Hispanic community growth plan + ProtoDAO

Hello dear community, core team and fellow harmonauts,

the hispanic community has been very active during the last weeks, discussing what can be done to grow the community. All started after we heard rumours of a Spanish DAO being approved and later on delayed or rejected (we don’t really know) and one thing came to another and this is the current state of things.

The hispanic Telegram group Telegram: Contact @harmony_one_es that has been out there since May 2020, with its 840 members, that has helped so many users about all sort of things (wallets, staking, dashboard, new projects and supported the onboarding of several validators) was initially created by two very esteemed members of the community, Validators Mintbes and One Hispano.

During last weeks we’ve been discussing that a new more inclusive image, inviting all other 18 Spanish speaking countries should be the way to go. For that, we also created a new hispanic twitter account https://twitter.com/harmonyhispano that will focus on retweeting the most relevant news and posts from harmony, team members, partners and projects for the hispanic community.

As a kick-off we decided to organize a Logo contest, with an associated prize of 1000 ONE for the winner (more about this bellow).

Multisig-Wallet and Contest
The Logo-Contest, completely community organised needed to be funded. After a long discussion, we ended up agreeing on creating a Multisig-Wallet in order fund this logo contest and open the door for future marketing campaigns/materials.

All this midst a warm discussion if a DAO should be proposed or not, since all of this was sounding more and more like it (more about this below)

The Multisig-Wallet has been initially funded by 9 members following this reasoning:

  1. Less than 9 members would need to much funding from each member
  2. 9 matches with the very active members on the group
  3. 9 matches the current DAO structures on harmony and we thought we keep the same model, opening the future possibility to a transition towards a DAO.

We want to make clear that this is a 100% community driven initiative, no closed doors, all with the sole interest of wanting the project and community to grow. For the sake or coordinating all this and not spamming the main group, we created a new Telegram group Telegram: Contact @harmonyonedaohispano.

The Multisig-Wallet

The discussions have been basically DAO yes or DAO no. After long and heated discussions we thought that the community is not big enough to hold long term a DAO structure. It would be possible to gather 9 governors once, but maybe not twice and election processes wouldn’t attract many candidates at this stage. A twitter spaces with 9 governors and 3 additional listeners would be fun too :slight_smile:

The goal is to grow the community and IF, only IF that goes well we could decide to make an official DAO proposal. At this stage it would just be burning funds and we as investors, stakers and validator do not think that is the way.

For now, we have a Proto-DAO. This is where we are:

  • Multisig-Wallet created :white_check_mark:
  • Multisig-wallet funded (currently self funded with 2250 ONE) :white_check_mark:
  • Twitter Harmony One Hispano created :white_check_mark:
  • Logo Contest launched, ends on January 19th, 1000 ONE as prize :white_check_mark:
  • Winner awarded and Rebranding of twitter and Telegram accounts - Coming
  • Hispanic Reddit and Discord - depending on success of Telegram/Twitter

The goal is to grow first and then ask for funding in case we manage to grow. Translations and marketing material are more time and money intensive tasks (social media is too) and for those kind of things we would need extra funding.

This is being funded by the community and done for the community because we have the same goals. We think we are here to push the project and not to be fed by it.

We are open for feedback and more discussions about this. We are not doing everything right but we try to think about things before doing them.

Cheers and happy week,
The hispanic community