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Hello, @m1m2 and others :blue_heart:

Thanks for your submission. It’s nice to see some familiar names attached to this. There was a Ukraine DAO proposal submitted several weeks ago. You can find that, here.

Is there any relation to this proposal? There was a similar experience several months ago with the Turkey DAO. Where 2 proposals were live at roughly the same time. They were encouraged to work together but I don’t believe it got to that point.


Hi @frwrdslosh. Thanks for your post and for the right question that concerns all of us at Harmony Ukrainian DAO.

From an outside observer’s perspective, these 2 DAOs look pretty much the same, but there are 2 fundamental differences:

  1. The creation of open community in Ukrainian section of the forum for Harmony ecosystem development, attracting Ukrainian users and developers to blockchain network of the project - Harmony Ukrainian Dao instead of cross-chain Dao - Ukrainian Dao.

  2. Open infrastructure on the forum talk.harmony.one and a transparent mechanism for the election of governors in the Harmony Ukrainian Dao instead of closed from the community arrangements and self-appointment of the unchangeable 6 governors in the Ukrainian Dao.

Many people in the Ukrainian community disagreed with the idea of creating a cross-chain DAO - Ukrainian Dao, although initially we all took part in the discussions on the creation of a Ukrainian regional DAO.

We chose a different path of development. From the beginning we followed the recommendations of the Harmony team. We had open discussions about Harmony Ukrainian Dao program, we are developing Ukrainian group on the forum, we strive to become stable and self-sufficient community.

It saddens me when I think about the fact that the Ukrainian Harmony community has published 2 independent proposals for the international community to consider.

Harmony Ukrainian Dao is open to all Ukrainians, our Decentralized Autonomous Organization in the Harmony ecosystem is created for cooperation and bringing people together.


Hi. Next week we will submit a document to the international Harmony community in which we will write a plan for the self-financing of Harmony Ukrainian Dao


" 1. Develop a mechanism to fill the treasury of the DAO"

Can you please provide specifics? This is the most important part of your proposal because it seems to allude to how you will actually fund the DAO and keep it sustainable. Otherwise, I don’t see how it can survive once it burns through the grant, if received. The “mechanism” should be the key focus of your proposal in my opinion. Most of what you described can be done for free.


Hello. Please see the start post in this thread. If it seems to you that the things listed in this post can be done for free, we are waiting for you to join our team, we need enthusiasts who are ready to work on a volunteer basis. We will publish the business model of our Harmony Ukrainian Dao next week. Best Regards.


Regional DAOs are created to introduce the Harmony project and its technologies to local communities. This work must be sponsored by the Harmony Foundation.

Harmony is not a charity, we are well aware of that. But we also understand that through our work we are making a clear contribution to the international Harmony ecosystem.

Now it is work on the official forum of the project; tomorrow it is creating accounts in social networks, translating documents and websites of Harmony into Ukrainian; further on it is holding meetings and attracting new active users to Harmony; after that it is regular creation of media occasions and cultural initiatives for the project and its technology adoption by Ukrainians.

Harmony Ukrainian DAO, the team of which creates the Ukrainian regional community of the Harmony project, aims to be self-sufficient and profitable.

Currently, we have gathered a few ideas that set the stage for our future business model :

  1. Launching a steak node in the Harmony network
  2. Creation of creatives using Harmony brand by Ukrainian NFT designers and their sales
  3. Translation of project sites in the Harmony ecosystem into Ukrainian and Russian
  4. Early stage investments in Harmony ecosystem projects and decentralized ownership of these assets through the NFT
  5. Creation of content for Harmony ecosystem projects in Ukrainian, Russian and English
  6. Legal advice and Harmony ecosystem projects adaptation to Ukrainian legislation

Now we are at the beginning of a long journey, so we need the support of the international Harmony community and constructive advice to help us create a successful and prosperous Harmony Ukrainian DAO.


I think you mean a stake node? Right? Not a steak node?

You want to gather NFT artists to make NFTs and sell NFTs? I think a few other DAOs have tried that with no real success. Making NFTs is not really the same as having the marketing to make them valuable.

Early stage investments in Harmony ecosystem via NFTs that you sell? I guess this local Harmony projects? Believe me, if it is a Ukranian project or a Nigerian one, anyone can get funding from anywhere in the world, and I doubt that they would pursue using NFTs from a DAO on Harmony as a gateway for sustainable pre-seed investment.

