Harmony One Poor Support Practices Exposing Community to fraud

Hello all.

After i undelegated my harmony one tokens 3 weeks ago, upon completion of the epoch, i could not find my harmony one tokens. I posted my problem in the community channel here and all l have had since thern is fraudsters posing has harmony one support staff hitting me up to help. I almost fell victim . My saving grace was the fact that my current harmony one wallet is empty. The last “harmony one” support staff stretched his luck during troubleshooting after giving me the run around and then finally asked that i deposit half of the value of my missing harmony one tokens in a new wallet to facilitae recovery. Though empty right now, i now believe that my current metamask wallet has been compromised through the ineptitude and stephen Tse’s team. I am goig ahead to dissociate my compromised metamask wallet from the staking website in case my ones magically appears , as it is now at risk

For anyone reading this, i do not know how this will end. But know this HArmony One is not the project that gives you peace of mind. Find a way to move you assets out. Its a clusterfuck at Harmony One.

So sad. Not sure where to turn for help as within the multitude of responses theis post will attract will include fraudsters that are in thei community looking to take advantage of people like myself who bought into the Stephen Tse’s Kumbaya narative

Why will a simple link that says “support” not be on the Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B website !!!.

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The Harmonauts DAO discord is a place where people are active and can help you. Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have had the harmony one browser wallet which was compromised and no longer supported.

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