How to Get Your Grants Funded

Hi all grantees,

For each milestone and funding, be sure to write an update post on the forum and then fill out this form:

This is required to allow the team to track all funding requests.


we are designing an ad-free faucet that gives away enough ONE to make a couple of transactions on the HARMONY network, our second goal is to become HARMONY network validators, and the third is to create a dex in order to further expand the TVL of the Harmony network


I really like to join this platform, Because it will be useful for me in the future


This is only after you have been funded ? Just trying to make sure I am taking the right steps to get our project funded. Blessings



My name is Regan Mc Mullan. I am the head of Business Development at RMDS Lab in Pasadena, California.

RMDS Lab is currently in the developmental stage of creating NFT’s for the Data Science and Machine Learning Industries. We are partnered with a network of over 50,000 Data Science and Machine Learning Professionals and Educators. We also have current partnerships with Disney, IBM, and the City of Pasadena. We are excited to pursue a partnership with Harmony as we embark upon our journey across this bold new digital frontier.


This is an Amazing thing for me personally to be a part of Harmony UAE DAO. Looking forward to work closely with the team. Cheers

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Hi, Lij,

This is Maggie from One Up Plus Trust game studio located in Sydney Australia , is the launch grant still available? If yes, how do I apply for it ?

Maggie Xu

Hi @Maggiexu628 ,

You should start a new thread in the community section with some information on your studio and introduce yourself to the Harmony community. Harmony is ramping up grants for GameFi and getting in with the community will definitely build your case for a launch grant.

Cheers, Kenny

Thanks a lot for letting me know. We are working on the pitch deck at the moment.


Good to be here. Hello fam)

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