Harmony NFT DAO - Funding Proposal

Harmony NFT DAO

Harmony NFT DAO - Funding Proposal


Most people involved in blockchain have seen or at least noticed the immense growth of NFTs in the last year. The amount of web3 users has skyrocketed and marketplaces are being swarmed with creators uploading work. However we have identified a significant issue with the current growth of the markets which will create unsustainable growth in the long run.

Creators uploading work with little to no understanding of how to utilise NFTs. This not only has the potential to damage them, but also other creators. Many of whom are taking the correct steps, but are being diluted by the sheer amount of content being uploaded.

Education therefore plays a pivotal role in the effective growth of NFT sales that actually support creators instead of harming them.

Anil Dash, one of the creators of NFT technology has said “McCoy (other founder of NFTs) and I hoped we might prevent it from becoming yet another method of exploiting creative professionals. Nothing went the way it was supposed to, and our dream of empowering artists hasn’t yet come true. It has yielded a lot of commercially exploitable hype.”

Our mission is to get the idea of NFTs back on track through effective communication and education. As the Harmony NFT ecosystem is still in its infancy, it has the opportunity to become a centre of NFTs where creators and collectors are well educated on sustainability and empowering creators instead of being focused on commercial exploitation.

With the help of the community we develop, we will provide as much information as possible about NFTs and ways in which creators can use them to grow sustainably and responsibly. Education will also break down barriers to entry that a lot of creators are struggling with. After participating in our in-person and online workshops, creators will be fully prepared to join the Harmony NFT ecosystem. As well as improving the quality of current NFT creators in Harmony, this will encourage a larger uptake of new creators entering the ecosystem and bring in more collectors as well.


  1. Education & Adoption: Online classes and in person workshops. Increasing the amount of users in the Harmony ecosystem using NFTs by targeting multiple demographics.
  2. Training : Teaching governors and community members how to hold workshops in their own regions to promote education and growth on a global scale. Train creators how to engage and form a community using NFTs to further support their creative careers.
  3. Engagement : Through boosting awareness and understanding about the NFT opportunities in the Harmony ecosystem as well as promoting projects that currently exist in Harmony


Harmony NFT DAO KPIs Metric
Number of participants in each physical workshop amount
Test of understanding before and after workshop amount/quality
Number of participants that complete online training videos/assessments amount/quality
Projects started from within Harmony NFT DAO amount/testimonials
Partner Projects/Collaborations amount/testimonials
Members who gain freelance or long-term employment through the DAO amount/testimonials
Social media growth reviewed with weekly analytics aggregated reports
Weekly budget updates and timesheet tracking Notion
New skills and knowledge obtained surveys
Social Connections made within DAO surveys
Number of new wallets created during workshops (timeless 1 wallet) amount
Monthly checks for demographic coverage global heatmaps
talk.harmony.one Traffic on proposals document activity weekly
Press (Interviews, Articles, Podcasts) amount/quality/reach
Revenue Streams
Revenue through staking, NFT sales and royalties volume
3rd Party Sponsorships volume/reviews
New sources of revenue volume
Staking participation with DAO validator nodes. (10,000 $ONE and equipment has been acquired to start first node) volume


  • Development of initial curriculum and course material
  • Host a minimum of 9 in person workshops across 3 locations during the first 90 days
  • 2 consecutive months of Governor training tests to check retention of information.
  • Add layer of gamification to NFTs to encourage swapping among community members
  • Build treasury through small royalties on swaps of gamified NFT collection
  • 10 DAO community members certified to present onboarding workshops through our training program
  • 2000 Twitter followers
  • 500 Active Discord members
  • Open 500 new Timeless 1 Wallets
  • 20k views on YouTube


Month 1

  • Create presentations / workshop layouts / in-person training.

Training will be focused on the following: Effective marketing strategies for creators, introduction to NFTs and utility, overview of how NFTs function on the blockchain with in depth references to the Harmony blockchain, smart contracts and royalties, emerging NFT use cases, AR/VR to create and view artwork, setting up a Harmony ONE wallet, building an online community, examples of NFT artists in Harmony, setting up a creator NFT profile.

