Harmony Protocol Creative DAO Funding Request

Funding request for the Harmony Protocol Creative DAO

The Harmony Protocol Creative DAO has been fully formed and a Gnosis multi-sig wallet has been created and tested. The multi-sig has been configured with 6 of 9 governors needed to sign transactions.

With Harmony Protocol promissing $1,000,000 for the Creative DAO Treasury, we request $50,000 as the initial fund for the DAO.

Multi-Sig Details-

Multi-Sig Address: 0x7c81E03cDCF8e0a65613fF856834054C2b7bC563
Multi-Sig Link: Harmony Multisig Wallet

Governors of the Creative DAO and corresponding multi-sig signing addresses-



Chris Cheeky Crypto







Multisig Testing

Incoming Test Transaction Hash

Outgoing Test Transaction Hash


Please see the request above @giv @Jacksteroo


Please see the request above @Sam @lij

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Let’s go! We expect big things from this group.


We promise to deliver!!!


Ready to hit the ground running yall!


This looks great, you guys!

I do need a few more pieces of information.

(a) What are your deliverables for the next three months?
(b) What are the success metrics that you will be measured by?
(c) Can you post a public link to your discord?



Hi @Sam

Thank you for the response, please find requested info below.


Increase Harmony branding awareness with uniform content across the Harmony ecosystem
Creation of creative content (Infographics, How-to videos, brand stickers, short form writing, long form writing that aligns with Harmony’s branding)

Produce a SWOT analysis identifying Harmony’s position in the market

Generate first community driven brand guide. Apply to website and existing collateral.

Deploy $25K for creative-focused bounties.

Produce market segmentation studies identifying communities of potential investors to target with marketing campaigns


2-3 Weekly posts
1 weekly Video
1 weekly infographics


Identity: Drive uniform branding in Harmony ecosystem. Promote cultural values and mission.

Create: Commission content to further awareness and amplify Harmony messages. Educate community through informational content.

Include: Reach for the un-included. Convert the crypto-curious.

Harmony Protocol Creative DAO Discord:


Hello CreativeDAO.

Apologies for this delay, and thank you for your patience.

I’m happy to announce that CreativeDAO has been approved for the requested funding amount of $50K. While the $50K is approved, the only blocker we have regarding the funding is scheduling your next election.

There are 6 requirements for first term funding:

  1. 3 clear mandates :h_check:
  2. 9 governors :h_check:
  3. Deliverables :h_check:
  4. Metrics (would love to see more ambitious metrics) :construction:
  5. Multisg created :h_check:
  6. Term limits agreed upon and next election scheduled :no_entry_sign:

We encourage the current governors to refocus their next 3 months on production. Such as:

  • written content
  • infographics
  • how-to-videos

If these funds are used for retroactive payments, I would suggest drafting a governance vote on Creative DAO’s snapshot. Stating the hours you have worked and the deliverables/metrics you’ve met. A minimum quorum of 20 people will be required for the vote to pass.

We are excited for the growth of the Creative DAO and are looking forward to working together.

@giv @Sam


Thank you for the response @Frwrdslosh


  • 2-3 Weekly posts
  • 1 weekly Video
  • 1 weekly infographic
  • Increase social media following to 2500
  • Increase Creatives data base to advise when bounties go active to 150 creatives, we currently have 47 creatives signed up as pottential contributors to the DAO and its bounties
  • We plan to incentivise influencers reporting on the Harmony Ecosystem with creative drives
  • Further encourage community involvement with the Creative DAO
  • Assist core team marketing strategies surrounding roadmap and events

The Creative DAO term will run for a 3 month term, as the DAO has already been active since the 27th of November when this funding request was submited, due to the delay in funding and ‘‘Bottleneck issues’’ we would ask that the term length be extended until April 13th via a snapshot vote with community when requesting the retroactive pay for the governors.

With the communities blessing Creative DAO elections would be open for candidacy posts on March 30th, Voting would start on April 6th and new Governors would be elected on April 13th.

The quorum for the retroactive pay vote, and term extention vote will be 20 people. The Creative DAO agrees to the previous.

The Creative DAO plans to start work on its charter shortly and plans to suggest a 3 month term for governors beginning after the initial term ends on April 13th.

We hope this is enough to instill faith to allow funding so we can get back to work.

@frwrdslosh @Sam @giv @Mattyontap


Above we have highlighted some additional tasks for metrics the DAO wishes to work on in support of the ecosystem and for the community, as requested.

We have agreed to abide by the 3-month term but furthermore agreed to suggest in our charter that the term stays as 3 months in line with Harmony’s vision for its core DAOs.

In 2 hours we’re set to pass the necessary quorum vote asked of us for retroactive pay of hours previously worked, along with the addition regarding the term length due to the funding issues for transparency and community consensus whilst staying in line with the suggested ‘‘We encourage the current governors to refocus their next 3 months on production’’. We are currently 25 votes to zero for the proposal soon to come to a close.


We have set a date for the opening for candidacies and a period of voting for the Creative DAO’s new governors when this council steps down on April 13th.

Although the funding issues have caused problems previous to this moment which has left governors from many DAOs frustrated and demotivated, we would like to get back to work, make use of the community and contributors to the DAO we have worked hard to get to rally around the DAO for participation.

The governors of the Creative DAO would ask if we can now be funded without further delays. We would also ask that @frwrdslosh be given Harmony’s full backing and assistance so he can effectively execute his role to support the DAOs when needed as we feel this is vital for his success and sanity.

Side note: To date, we have gathered a database of 48 independent creatives to be notified when suitable bounties are open and active and aim to expand on this rapidly, if @adrianrobison or @papi should happen to need additional support, please call on the DAO and its contributors if needed.

Let’s do some incredible work this year and show the world what Harmony is made of.

@frwrdslosh @Sam @giv @Mattyontap @lij

Thank you for the approval Frwrdslosh and communication through this process getting things back on track.

Creative DAO


Thanks for all the good work brickity top


Please note @frwrdslosh already has the full backing of Harmony. As the official DAO Ops manger, he is doing some incredible work to streamline how we launch and support DAOs so you’re in excellent hands. Thanks for your patience and support as we work through all the requirements and admin.


Hello, @HarmonyCreativeDAO and governors!
Harmony acknowledges you’re approval for funding and congratulations on meeting the quorum for retroactive payments! Well deserved.

We have finished going through the backlog of funding requests and you will see the funding request of $50K into the Creative DAO multisig with the next batch of funding.

Exciting times ahead, friends. :blue_heart:


Thanks for the update @frwrdslosh, that’s great news! Do you have an ETA on the distribution of the next batch? The CreativeDAO term began yesterday and we have some big plans moving forward. It would be extremely helpful to have some clarity on when we can expect to mobilize certain initiatives. @Sam


funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer