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Proposal Overview

HomeTownHeroes DAO (HTH DAO) aims to become one of the first blockchain empowered multi-media outlets on Harmony. We are not just in the business of media or entertainment; we are a lifestyle brand in the business of community connection and extension. We have built a strong community with people who align with our vision of building an ecosystem where everyone is seen, heard, and accurately represented. We set out to define a prosperous way of living through music NFTs, objective journalism, blockchain technology, education, and charitable events. With an emphasis on entrepreneurship-- our core values are deeply rooted in truth, kindness, and justice.

In part, our mission is to be a trusted source of information for groups that are traditionally marginalized. We support those that are unaware of new technological advancements – underpaid or undervalued for their intellectual property – and unfamiliar with the concept of true ownership. We hold that these groups deserve accurate representation and a fair shot at success in the Web3 sector. We believe with the backing of Harmony.one this objective is achievable. We desire to partner with organizations (with current support from Rocky Mountain Public Media, Ethereum Foundation, Gary Community Ventures, and countless other community members and organizations) to help inform the public about the social benefits of NFTs and blockchain technology. We are particularly passionate about educating BIPOC individuals and organizations while supporting all youth.

We also want to support digital artists, musicians and content creators, by deploying their work in the Metaverse and giving them web3 exposure. We want to educate artists about NFTs and help them to prosper on the Harmony blockchain. We want these artists played—and paid!

We will continue to research more sophisticated methods and skills of deployment in order to build a sustainable multi-media outlet with valuable resources and community personnel. We desire to teach what we have learned to the members of our DAO and other interested parties. We will also continue to onboard other organizations and help them with setting up wallets, creating a DAO, minting NFTs, showing ways to use discord and twitter spaces to set up livestreams and much more.

We are currently creating and actively participating in the ETHDenver Virtual Hack-a-thon to create a Music NFT playlist, featuring five Colorado independent artists to create a revenue stream shared between our treasury, holders, and the artists. We will educate organizations about the Web3/NFT space, while exposing them to the various ways of creating revenue and utility using NFTs and blockchain technology. We will educate our community and the public about DAO formation and the benefits of DAO governance, and onboard them to Harmony.

Our workshops will be free and provide a plethora of educational resources for local organizations and community members, as well as those interested outside of our Colorado community. We are also available for larger organizations at a cost, and that money will go to the treasury.

HTH DAO believes that Harmony’s blockchain technology will accelerate a positive change to the media industry, music industry, and underprivileged communities. We want to give artists and individuals a fair chance in Web3. We are passionate about changing the world through this technology, and we can’t help but to advocate for the adoption of blockchain technologies.


HTH DAO is a multi-platform lifestyle brand that provides a voice for new and independent music and popular culture with a focus around growth, awareness and opportunities for diverse music communities through advocacy, education and community engagement

HTH DAO is committed to protecting the integrity of Colorado’s urban music scene through developing relevant influences and contributions while supporting significant impacts on the fabric of Colorado’s music culture.

· Awareness – raise awareness for causes, partner with organizations and artists that want a fair shot at success and want to participate in the building of Web3.

· Onboarding - produce NFT collections that generate funding, DAO formation coaching and uploading content to web3.

· Empowerment - learn and teach the various ways to get involved in Web3.

Proof of Concept

Leading up, and during ETHDenver 2022, we exhibited the power of our mission, and showed proof of concept in these ways:

As stated before, we are developing and hacking an innovative audio NFT at ETHDenver’s virtual hack-a-thon. This NFT will feature a playlist of new songs from Colorado independent artists. We’re anticipating using this NFT in multiple ways: to educate and engage historically marginalized audiences about cryptocurrency and crypto philanthropy, to experiment with new audience outreach and membership models, and to find alternative, direct shared music licensing options for independent artists.

To the best of our knowledge, this is a first-of-its-kind project for public media.

“The Revolution will be Digitized” Web3/NFT course at University of Colorado Denver.
We facilitated a class on Web 3.0 and NFTs on Feb. 7th & 9th 2022. After our course we had students submit review papers from the course, here is what some of the students wrote

Onboarding and spearheading Rocky Mountain Public Media’s Web3 campaign and helping them become the first public media organization to accept donations in cryptocurrency, (via the Giving Block)

which will revolutionize membership and accessibility.

Voicing our commitment to supporting communities with education and ways to participate in the crypto space – particularly Black communities and others who have been historically ostracized – as well as paving the way to prepare for the future of public media.

Larger organizations will hire us to onboard and educate their staff and communities.

Web2 artists, creators and traditional organizations will be curious about DAO governance and blockchain technology.

Independent musicians and artists will partner with us to create and deploy their music NFTs to the metaverse and other marketplaces for exposure.

