Harmony (ONE) Block Hash Algorithm


Would like just to know what the Block Hash Algorithm does Harmony (ONE) use? i.e. The algorithm used to generate the hash for its blocks particularly the Genesis Block

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Is this the thing you are asking for ?

Hi kilopi3142!

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, no as that is the Consensus algorithm.
What I am trying to look for is the hashing algorithm used to generate the block hashes or block IDs (e.g. SHA256, keccak256 etc…)

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Oh i see, sorry :slight_smile:

Just another try then :slight_smile:

The page 6 may help you;


Thanks again for the reply! Unfortunately, It is still not the one we are looking for as the Page 6 refers to the Sharding of the blocks. :frowning:

We are looking how the hashes of the blocks are being generated.

e.g. for this block Harmony Blockchain Explorer

Hash generated is: 0x3287bce9f6fefb110d9bdac5201dce87a4558b3cda71cfac8ff1e0e153119b30

Looking at it, looks like keccak-256 is being used. But not sure if that is correct or where I can find it in any docs or in the source code of Harmony

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Yeah, i have searched for you as well. But could not find an exact explanation.
Hope someone else helps you friend.

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Hi hanake, harmony uses the same hash as ethereum so its the rlp encoded header fields hashed with keccak256, you can check the code here harmony/header.go at main · harmony-one/harmony · GitHub


Hi Galego,

Thank you! I think this is the one I am looking for :grin:

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