Legal advice for Harmony project adaption to Ukrainian legislation? I am not sure if there will be a Harmony project that will incorporate in Ukraine. Are you referring to some kind of off-ramp facility that integrates with a Ukrainian bank?


Hi. Thank you for your question.

We offer NFT as a way to own intellectual property, the buyer of our NFTs gets the developed design and can use it at his own discretion, my proposal is described here in Ukrainian.

Investing in projects built on the Harmony blockchain at an early stage from the treasury of the Harmony Ukrainian DAO and dividend distribution of profits to the owners of NFT (decentralized ownership of these assets) briefly the proposal is described here in Ukrainian.

We are creating the Harmony Ukrainian DAO and plan to act as a representative office of the Harmony project in Ukraine. Therefore, we will provide legal and other assistance to the teams of projects from the Harmony ecosystem.


Hi all. Now we in the Harmony Ukrainian DAO are creating the infrastructure for the Ukrainian Harmony community and we have already achieved good results. We discuss all the key issues in the Ukrainian section of the forum, so they are open to the whole community.

We are already preparing several new initiatives and negotiating with projects and developers who are interested in joining the Harmony network.

Harmony Ukrainian DAO is an open community, join us!


Hi. Today the Harmony Ukrainian DAO approved the first lineup of the Harmony Ukrainian Community Ambassadors. I greet you with this important step for the Ukrainian community.

Harmony Ukrainian DAO consists of people who believed in the idea of Ukrainian community and created the content and working mechanisms of our organization on a voluntary basis from the very first day of the existence of the Ukrainian section of this forum. All our actions are clearly visible in the statistics of the forum, so the initiative was created - to mark all the activists with the honorary title of Ambassador Harmony Ukrainian DAO.

It’s hard to deny the fact that our team created the Ukrainian category on the forum talk.harmony.one and thus made a significant contribution to the development of the Harmony project.

Today we have once again proved to the international community of Harmony that our intentions are serious, that we are set up for development and success!

Formally, the first group of Ambassadors does not perform managerial functions, the election of managers will be held later. But the Ambassadors already now, on the stage of formation of the Harmony Ukrainian DAO, promote and develop a global ecosystem of the Harmony project. Soon there will be many new active people in our community, who will become new Ambassador members.

Today the Harmony Ukrainian DAO launched the Ambassador Program, and tomorrow we’ll have new successes to share with the international community of Harmony.


This post can be qualified as word salad. There are words in it but there’s no meat.

Did you pay btw for the stock photos?


You’re welcome.

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Hi. I see that you have an inquisitive mind and you know a lot about stock photos, but there are also free or conditionally free photostocks. For example these creatives were created in https://create.vista.com/ service, we never hid that we create them with the help of this service. Here is the link to the topic in ukrainian locale.

After reading your profile it seemed to me that you are offended and are trying to take out your offense on other people. This is your right. Believe me, even though we don’t know each other, I wish you nothing but the best. Best Regards.


Don’t worry about this kind of criticism. If you need help with your eventual token/NFT mint, contact the DevDAO and we will be more than happy to help.


What kind of criticism is this @GeorgeofEmmaInterest ?

Hi @GeorgeofEmmaInterest. Thanks for your suggestion, I will gladly take advantage of DevDAO’s help. Can you please tell me if I can write you a private message? Or perhaps you can give me a contact for me to contact?

Token/NFT mint is one of the priority tasks for Harmony Ukrainian DAO. Unfortunately and to my shame I don’t know this question, so most likely another person from Ukrainian community will deal with this question. I’m just a community manager and develop the Ambassador program. It’s nice to see such a professional like you in the Harmony community and to work with you on issues useful for the whole ecosystem of the project. Thank you again.


Hello, @m1m2

The Harmony DAO Ops team has decided to decline this proposal without prejudice. Please visit our Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan for more information.

I apologize that this process has been lengthy and drawn-out and I appreciate yours and the DAOs patience. Harmony and the DAO Ops team wanted to exhaust every option before responding with a declination.

Do not let this dissuade you or your DAOs passion to build on Harmony. I’m looking forward to your success.

This thread will be closed.

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Hi @GeorgeofEmmaInterest. I want to get back to our conversation about working with DevDAO. Token/NFT mint for Harmony Ukrainian DAO is very relevant.