We spoke with digital artists, musicians and media personnel at ETHDenver and received passionate and joyous responses about developing audio NFT playlists and educating under-served audiences about web3.

Deliverables - by July 1, 2022

Awareness – Facilitate four educational onboarding workshop sessions for community members and small organizations, set a date and location for each of these events.

Onboarding - Do two music showcases supporting web2 and web3 musicians and help people in attendance to set up metamask. Educate the public about the Web3 paradigm change.

Roadmap - Schedule a workshop every two weeks on Saturday mornings. Book teams of three for each event. Go down, set up, educate.

Skills - Purchase podcast equipment, mics, interfaces, headphones, and mixer.
Roadmap - Connect with local media organizations that I know for advice and connect with creators and collectors.

Metrics- We will utilize social media and a physical sign-in sheets to track engagements

Awareness - Maintain a narrative to document the process, what issues are important to us, which orgs we have contacted and with whom we have partnered. Track questions, concerns and feedback.

Onboarding – ENS or Unstoppable Domain name for HTH DAO. Track how many people we speak with, their questions, concerns and feedback. Track number of metamask wallet setups.

Social - We will establish metrics around social media engagement.

Board of Governors

Maleman Dotson ~ (Media Personality, musician, educator, philanthropist)

Christian Owens ~ (developer, musician, manager)

Dayvaughn Mays~ (Developer, advisor, educator, strategist)

Jairon Jackson - (Musician, mentor, strategist)

Ridha Elmugtaba ~ (Smart contract developer, advisor, educator, NFT buff)

Kenya Johnson ~ (agent of change, digital artist, musician, entrepreneur)

Kenny Weeks ~ (Web3 community manager, advisor)

Cheryl Porter ~ (Social media manager, event coordinator, educator)

Gerald Ponder ~ (humanitarian, environmentalist, advisor, entrepreneur)

Maleman Dotson

A native of Colorado and raised in Montbello, Maleman grew up loving to rap and listen to Hip Hop. To date, Maleman is a very well-known artist and performer, who has collaborated with Cassidy, Kat Graham, Duane DaRock, Trev Rich and Big Sean. His work can be found on most major streaming services. Inspired by Sway Calloway and Big Tigger, Maleman found his love for Hip Hop and Urban format music stations. From a young age, Maleman had a very strong fascination for radio and understood the value of education. So much so, he’s an MSU Denver Grad of Broadcasting and Music Journalism. Catch Maleman Live on THE DROP Mon-Fri Midnight to 3 am and Saturday’s Noon to 3pm. In his personal life, Maleman is active in our community as well as various charities. CEO of lifestyle brand HTH, Maleman wishes to define a way of life that promotes creativity, spirituality, and healthy ways of thinking; through music, fashion and charitable works.

Christian Owens

Christian is a General Manager and musician with a goal of defining a balanced way of living through music, creativity, fashion and charitable events. He’s highly involved with the community and has organized several food drives. Christian is an NFT enthusiast and believes in the future of web3 technology.

Dayvaughn Mays

Dayvaughn is a community activist and poet writing books about ethics, street life and giving poetic inspiration for all ages. He is a radio panelist on Debate Talk 4 U and the Solarvision Debate League platforms teaching and debating religious topics. He currently has over 25 books including the book series “The False Fulfillment Citation series”. Dayvaughn can be found on twitter, facebook and instagram and his email address cloudsoftorah@gmail.com.

Jairon Jackson

Jairon Jackson is a new generation R&B singer. He loves to keep a soulful feel to his lyrics while singing those lyrics to a new generation instrumental. He calls it Neo R&B. He also aims to keep a relationship to 90’s R&B in his music to keep people emotionally connected to music, as they were in the past. Jairon started singing when he was six years young. After landing his first solo in the church choir, He always knew that singing was his path. Hard work and great work ethics guided him to be the artist he has become today. In 2012, Jairon featured on season 11 of American Idol. He sang an original song called “So Hard” which sent him to top 50 of the competition. In 2015, Jairon appeared on Showtime at the Apollo in New York. Jairon won first place in two of the amateur nights that he competed in. Since Jairon’s appearance on Apollo, he has been focusing on his solo career. In 2016 he dropped his debut single “All Day”. Since his debut release, Jairon has been dropping single after single. It seems that everything he touches is golden because his fans continue to ask for more and more. Critics say, “It won’t be long before he is on the billboards”.

Ridha Elmugtaba

Ridha is a world class bilingual web3 developer, NFT buffs, audio engineer, producer, graphic designer, artist, video editor and director. He’s worked at worldwide brands such as Capital Records, Atlantic, Warner along with many indie labels. Artist Credits include Future, Moneyman, Maleman, Jairon Jackson, The Superstars, Jim Jones, currently specializing in Web3 education, multi-media productions and social media promotions.