  • Additional training to encourage a growth in collectors will also be provided on the following: Understanding NFT value, promoting NFT purchases based on individual belief in creators growth, sustainable purchasing, watching out for signs of a harmful NFT project, purchasing NFTs to be involved in and benefit from a creators growth, and the huge potential for growth in the Harmony NFT sector due to fast transactions, extremely low gas fees and reduced energy consumption.
  • Identify multiple opportunities for in person workshops such as, in schools, colleges, universities, cryptocurrency events, NFT events, youth centres, young entrepreneur centres, artist communities, musician communities, etc.
  • Grow a Twitter account to 500 followers or more and engage in 1 Twitter spaces call per week teaching education topics listed above as well as topics about the Harmony blockchain.
  • Add in appropriate social media metrics to reports depending on feedback from community manager and DAO members.
  • Start filming and editing educational videos based on topics above to reach a more global audience which can view and learn.
  • Begin building a website to host educational videos and serve as a community hub.

Month 2

  • Host at least three in person workshops (US/UK) based on the educational topics above. Participants at the end of the workshop should understand what NFTs are and how they can be used by creators, as well as understand how to create their own NFT on the Harmony blockchain.
  • Train all governors on how to run their own workshops utilising the tools created in month 1. They should be fully capable of running workshops in the future in whichever part of the world they live in. This will help aid in growth and adoption of the Harmony NFT ecosystem and will create a foundation of educated NFT users that can grow Harmony’s NFT market sustainably and organically.
  • Continue to expand the list of potential communities to host workshops for.
  • Grow Twitter following to 1000 and host 2 Twitter spaces calls per week. 1 call will be on education topics and 1 call will be a chance for community members to talk about their own NFT projects and ask for any advice.
  • Launch the website with the educational videos uploaded.
  • Explore more educational video ideas with community suggestions and film / edit them.

Month 3

  • Host 2 or more in person workshops per site. (6 total)
  • Host a follow up workshop on the workshop from month 1 which reviews basics from the first meeting as well as a challenge to create their own NFTs during the workshop. Participants will then make a creator profile and list their test NFTs in the Harmony ecosystem to provide them with first hand experience listing NFTs on Harmony as well as creating a wallet. Sales of these NFTs could contribute to a selected charity.
  • At least 1 trained part time governor to host a workshop in their own regions. This will prove our system of training workshop presenters works and will provide the opportunity for a much further reach for training and education on NFTs and the Harmony ecosystem.
  • Grow Twitter following to 1500. Host 2 Twitter spaces calls per week. 1 call will be on education topics and 1 call will be a chance for community members to talk about their own NFT projects and ask for any advice. Also include established NFT creators (in the Harmony ecosystem?) for at least 2 of these calls during the month.
  • Add new educational videos suggested by the community to the website.

The Team

Josh Williams

  • Josh is the Chief Communications Officer at MAD | NFTs and has been critically involved in the onboarding of artists and musicians through outreach as well as education using academy videos. During his time at MAD, he has created and sold NFTs, helped create metadata as well as numerous creator profiles which gives him a firm understanding of NFTs from creation to sale. He has already hosted over 20 workshops in Lisbon and London and will use his knowledge of NFTs and artwork, as well as his experiences hosting workshops, to create interactive courses that allow the NFT community to learn and effectively engage with NFTs from a better position of understanding.

Jacob Clay

  • Jacob is the Chief Operations Officer of MAD | NFTs and assisted in the development of the MADacademy and has been crucial in the creation and building of MADinArt, now known as MADNFTs. He is responsible for planning, directing, and overseeing the company’s operational policies, rules, initiatives, and goals. Helps the Founders execute long-term and short-term plans and directives by implementing judgement, vision, management, and leadership. He also supports the Founders in developing and executing business strategies for the current and future markets and manages business performance.

Andrew Cordova

  • Andrew is the Community Manager at MAD | NFTs, and specialises in Socials, Ecosystems/Incentive Design, and Blockchain Solutions. With a background in entertainment, and an education in natural sciences, Andrew has been involved in the cryptocurrency scene since 2016. Andrew is excited to use his knowledge to grow service-oriented communities around the world, and empower individuals by building DAOs.

Eric Spring (Pikzel/Crypto Arcade)

  • Eric is an online community developer with NFT and web3 expertise. Eric has over 15 years experience working with indie musicians, entertainers and record labels, focused on marketing, social media management & video production. Having transitioned to web3 marketing a year ago, he looks to use his knowledge of both industries to help onboard new musicians & creators while teaching them how to build & empower a worldwide community of fans through virtual spaces that provide real world utility.

