can explore this space. Four of our Governors also had sessions with the attendees, along with Q&A sessions and giveaways. The NFT giveaway was sponsored by the DaVinci DAO and for this Naija DAO is grateful. We also had ONE giveaway sponsored by the DAO.

It was educative, fun, and informative. Here are some highlights from the event so you can catch up:
pictures and events highlight

Here is a link to the document showing the winners of the NFTs and ONE rewards during the meetup.
NFT and ONE winners

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