The Incubator DAO: A History

Hello Harmony Community –

As you can see from these posts – Incubator DAO: Mandates & Deliverables, Candidate for Incubator DAO Governor: LeRae Bigelow, and Candidate for Incubator DAO Governor: Sasa Milic – the Harmony Incubator DAO is inching it’s way towards formation.

I have been working closely with @LERAE for several weeks now. I recruited her to help me form the Initial Governors Council for the Incubator DAO. As I have seen from the establishment of the ValidatorDAO, the CommunityDAO and the DeveloperDAO, the opening chapters of a new DAO are vital in making sure the DAO persists. Or… to quote Frank Herbert

“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct. This every sister of the Bene Gesserit knows.” – Dune

We have been working on a DAO that will help projects on Harmony survive and thrive. We had several very long conversations regarding what a project would need, what resources the DAO would require, how can this be managed as a DAO rather than a department within the Harmony Core Team?

Adoption: All projects on Harmony need adoption. However, that looks different from project to project. Some view adoption as TVL. Others, monthly active users. Some may even view number of transactions or deployed capital as a success metric. A good Incubator DAO will help those projects gain the adoption they need, the traction they require to survive.

Personnel: The Harmony community has a depth and breadth of talent. Great designers and artists. Great developers and coders. People who excel at creating the perfect meme or viral tweet. For a Harmony project to survive, they will need access to all of this talent. A good incubator DAO will serve as a match-maker - getting the needed talent for the projects in need.

Treasury: This does NOT mean direct funding! but ALL projects need some fundamental understanding and assistance with their economics. Whether it is an introduction to a network of investors or it’s consulting on how to design good tokenomics or manage capital burn rate - a project that survives on Harmony will have to understand it’s treasury - what are the inputs and what are the outputs.

To accomplish those goals, LeRae and I thought long and hard about the type of people we wanted to include as the first set of governors.

LeRae was first due to her experience in DAOs, consulting on tokenomics, history in the blockchain space and her vast network of talented people that she could call on to assist. She is the ideal individual to help the Incubator DAO come alive.

We followed by recruiting some names that you will see post their introduction within the next day or so.

@Nierfiti joins us from the Alumni Ventures Group Blockchain Fund. She brings venture capital experience as well as a deep well of experience and connections with exchanges. Prior to AVG, she also worked at Huboi and

@sasamilic joins us from the API3 DAO. She brings exceptional technical capabilities (she taught computer science at the University of Toronto).

Jovian joins us from Panvala (and many other projects) she is a Community Engineer and has worked with Aragon and others in the Web3 space. She is a fantastic talent for helping us design a community that shows our values and how we work, collaborate, and contribute together.

Rebecca is the founder of CommonLands, a start-up leveraging blockchain technology and a DAO framework to reinvigorate real estate co-ops and is working to make 1 million family homeowners over the next decade. She brings the experience of working in other DAOs before (StakerDAO) as well as the founders/entrepreneur’s viewpoint - so we can make sure we reflect their needs.

We have a few other potential candidates that we have extended an invite to and we will know at the end of the week whether or not they will be joining us.

However, we want to get this party started as soon as possible. To that end, we will be opening the remaining available seats on the initial council for a general election.

Candidates must post their Candidacy Posts no later than Midnight on Sunday, October 17th.

Like all of the other candidacy posts, please conform to the format: “Candidate for Incubator DAO Governor: [XXXX]” with your name / handle at the end.

We plan on holding the election for those remaining seats between Monday, October 18th and Wednesday, October 20th.

Looking forward to seeing what the Incubator DAO will be able to do!!!