Michael Schulbaum (Schaart)

  • Michael is an Artist through and through. Since age 3, Art has been the main focus of his life. Along with 35 years as a professional freelance artist and 25 years as a professional musician, Michael also worked as a public school high school Art teacher for 12 of those years. But in 2020, the pandemic forced Michael to make a decision to finally devote his efforts once and for all to doing what he feels he was born to do. Live and work as an Artist. Now, he is a cross chain visual and musical NFT artist who brings his more than 25 years of meditation practice and pursuit of free thought, diversity, and spirituality into his Art and songs.

Tabitha Tallent

  • As a Human Resources Specialist Tabitha has always put people first. She has excelled while serving in Senior HR roles at Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, and Woodward Governor. An advocate for diversity and inclusion, Tabitha believes in using her skills in business development and recruiting to deliver equitable treatment of individuals on a corporate scale. She is excited to learn more about how DAO’s can have an immediate impact on the traditional workforce and institutions.


  • Noura has a background in ed-tech, non-profit, and women’s rights. An artist and creator herself, Noura is passionate about providing access and information to Web3 for individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enter the space. Today, Noura works with Harmony to scale events and grow the protocol’s ecosystem through community engagement and experiences.

Jamie Hammond

  • Jamie has a minor in Art History and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Jamie has worked extensively with diverse populations and has a very good understanding of the underserved and under-resourced through collaboration with several non-profits. While her passion has been adoption (responsible for over 500 children being adopted), she also has strong skills in serving families and children and currently trains and supervises therapists that work on site in public schools throughout the Bay Area. She helped launch and run Pathways for Kids, a non-profit in the Bay Area, that specifically supports mentorship of children in public schools by people across industries in the private sector in San Francisco. Recently Jamie travelled to several countries with a former Arts Commissioner of San Francisco doing in depth analysis of artwork throughout China and many major art collections throughout Europe. Curious about blockchain for several years she finally started going down the rabbit hole in fall of 2021. She is now a member of the first class attending Invisible College, and just finished being part of a BULDR team and her first hackathon at EthDenver2022.


  • Flu is a key player in the Harmony validator community, he is also $ONE of the most influential business development specialist in Web 3 today. Flu is a member of the core team at The Granary lending market, Amaterasu Finance, GameFiCrossing, and WEN Lambo NFT.

Goals for assisting the Harmony ecosystem

  • Increase the number of $ONE wallets users through the workshops
  • Encourage staking to the NFT DAO node to help validate transactions and spread awareness of the process
  • Onboard new people into the ecosystem and educate them about the benefits of using Harmony.

Collaboration efforts with existing Harmony DAO’s.

  • Collaborate with DAO’s focused on foregin countries / languages such as Africa DAO, language DAO’s in the Spanish and Portuguese community etc. Collaboration with these communities will allow us to expand our education reach into a range of different languages and regions. This allows us to further our goals of educating and onboarding a range of creators/collectors from around the world.
  • Collaborate with influencers in existing DAO’s to improve visibility and education from within the Harmony community.

Detailing of funding distribution

Equipment ($14,800)

  • 3 Laptops, spread across 3 locations ($3500)

  • 3 HD cameras for recording workshops in each location ($1000)

  • printed materials ($2000)

  • commissions; artists, designers ($15-20 hr X 5 hours weekly maximum)

  • website hosting ($100-$500/ annually)

  • minting and distributing >10,000 NFTs on Harmony for the community ($500)

  • community giveaways; computers, VR headsets, iPads/art tech, etc (8 giveaways during phase 2 and 3, $5000)

  • 4 Oculus Quest 2 for live demos/training ($1500)

Workshop Costs ($2700)
We estimate once the workshops are created and governors trained each event would cost a maximum $300 depending on location.

-Travel and accommodation costs $300 per Workshop (includes light refreshments)

-First nine in-person workshops to be held at universities, libraries, and community centres near major cities in the US and UK .

Governor wages

-3 people for 3 months $27,000
Assorted tasks for developing the course materials including videos and creating the script material for workshops and governor training. Research participating institutions and purchasing of equipment needed. Community focused engagement through social media channels and in-person workshops.

-6 governors for 3 months $10,800

Assorted tasks around setting up, maintaining and promoting the DAO mandates, max 10 hours/week per governor

-$75/hour self assessed salary for all governors during the start up phase.

Path to Self Sustainability.

DAO Sponsored vs Non DAO Sponsored Events

“Free to Learn initiative”.

  1. All Workshops delivered in Educational institutions such as High Schools, Colleges and University Level will be DAO funded as we strongly believe education in these settings should be free and have no barriers to entry.

