Spanish DAO

Spanish DAO

We are pleased to announce the creation of our DAO from Spain. After meeting Li, Abhi, Cristiano, Abraham and many more people on the team in Lisbon we had to start our own DAO to help as much as possible Harmony Protocol and the whole ecosistem.

Our proposal:

-Translate everything you need, both on social media, forums, staff, etc.
-Spanish Marketing for Harmony Protocol.

Our team is formed by graduates in Marketing, Social Media, Translation (English, Spanish, French, German, Itaian and Catalan).

Pol Zamora, Marc Morales, Albert Comas, Carlos Ibañez, Alex Martinez, Albert Pons, Jordi Sibina, Arnald Ponsati.


Growth: Onboard users on missions and culture, pollinate values across communities

Engagement: Amplify content of roadmap and milestones, creative campaigns of products

Diversity: Solicit voices and votes in forums, reinforce strong governance participation


• $10k for translating

• $10k for host 2 meetups for 50 people each

• $10k for partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers.

• $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region.

• $10k for growing public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter.

Thank you very much :grinning:


First of all I’ve got to tell you all how excited am I about this project. I’m sure that Spanish community is looking for some DAO to translate posts and information from Harmony Ecosistem and it’s stuff, that why this proposal is gonna be cool and usefull.
Then we are also interested on make Harmony Community bigger and bigger to determinate the succes of the blockchain (best blockchain for dapps which need lots of trnx) for fees and trnx velocity. Also we are realy deep on some projects based on that blockchain, lot of P2E and C2E games, usefull DAO’s and ofc a lot of dapps which need to be translate into spanish for our community.
I’m sure that project will grow up and it will make people happier.

thanks for all!

Att: Arnald Ponsatí


We are very excited to be able to participate in this project.

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From the marketing perspective, Europe has a lot of potential, especially because there are different cultures, different languages and the most important, potential to invest on good projects in crypto.

What we can offer can serve for almost the whole world. Since 3 of the most spoken languages can be found in Europe ( A part from English )

Let’s talk about figures:

  • Spanish Native Speakers: 700M
  • French Native Speakers: 400M
  • German Native Speakers: 170M

The Market needs to know what are the benefits and potentials of ONE and Harmony protocol.
ONE can explode even further with the correct strategy.

It would be a pleasure to help on this improvement and guide this amazing project to the moon.
We trust on it!

Albert Pons Lajusticia
Marketing Director


We absolutely need it. Spain and Latins need to know more about Harmony and the protocol. Hope this helps!


I am happy to see this news, I am sure that this team can help the ONE community grow.
Let them know that they have my full support.

Albert F.


Genial! Estoy muy interesada en One Harmony y necesito información en español, este proyecto me ayudaría mucho a adentrarme en este mundo!


100% necesario. Necesitamos el máximo de contenido en español posible. Como harmonaut que soy cada día consumo artículos e información en inglés en relación a harmony. Lo puedo entender todo pero me falta algun lenguaje clave etc y me cuesta mucho más entender proyectos o procesos de la red harmony. Además de poder trasladar un feedback al equipo de harmony de como está la comunidad española, que es mucha. Creo que sería un gran avance para el proyecto además de una oportunidad de abrirse mucho a una gran cantidad de gente. El equipo parece ser experto además que serio. Por lo tanto adelante con todo y gracias!


Muy interesante la verdad, hace tiempo que busco contenido de harmony en español ya que no entiendo muy bien el ingles. Mucho animo para este DAOporque va a servir mucho!!


Veo muy necesario este proyecto. Poder tener toda la información de one harmony en español seria de gran ayuda.

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Welcome to the Community. :grinning:
The journey to the cryptographic world will begin approximately one year, however, since it will fascinate me and it will involve me in this world.

I always saw the world of cryptocurrencies as an investment and understanding of what it could have sent it from a technical and financial point of view, from the highest entrance to the Harmony ecosystem.

For the moment, he is mainly involved in defi, nfts and jocs, most of them in Harmony, but some specific projects in other chains.
A hug and see you soon!


Tiene un sentido su aplicación al sistema crypto, y cumple X requisitos para ser un proyecto que con apoyo puede rebentar el mercado.
Harmony es un ecosistema que puede tener un gran recorrido.


Thanks for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing this proposal.

There are 3 clear mandates, 9 selected governors and a requested funding amount that is suitable for this type of proposal that has metrics for success. These are all important steps to be completed. In order to move forward with this proposal I would suggest referencing other DAO’s that have been successful for funding under the DAO category in Funding Proposals on

Consider adding:

  • Brief bios for each governor and links to their social channels (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, Github)
  • Term limits for the initial 9 governors, with a set date for a second term election. 3 month term limits have been successful.
  • A multisig wallet

Thanks again for your interest. Looking forward to working with you.


What caught my attention at first is that Harmony (ONE) is a blockchain platform focused on the development of decentralized applications (DApps).
The main advantages that I think stand out compared to other platforms is that Harmony has a sharding capability and the speed of block creation. Harmony not only fragments the nodes of the network, but also divides the 3 Blockchain states into fragments: the network, transactions and storage. This fragmentation makes Harmony a fully scalable blockchain.
Even more amazingly Harmony secures its fragmentation process against Byzantine attacks by assigning the network validators are randomized and shuffled between shards. Each shard has 250 nodes to achieve sufficient security against Byzantine behavior. The randomness is achieved by an algorithm based on a verifiable delay function (VFD) that is unpredictable and scalable.
I have been in this world for two years and I have been in this ecosystem for two years, day after day it never ceases to amaze me. I would love to make this ecosystem known starting in Spain and to be able to expand worldwide. Greetings HARMONAUTS.

