Harmony One NFT Release Tracker App

Hello everyone, I am pretty new to the Harmony One space and have noticed there is not a dedicated NFT release tracker yet.

Over the weekend, I put together a simple app to keep track of release dates.

The application displays:

  1. Upcoming Projects
  2. Archived Projects

The Project submission page includes:

  1. twitter link regrex validation
  2. discord link regrex validation
  3. recaptcha check

(Website validation is a little too difficult to check if the site is malicious )

Here is what the current application is looking like (https://wenone.ca/):

The goal of the app is to have a clean and easy access space to provide information about upcoming Harmony One projects. There will not be ads, unless the community wants to include ads :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The application is built on: React native web + firebase.



Looks good keep up the good work!

It would be nice a basic description of each project here.

Also, shadows are too dark here, imo, doesn’t look good.

Tip address is not visible on the high-rez monitors.

Maybe rename “Archive” to “Live”? :thinking:

You can use the content from https://harmonyuniverse.one to add major projects that are missing (like DeFi Kingdoms, Freyala, etc.).

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Here’s what the mobile version looks like:

Thank you for the feedback, will be making the changes~

(Wanted to make the tip link as small as possible to not get in way :joy:)


I had a long thought about the project description part. Wasn’t sure if the description field on the project card will be useful or not without sacrificing the space available to display the date. :thinking:

For the descriptions, going to try and add it to the back side of the card :+1:

Updated UI:

Up next:
Adding descriptions field
Adding back of card

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Added description field, back of card

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Added recaptcha, updated submit UI

Looks much cleaner. Nice work :+1:!


Small update:
Added optional Harmony Universe link with regrex check