  2. We will also target low-income areas, and provide easy to digest content in community settings such as local libraries and community centres. These will also be funded by the DAO as part of our “Free to Learn Initiative”.

  3. We will also be providing these workshops in different languages to target different demographics and help educate them. These will also be funded by the DAO. As part of our “Free to Learn Initiative”.

Non DAO Sponsored Events

  1. We will be hosting workshops targeted at the creators at creative hubs such as makerspace. These will be charged at a low rate such as $5-$10 per admission (depending on geographic location). Creators will be airdropped a free NFT that can be used online to unlock more educational content.

  2. We will look to host these workshops in high business traffic areas in order to attract potential collaborations with companies that want to learn more about the NFT space and how they can adopt NFT into their businesses. These will be charged on a case-by-case basis depending on area.

Sponsored Collaboration with Beams.fm

We have been contacted by Beams.FM about a potential sponsorship to create audio content. This will entail creating short sound bytes of educational content for Beams.fm which is a new web3 social media platform with over 1 million users. Content will be brief and concise similar to Tik-Tok style videos. This is a paid Sponsorship position.

Phase 2.
Hiring different venues to provide these workshops to reach other demographics. Train the community members to deliver workshops in their geographical region to further expand the reach of creators. Hire popular NFT artists to produce community rewards. Establish a web3 learning centre where people who can’t make physical workshops can attend and get the same level of in-person content through live and pre-recorded seminars. Launch our first VIP Metaverse concert which will be available to all participants of workshops who received their NFT upon completion.

Requesting 75k bootstrap grant for initial 90 days. With consideration for additional funding based on metrics.

We would also ask to be considered for any available funding through Project X, as this proposal was first started during ETHDenver 2022 where 6 of the 9 governors had to opportunity to interact in person.


Really excited to help make the Harmony community a hub of NFT learning across all ecosystems!


I’m super excited to be able to use the skills collectively within the team to deliver such an incredible learning experience directly to those who need it the most. Let’s Create, Innovate and Educate together. Let’s go Harmony NFT DAO :blue_heart:


This DAO has a well balanced board of Governors, and is a real time actionable answer to creating true adoption of web3 across a diverse populations.


I like the actual engagement and education of its founders which leads to implementation of NFTs in private and public sectors.


Will be interesting to see what venues and platforms work for community engagement.


I am beyond excited for the Harmony NFT DAO-- with a mandate that has the potential to reach millions and an incredibly passionate team behind it, I’m looking forward to seeing the waves we make in this ONE big blue sea.


Approved for 50K by Danny as part of Project X.


Thank you so much Danny! We’ll be sure to make this a highly active DAO that continues to educate and nurture creators entering the Harmony ecosystem


Looking forward to it Josh! :raised_hands:


So emotional reading that right now Danny. Thank you so much for your contribution. We will work so hard to make sure every creator in every community gets a fair chance to learn!


Love that! Really excited to see this DAO & community develop :raised_hands:


To confirm the info in our funding form submission.

We have a Harmony (Gnosis Safe) multi-sig wallet established for the DAO.
Approval from 5 of 9 governors is required for all transactions.



this grant has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


Quick update: We are moving forward with an outline of our next few steps with the team of governors. The technical/social framework for our governance is nearly complete and up to Harmony’s standards/requirements. In the coming days we will finish training up those who are serving a DAO for the first time by practicing simple transactions on the multisig and getting comfy with Notion.

Approval of the outline by the board will be our first vote!
We will be building the community alongside all actions of course! Look for our first socials update next week.

We have confirmed our interest in the partnership with Beams.fm and will start to upload content to the platform from the DAO as part of our regular social routine. As the DAO evolves we will continue to update the details of all paid sponsorships. The value of this sponsorship is $250-$1000/month (engagement tier based) for a total of 20-30 minutes of Web 3 educational audio content (60-90 seconds/day).

We have started the process of presenting our first workshop! Details coming soon…


Congrats to this team for receiving your funding. @Ru-MADNFT and the others will do great work education work.

And, with the curiosity out there about NFTs and blockchain, the workshops will fill right up.


@Joshllwills will be running a NFT workshop in ETHRIO as in conjunction with MADNFT and Harmony NFT DAO! Can’t wait for the next 3 months and see the Harmony NFT Eco-system evolving!


So excited for this! Take lots of pics and vids Josh! :partying_face:


Follow us on twiiter https://twitter.com/HarmonyNFTDAO :blue_heart:


We are adding NFT LA to our list of workshops! @Joshllwills Can we get a picture of Rio workshop?