HCIP-06*: Delegate % of CDAO Treasury

It has been discussed for a while now to delegate part of the Community DAO treasury to smaller validators. As a result we setup a form (https://forms.gle/mvtjzX1wRxXC9RQi9) for Validators to fill out. This makes it so validators that are engaged with the community will benefit from the delegation. As a result, the Community DAO can passively grow its treasury while supporting the decentralization of Harmony Protocol!
Open Application for Validators
Our form will remain open throughout the voting process, so if you would like to apply to be a validator we delegate to, go ahead and fill out the form (https://forms.gle/mvtjzX1wRxXC9RQi9) :purple_heart:
Townhall Discussion
During Townhall Discussion today (CDAO Townhall 11/21 - YouTube) we decided to go with a percentage of the treasury to vote on. For example, 0% would mean you do not want to stake any the treasury. 100% would mean you want to stake all of the treasury. This will be a quadratic vote, meaning you can allocate your vote to your degree of preference!

Please vote :pray:

Feel free to reply with support, questions or concerns!


Here is some info on the validators we will stake to:
Tr4ck3r Validator
Total Staked: 7.78m
Total Delegated: 7.76m
Commision: 5%
Tr4ck3r Validator is a small Team of 3 people very dedicated to participate in the decentralization of the Harmony Blockchain Protocol.
We put a strong focus on maintaining a high quality service to both the blockchain and delegators.
First of all, our servers are constantly monitored to ensure a secured network and optimized rewards. Being elected for 4 months, the average uptime of our Servers is 100%. More details on the technical configuration of our Nodes can be found on our Medium Page. Our commission is at minimum level 5% and will remain so. We will reach half million $ONE rewarded to our delegators soon.
Then, we participate actively in the Community through various channels (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook and Instagram), trying to help out community members, newcomers, and other validators. A couple of Guides have been already released on Medium. Also, we are eager to contribute in DAO activities and provide insights during events (DAO Town Hall, Validator Spaces).
We cover various languages English, French, Portuguese and Spanish so customized assistance to community members can be provided. We also have a dedicated Telegram Group for our Delegators so topics can be discussed and their voice can be heard.
We would be glad to receive such an helpful incentive from Harmony Community DAO as it would help us to cover the server costs and eventually maintain and improve our quality of service.

Total Staked: 5.54m
Total Delegated: 5.53m
Commision: 5%
MelodyONE was inspired by the musical aspect of Harmony and aims to bring fun to the Harmony community through custom musical blockchain apps and NFT systems for creators. We have been a proponent of self-custody by having giveaways of hardware wallets.

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