Incubating projects - the missing link to success?

Hello, all.

Just had a very interesting conversation with Stephen Tse, at Lisbon Blockchain Week, and he has suggested posting here a couple of ideas around setting up projects for success in the Incubator.

I’ve spent a significant portion of my working life in the Enterprise IT world, leading large regional sales, business development and alliances & partnerships teams, and have been involved in the entrepreneurship ecosystem (business angel & mentor) for the past ~12 years (here’s the full profile

Common denominators in most of the many projects that I’ve seen are: desire to change the world, motivation, and excellent tech skills. What is not so common is to find people at ease with the business, marketing, people management and scaling parts.

Making sure that projects supported by the Incubator are able to address and develop effectively these 4 topics, along with all the rest, can be a life changing event in terms of getting the traction and adoption necessary to thrive.

As Stephen was kind enough to challenge me :slight_smile: , here’s now my challenge to the Incubator: Would you be interested in setting up a comprehensive Mentoring program to create Harmony One based unicorns?

Please let me know! :slight_smile:



Hello Pedro

I think this is an excellent idea. I have a user design / marketing background and would be very interested in this. I’d also be interested in meeting up with the people with more technical skills as I have a concept I’d like to work on further!


Count me in.
I have been thinking about it along the same lines and discussed a bit with @Sam

The thing that I’m struggling with is mostly the “how”.

When I helped set up a Founder Institute chapter in the early days it was mostly about Adeo recruiting a bunch of interested founders, let them put skin in the game (money) and bring them into a classroom with mentors in a 3 month, 12 session program.

It requires real, hands on work.
A lot of it.

How do we get ourselves (a bunch of governors, advisors and participants) to build something meaningful?

Kind if what we expect from the founders ? :wink:

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