Blockchain evangelist and Chief Crypton at Crypton Labs

I love this blockchain space which I accidentally discovered creating a patient portal for my cloud-based practice management system! I truly believe Blockchains will replace many of the systems we use today and I hope to influence the creation of some of them.

My first blockchain project, mycryptons, is a platform for trading non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain (Oh what fun writing in Solidity :slight_smile: )

As a user of blockchain technology (ethereum, stellar amongst others), I feel strongly that IDEs and other dev tools greatly influence the acceptance of a blockchain platform. Remix and Truffle are excellent tools scaffolding a (rather) primitive language - Solidity.

Here is a recent article that caught my eye -


Excited to meet you @nikihana. Iā€™m sure you and @alok, on our team, will have a lot to chat about on privacy!

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Hi there Srini Vasan! Very excited to see you here. You might be interested by some of the networking posts :slight_smile:

Hi Nick,

I am reading the posts here and they are great! As we discussed on our call a few weeks ago, I am very interested in applications that can be built on top of Harmony. Based on my own product development experience (including blockchain) - I see an urgent need for certain features that are not offered by any public blockchain that I know of. Would love to see that in Harmony :slight_smile:




Hi @nikihana, would love to learn more what those ideas are. Feel free to post them in Development or Applications.

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Hey @nikihana,

As @lij mentioned, we are very eager to hear your ideas for what kinds of features you would like to see in Harmony. As a Dapp developer, your insights are extremely valuable to us. Please write up a post on how public blockchains could be improved from the user standpoint! Let me know if you want some help with that.


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