Nobank wallet BETA is here!

:tada: We are very happy to announce, that as of today nobank is in BETA! :tada:

We have sent out the first email with instructions and a BETA code to the first 50 people from our waitlist. And from now on, we will continually send out access codes and invite people to join the beta testing!
…there is a :gift: waiting for everyone who joins :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are not on the waitlist yet but would still like to participate in BETA? Join here!

:tv: Get a sneak peak into our product:

:bank: What is nobank?

nobank offers a non-custodial, smart wallet with advanced security & social recovery. We give the most simple, cheap and fast access to defi by leveraging the Harmony blockchain. nobank makes defi more accessible by providing a truly simple & intuitive product that everyone can use (even your mum & dad) without compromising on fundamentals of blockchain technology.

:bento: What are the features in BETA as of now?

  • Smart wallet with Google Auth recovery - multi device and on both a mobile app and a web app
  • FIAT bridge via - and we don’t charge extra fees!
  • Integration of DeFi Kingdoms, Sushiswap, Defira, Elk and Viper Swap for trade execution with the best price
  • Send & receive supported tokens
  • Find information and details about all supported assets
  • Transaction history

:toolbox: What will we add as features during BETA?

  • Integration of in app staking to validators
  • Offering our first diversifying (and non-custodial) financial products: a large cap index and a GameFi index
  • Set up friends to transact safely
  • Set up guardians for social recovery
  • and more

:hourglass: Background of nobank on Harmony:

The nobank team participated in the August 2021 Harmony Hackathon and built on top of the provided smart wallet code. We were among the winning teams (see Twitter post from Harmony) and received ~$40’000 USD in prices.
From there on, our journey never stopped and we kept building both our product as well as our start up company. In February of this year, we received a follow-on grant of ~$40’000 USD.

In March, we were able to secure our Pre-Seed funding round of $1’100’000 USD. We are a team of 6, working full time. @nobankmario, @andras_nobank, @kristina.nobank , @awakeandcurious & Raphael are based in Zurich, Switzerland, Oleh is based in Lviv, Ukraine.

:confetti_ball: You would like to support us? Join our social channels and start discussing, bringing up ideas and much more!

Our homepage:
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… and discuss with us here if you have any questions, remarks or ideas! We will keep you posted!


I love the app so much, the app is so clean and easy to use. Plus I really enjoy the no gas fee and bonuses :hugs:


First off: We are extremely happy with all the thoughtful feedback and inputs we have received from our BETA users so far. So thanks to everyone who reached out to let us know how we’re doing and what we can do to make nobank even better <3

We were also very happy to see that – while we had not put our roadmap in writing yet – many of the things we had already planned were mentioned as feature wishes. So today we finally got around to putting the roadmap on paper to share it with you.

Have a look at what’s coming next and of course: If you haven’t signed up for BETA yet, you can still do so! Join waitlist now!

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Another update from nobank:

Our chosen validators for this initial version, still in BETA testing are:
@ben2k_Stakeridoo @kratos_harmony and @eddnorris