Kenya Johnson

Kenya is a digital artist, fashion designer, dancer and entrepreneur. Her goal is to put the “fun” in functional fashion. She designs clothing everyone can enjoy and love so that they can focus on looking and feeling great!

Kenny Weeks

Kenny is a mentor, educator, and the Community Manager for HTH DAO. He has experience leading both educational and entrepreneurial workshops. Kenny values his family and the mission of decentralization.

Cheryl Porter

Cheryl Porter is an educator with more than 25 years of experience. She’s the longest active paraprofessional at Denver Public Schools and has helped countless students gain adequate life and leadership skills.

Gerald Ponder

Gerald is a humanitarian, ecologist, entrepreneur, and a lover of life. Highly revered in Community leadership Gerald is always seeking truth and knowledge.

The Ask

We are requesting a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant for 75K.

4 RODE usb microphones 2400
2 wireless lavalier mics 450
Apollo interface 750
Four ring lights 600
iPad, broadcasting accessories and software, tripod, etc… 9000
Electrical cables 1000
Editing Software 1000
Miscellaneous – sound proofer, tape, printed materials… 500
Start-up organizing and tasks, DAO governance and voting, finding partner orgs, research and equipment purchase, socials, planning actions, planning education events
2 persons for 3 months 24,000
Community manager focused on recruiting, engagement, and empowerment for DAO members
1 person for 3 months 12,000
Board Compensation
Assorted tasks around setting up, maintaining and promoting the DAO mandates, max 10 hours/week 11,400
Education and community events
Costs for expert, venues and refreshments, 2 skills workshops in 3 months 3200
Costs for venues and refreshments, 2 meetups in 3 months 1200
10% safety net 7,500


Mint and sell NFTs

Paid gigs for larger organizations

Seek funding from Gary Community Ventures, and similar foundations

At ETHDenver we onboarded new DAO members to Telegram
Discord is being set up and we will migrate over in the coming weeks

Resources - connect for guidance, workshops, space, partnerships

Gitcoin - working with partners, effective community governance

IRL Underground - meet-up/workshop event space

The Culture Museum - make art, meet-up/workshop event space

Buell Media Center - Home to Rocky Mountain PBS, KUVOJazz 89.3FM THE DROP 104.7FM - workshops, onboarding- broadcastin

THE DROP 104.7FM - Urban Alternative Public Media radio station wanting to collaborate

IRLART - Digital Art Gallery wanting to collaborate

Overall, we love the Harmony core team and we want to be a part of this family.
CC: @lij @Abraham


It was truly a pleasure meeting you all!

One.Love and thank you Abraham @Sam RJ @Mattyontap


Hello @Malemanhth

Thank you for your post! I look forward to seeing the project grow!

Take a look at the DAO Funding Guidelines and, in particular, what the requirements are for the DAO Bootstrap Grant.

You have done a good job writing up your mandates and deliverables. I would encourage you to use actual numbers for your metrics. For example: “We will utilize social media and a physical sign-in sheets to track engagements” is fine as an operational guideline, but a metric would be more along the lines of “Grow our social media following to 10,000 subscribers. Capture email’s at events and grow a mailing list to 5,000 by the end of three months”… or something along those lines.

Additionally - make sure that you schedule your first general election.



@Sam thank you for the feedback! I will give more details on metrics. I will also schedule my election, would you mind giving me a little more info on how to get started with that?


Great work on your proposal Maleman! Here is an example of elections announcement Developer DAO Governor Elections Announcement (on SnapShot.org) you could do a simpler one, but making an announcement and asking those interested to post why they want to be a governor would work.

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Please feel free to reach out to one of our many DAO’s already performing governance on Harmony to find a path!


How are the rest of the updates coming?

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$24,000 is being given for 2 peoples salary over 3 months??
Are you kidding??

Community manager salary $12k for 3 months work??


So total that would be 3 people, 12k each over 3 months, which is $4k a month ($48k annualized).

I don’t know how much time those people are going to be putting in (are they full-time?), but it doesn’t sound that unreasonable to me for a salary. Whether the DAO will be able to generate enough revenue to sustain employing 3 people from the start, that’s another matter.

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Another useless DAO being funded. :man_facepalming:


Hello, @NathanFarms,
Here is what HTH303 has done for the community as it stands. We’ve onboarded Rocky Mountain Public Media, home of Rocky Mountain PBS, KUVO Jazz 89.3 and THE DROP 104.7FM, making them the first and to my knowledge, the only public media station to be accepting donations in cryptocurrency. (Check out this article in Current-- The most widely read periodical in the field of PBS–Urban Alternative station prepares to release audio NFTs in collaboration with emerging artists | Current)
This will change the way fundraising and inclusion looks in a public media space. Not only that, we’ve been the thought leaders and driving force behind THE DROP 3.0 an innovative and first of its kind Music NFT Playlist along with a reputation token (DRP) that could be used as a governance token in the future. We’ve done this in an effort to expose and onboard Colorado independent Hip Hop and R&B artists, who deserve to have a fair chance at succeeding in the music industry. This NFT Playlist was actually developed on Harmony feel free to click the link (https://dorahacks.io/buidl/1955).

