Harmony One coins are trapped in a very old Browser Extension (Deprecated)

Hi, Please help.

My Harmony One coins are trapped in a very old Browser Extension (Deprecated) . There is no connected Harmony One Wallet (Can’t quite remember how I got the coins on there. I am unable to change the fee in the old Browser extension in order to transfer the One coins out. In addition there seems to be no way to generate a seed phrase from the old Browser Extension (Deprecated). Can someone please advise

There should be an option to export the private key, I think in the dropdown menu, you can use the key to import the account into another wallet, like metamask or the more recent extension Version.

Thanks, but there is no dropdown menu in the Harmony One Browser Deprecated. You may be thinking of the Harmony Wallet. Here is how Harmony One Browser looks.

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Yeah thats the staking dashboard, the wallet itself is an browser extension, which is needed to login to the dashboard, it should have an icon on the top right of the browser, the dashboard itself cant do any transactions or Show the Private Key without a connected wallet, thats all stored in the Browser extension Wallet.
If you dont have that wallet anymore and no seedphrase or another wallet wallet loged into the account I don’t think its possible to access it.

I am having the same problem - did you resolve this?