I believe that Harmony will unlock the Matrix!


I am Sahil, one of the believers at Harmony! I am an engineer, but now getting my hands dirty on the business and product side. I’m grateful to be a part of the super technical and exceptional team at Harmony - everyone is kinda a whizkid and has a great story to tell - do catchup with us at one of our happy hours! :slight_smile:

I joined Harmony, right after finishing business school at Harvard, where I was running the Blockchain and cryptocurrency club. Running the club and writing a few papers on cool blockchain startups (Sia, Blockstack) with my professors was enough of a signal for me to find a startup solving a fundamental issue in the blockchain space - and I found Harmony!

I was running my own Ed-tech startup, FuturEd, in India before school and also was investing at Draper Dragon fund, where I looked into Blockchain and AI investments. I am always keen to deep-dive into marketplace models and product use-cases. Outside the blockchain space, I enjoy a competitive game of soccer, frisbee or basketball and nerd-out on the dialogues and plots from ‘The Matrix’.

Look forward to chatting with everyone here and learn about what topics excite you, and why!