Instruction for noobs how to launch the test wallet

Hi guys, probably I am a noob in this, even by using instruction I can’t launch test wallet.
And I feel that I am missing or don’t know some simple thing. On another hand, I believe that I could be not the only one with this issue :roll_eyes::grimacing:

Who could support this ? Ideally, even if we do screen recording, so much more noobs, like I am, could run and spread it :slight_smile:


Great idea, thanks for reaching out! Join us for live chat, here in Discord, and perhaps we can assist better there. It would be valuable to know more about your experience to design a more user-friendly walk-through :slight_smile:


Hey @boogaav, don’t ever feel bad for asking help! Our testnet wallet is probably not the most user friendly! Please hop onto our discord channel at and we can help you up and moving! Then we can use what we learn to educate the next batch of newcomers


The reason, I asked for help here is if someone else who experience similar issue could later find this thread with solution :slight_smile:

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