The Harmony Protocol Creative DAO Discretionary Fund Proposal

The Harmony Protocol Creative DAO had recently noticed the passing of a Harmony Community DAO discretionary fund proposal, and after looking into building our contributor list, we feel this is also a necessity for ourselves to have funds readily available to pay for work to be completed and for contributors to be rewarded when completing bounties.

As the Community DAO had explained in their proposal, for the Creative DAO to pay contributors of the DAO, an extremely long process needs to take place to pay the contributor for their hard work. We believe that if we are to build a successful DAO with many people willing to contribute to the creative and marketing efforts of the Harmony ecosystem, we need to be able to pay them in a timely manner when the situation is called for.

For clarification, some parts of this proposal mirror the previous proposal from the Community DAO governors as we believe they had put in place a structure that is transparent, efficient and also one that is safe from a community and DAO standpoint.

We propose having a balance of 1000 USD* equivalent in ONE available to the Creative DAO Governors for faster payments to contributors. The amount requested is twice which we have seen with the previous proposal from the Community DAO. The reasoning behind this is due to the nature of the content the Harmony Creative DAO will be creating bounties for, we believe as this content is of a different nature such as video contents etc, we may need more room to be as effective as possible.

The Harmony Protocol Creative DAO has already started collecting contributor’s information for future collaborations on DAO initiatives.

⦁ These funds will be kept in the Multisig wallet with the Harmony Community DAOs funds in case it’s needed

⦁ All transactions would be made transparent through a PDF listing of individual payments along with Multisig address and transaction ID’s, when payments are made the rate of the current price of ONE and will be displayed along with payment information

⦁ Governors will only use discretionary fund payments for small transactions and will aim to spend less that 500 USD per month if used at all

⦁ A hard cap of 1000 USD* equivalent in ONE per month will be set for discretionary fund payments

⦁ All significant payments will be made through the HCIP proposal process

⦁ The governors will not pay themselves through this method for work performed

⦁ Governors will only use discretionary funds for contributors when necessary and will not be used as a go to payment method

⦁ When the implementation of an easier way to make payments to contributors becomes available to the Creative DAO, this will be reviewed and potentially removed

⦁ All discretionary fund expenses will require a simple majority vote of approval by CDAO governors

⦁ All payment made from discretionary fund payment will still be signed by 6 out of 9 governors through the multi-sig wallet

We believe that it’s vital to be able to build an effective workforce to collaborate with the Creative DAO to be as effective as possible and to keep up with the demands of the market, having funds readily available for creators and contributors is a must.

We would appreciate it if you could vote on the poll below. If the vote passes in favor and our community is behind the discretionary fund proposal, we will push the vote to Snapshot for an official governance vote.

This poll will remain active for 5 days, if the poll passed in favor of the discretionary fund, the vote will be passed as a pending snapshot vote for 3 days before going active for 5 days for a final community decision.

Do you agree with the Harmony Protocol Creative DAO having access to a discretionary fund to pay contributors for their work?

  • I support having the discretionary fund available
  • I do not agree with having a discretionary fund being available

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Great proposal though it seems to be posted in a wrong section.

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Thanks for pointing this out @Babylonode

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