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Proposal overview

Impacto is a matchmaking platform that seeks to facilitate and disseminate the culture of donation and social investment in Brazil and globally, connecting social investors with serious and hand-selected nonprofits and social impact initiatives. IMPACTO is the result of 5 years of humanitarian work, research and development of solutions for underserved communities, and we have a multidisciplinary team that has experienced technicians in the areas of social impact, technology and business.

Our goal is allowing the donation process to become simple, safe and transparent, treating the donor as a “client”. Our value proposition is: you are one click away from finding out where the funds you donated are going to and what is the impact you generated. We set up the campaigns, but you choose which cause to help.


  • Diversity - create campaigns for different types of humanitarian work
  • Transparency - bring traceability and auditability of the resources donated
  • Innovation - Cutting-edge technology at the service of humanity


  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Livelihood
  • Sports
  • Arts / Music
  • Tech inclusion
  • And any theme that serves humanity

Proposal ask

In order to decentralize the relationship between donors and NGOs, we aim to use Blockchain and its traceability and immutability to increase trust in the donations process and make the use of resources more effective. In this way, we present a decentralized protocol where NGOs will be able to present their social impact proposals on-chain and donors will be able to track the use of those funds transparently. Vibrating with the accomplishments along the way. We will design and launch the Impacto token to govern this ecosystem deciding where the resources will be allocated, reward the stakeholders that add value to the community and have utility for each participant within the Impacto protocol.

Main utility for Impacto tokens to engage the community and exchange value between the participants:

  • When NGO delivers project with less money and in less time of implementation we give them tokens that will make them achieve more credibility within the community
  • Donors will gain tokens when they donate to causes and also when they donate recurrently and to different themes diversifying investments.
  • Parents will get tokens when they maintain kids attending the NGOs activities such as English classes, after school classes, etc.
  • NGOs will get tokens when they hold themselves accountable, uploading receipts, photos and videos to the platform demonstrating how they used the funds they received from IMPACTO step by step.
  • Donors will get extra tokens when they bring along other donating friends, family, community members to donate or participate in the ecosystem.
  • Many more ways we will learn by prototyping that will make these tokens generate value and growth to the entire social/environmental ecosystem.

In addition, we will create an NFT marketplace within MAD NFT (Harmony marketplace) to expose the NGO projects so they can also generate revenue for their communities through art, music and photographs. Also bringing to the community artists the possibility of including their arts and generating extra income and recognition.

Our team is working to build smart contracts on the Harmony ecosystem to raise funds from donors and direct these funds to the NGOs registered in Impacto platform.

##Timeline and Resource Allocation

We are applying for a 10k grant to be able to build this infrastructure utilizing Harmony tools using 3 blockchain developers during 2 months. The breakdown of these disbursements are detailed below:

  • USD 5k to implement the decentralized Impacto protocol where NGOs will be able to present their social impact proposals on-chain and donors will be able to track the use of those funds transparently. (ETC: 4-6 weeks)

  • USD 3k to design and issue the Impacto token which will engage the community (Donors, NGOs and contributors) to participate in the ecosystem, reward participants and exchange value. (ETC: 4 weeks)

  • USD 2k to create the Impacto NFT marketplace on the Harmony ecosystem within MAD NFT platform which will have NGO expose their projects to get funding as well as their results. (ETC: 3 weeks)

We plan to complete the work by May 29th.

Metrics for success






With the Impacto token we will have all of these participants coming together as a global and digital community within the Harmony ecosystem.



Congrats, looks like you have an amazing project!
Wish the best of success and hope we can meet one day :portugal: :brazil:


Great Proposal! I am glad to see the Latam ecosystem, specially Brazil, growing. Nevertheless, tracking social impact has always been a challenge in the traditional world and we have the chance to improve it significantly in Web3! Awesome job!


Beautiful!!! This team is amazing and can’t wait to see social impact tokenized on chain!

I approve - Project Y.


I approve this as a part of Project Y. Parabens!!!


The IMPACTO team is thrilled with this opportunity and we’ll do our best to make a huge impact together! Thank you thank you thank you for your incredible support and belief. #Goimpacto! :rocket::butterfly:


This project has been funded! Congratulations! Harmony Blockchain Explorer

Another great project founded by Boris because he had fun at ETH Rio

How is this going? How about another 20k to teach people how to play videogames given to the same person?