Really nice to hear this. Good job team


Hello guys,

first of all, It’s cool to see more DAO proposals every day and see that there are people out there keeping an eye on what harmony can offer. As an active member of the hispanic community this particular proposal touches me close and I thought I leave some observations:

We on the hispanic community have been around for a while now. We have 5-8 Validators running, I say 5 to 8 because most are active members of the hispanic community while a few others speak Spanish but tend to be more in the international harmony scene. We are people from Europe and the Americas and have a very healthy, friendly and active little community that helps with all sort of things (wallets, staking, bridges, validators) and discusses lots of the things happening and many of the new projects arriving.

Said that, we found it strange that non of us seems to know any of the members mentioned on this DAO proposal and find it ironical that they want to make grow the community and spread about harmony when they are not even part of the current channels of the hispanic community like Telegram and Twitter nor made a single comment on the Spanish section of the Talk Forum.

Going to the content of the proposal: It is short, weak and somehow confusing.

The qualification of the members is impressive but the proposal’s english is not making any justice to those. To be fair, a translator “only” has to understand english well enough to be able to translate the content into Spanish and doesn’t need to write it perfectly (active vs passive skills). But putting some work into a proposal, when asking for the grant you would put your best writer to write down the proposal, right?

The confusing part here is, why to add so many languages when the DAO is a Spanish DAO, from Spain, and not even a latin or hispanic one involving all other 18 Spanish speaking countries?

By the way @Albert_Pons only 477mill native speakers worldwide and not 700.
And why are you mentioning french and german speakers? By the way (again) only 90mill German native speakers (not 170mill) and 80mill french speakers (not 170 mill).

The proposal seems to be a copy paste from previous DAO proposals with minimal additions and those are not making it better.

We on the hispanic community

Social Media


The Manumix Node
The Stable Europe
One Hispano

have a bit the sensation that this sounds more like a money grab through an inflated CV than an honorable effort to make grow the community and project. We hope to be wrong though.

If anyone wants to learn more about the project, staking dashboard, validators, bridges, supported wallets feel free to join us on any of the mentioned profiles :slight_smile:
Translation: Si alguien quiere saber más sobre el proyecto, como stakear, usar el dashboard, sobre delagación/validadores y wallets disponibles se puede unir a cualquiera de los canales mencionados :slight_smile:



Thank you for the feedback really aprecciated. We’r already working on it! :smiley:


Hi Manumix and Thanks for the Reply :slight_smile:

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Gracias Manu! Entiendo tu posicion y respeto tu opinion, pero este equipo en concreto se movilizo al Solana breakpoint meeting de Lisboa solo para conocer al equipo. Pasamos una semana con Abraham, Li, Cristiano, Aby… ellos vieron la realidad del proyecto y nos duele un poco oir que hacemos esto para coger dinero. Es una opinion respetable pero llevamos bastantes meses ayudando al proyecto asi como algunos de sus creadores. Seria un placer compartir informacion con parte de la comunidad española. Un fuerte abrazo
Marc Morales


El comentario ha sido una reflexión conjunta y lo que viene a continuación es más a título personal.

Personalmente creo que lo que nace en estos eventos presenciales es precisamente “a puerta cerrada”.

La comunidad está online, ahí es donde todos hablan con todos a coste cero y no sólo los que tienen tiempo y dinero para coger un avión (y pasar una semana con el equipo). La comunidad hispana está distribuida por todo el globo y no todos pueden encajarse en un evento de este tipo. El hecho de que viajaráis a Lisboa con el objetivo de conocer al equipo confirma un poco mis sospechas.

Es curioso, vosotros que tanto dices habéis hecho por la comunidad, sea esta respuesta a mi post tu primer post en este foro (This is the first time MarcMorales94 has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!).

Nadie os ha visto en la comunidad, ni preguntando, ni ayudando ni apoyando. Pero para pedir 50k para hacer crecer la comunidad sois los Nr. ONE.

Nosotros somos inversores desde hace mucho, estamos en Telegram y Twitter y somos de las comunidades de validadores más grandes que hay. En este foro posteamos a menudo, discutimos los HIP y votamos las propuestas. Esto es un proyecto complejo y requiere de la participación de todos y en todos los canales para encontrar soluciones y representar a todos los intereses e interesados.

Aquí la reputación se gana participando y contribuyendo. Y entenderás que siendo esta la primera vez que aparezcáis, de entrada nos hace a todos ser escépticos.

No quiero hacer solo crítica destructiva, voy a intentar ser constructivo también.

Los DAO que se han montado en Harmony son DAOs abiertos. Para la propuesta y organización entiendo que un número finito de persona ha de haber, pero luego a mí, me gusta que haya que presentar candidatura para un posterior proceso de elección. Ten en cuenta que los fondos para los DAO vienen del equipo, sí, pero indirectamente salen del bolsillo de todos los inversores. Un DAO es descentralizado y vuestro DAO suena a bastante cerrado y centralizado.

Si hubieráis querido el apoyo y la participación de la comunidad habriáis acudido a los canales comunitarios (Telegram y Twitter). Sé que estáis al tanto de estos canales porque Abraham está en contacto con vosotros. Pero esto habría supuesto una apertura de la propuesta y se habría entrado en conflicto con los 9 gobernadores que ya teniáis cerrados de antemano.

A mí y a muchos de nosotros nos parece algo frustrante que de pronto salga gente que se venda como que lleva aportando mucho tiempo pero que estas aportaciones parezcan invisibles.

Un saludo y como dicen en inglés, agree to disagree.