It is very disheartening to see someone throw FUD on a project that is already making so much impact in the space. We take pride in giving artists and more specifically BIPOC people in this space a home and a voice, its comments like these that really make us question how inclusive web3 plans to be. For instance @amartay1986, the fact that you’ve joined Saturday and the only proposals you’ve chosen to interact with is our project. No comments, no views, nothing anywhere else. It’s hard not to feel targeted at this point. However, I believe in Harmony and I hope this clears things up for you all!

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You are doing awesome already :sunglasses:

Great to meet in LA! I serve on two Harmony DAOs and would be happy to help flush out your metrics. The Harmony team is also great at providing feedback, @BooneBergsma is a great person for questions as you can see!!

Just wanted to add that MAD NFTs supports your efforts and as a Denver native myself I really look forward to what you have planned.

Let’s go!!! :fire::fire::fire::rocket::rocket::rocket:


@Ru-MADNFT thank you, man this really means a lot! I appreciate your support. We’re all in, trying to keep our heads down and do the work! Let’s go!! :rocket:

Hey @Malemanhth!

Just following up on this. Have you had a chance to more strongly define the HTHDAO’s metrics? Or schedule your first election. Sam tagged the Funding Guidelines above, and I’ll post the pay-out milestone’s below:

The Minimally Viable DAO - Milestone Payments:

As we have learned in the Launch Grant program, it is best to create milestone payments. In that spirit, we have studied the DAOs that have been successful both in Harmony and on other chains and have determined three vital components for success. We refer to this as a “ Minimally Viable DAO ” and will pay out the bootstrap grant according to the following:

  1. Create a Multisig Wallet ($15K) : This milestone is covered in step 5 of the “Mighty Six” above. This is required as all assets of a DAO are shared amongst the community. Without a multisig, this would be impossible. All withdrawals from the DAO multisig should have a matching community vote to approve that withdrawal. This is how a DAO Shares Assets .
  2. Hold a Community Vote for Multisig Signatories ($20K): 9 signatories will be selected out of a field of 12 candidates. Over 100 community members vote. The role of the signatory is to approve transactions out of the DAO multisig wallet in accordance with the community vote. These signatories rotate every 3 months based on a community vote. The responsibility for the success and failure of the DAO is a shared responsibility for all of the members and this is the milestone we look for as proof.
  3. Social Token ($15K): All DAOs need to share a common interest, something that binds them together. By issuing a social token, you can identify your community, your tribe, your teammates and co-conspirators. A social token and an NFT are not the same thing. Social tokens are similar to membership cards, but they operate on-chain. They are fungible so that one is the same as another and - if the DAO wishes to sell them, rather than issue them - they all are at the same price. By deploying a social token, the DAO has shown it has a Shared Interest .

The total bootstrap grant is $50,000 and a DAO that qualifies for this grant will have the minimal attributes. The grant will be paid out as the DAO satisfies each of the MVD milestones.


Thank you for the follow up, Mikey!
I have time set up this week to connect with Boone and Ru to help us define our metrics and push through the next steps. I really appreciate you alls guidance and support with this process!

Hi, Sam,

Sending gratitude for all of you guy’s support on this. Here are our updated metrics --We will make intentional use of our social media and utilize IRL sign-in sheets to track engagements. We plan to onboard and create a database of 500 unique wallet addresses by October we also plan to accumulate 2000 more followers across our social media platforms. We will use our physical sign in sheets as well as POAP’s to obtain email addresses at events. Lastly, we intend to establish our discord and grow it to 500 active members. We acknowledge and anticipate potential difficulties and we want to make sure we have room to grow as we build.

Creating 500 unique wallets…
2000 members across all social media…
500 discord members…

And how much money are you asking for all this?

I could generate all of that by fake accounts within 2 weeks…

You want 50k?

Believe me, you are not the only one I am calling out.


Hey @Malemanhth

Thanks for the updates.

I would like to deliver a brief update from Harmony.

All approvals and proposals for DAO Bootstrap Funding is still paused. This is a temporary measure. Please do not let this dissuade you and your team from building.

note: this comment is not an approval of this proposal

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Usual money grab , one more , let’s keep moving

Thanks for the tour of the station/studios yesterday @Malemanhth!!

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@Ru-MADNFT Thanks for coming through, the pleasure was all mine! You heard it from everyone, you’re always welcome at Buell Public Media Center :raised_hands:t5:

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