Intercoin: a Trustless Layer 2 protocol to enable cross-chain atomic swaps and trades

Name of Project


Proposal overview

In this grant application, we are proposing to build a trustless “layer 2” protocol to enable atomic swaps and trading between Harmony ONE and a growing number of EVM-compatible networks, to include at least:

• Ethereum MainNet • Binance Smart Chain • Matic (Polygon) • xDaiChain

The layer2 protocol will be based on our existing initial work on the Intercoin EscrowContract (found at and will be deployed to all the above blockchains after passing a third-party security audit. The entire protocol, and its reference implementation, will be fully documented, and a copy of all the code will be delivered to Harmony ONE community, to be used however the community deems fit.

We will also develop a web-based “dapp” interface that will work with multiple blockchains to allow participants on Harmony ONE to trade peer-to-peer with token holders on other blockchains. It will be deployable via websites and widgets on desktop, tablets, and mobile phones. Provided that Harmony ONE supports a wallet that can sign Smart Contract transactions on the EVM, we will also begin to interface with this wallet.

Our milestones are:

Initial Protocol Specification 3 weeks
Reference Implementation with Javascript 7 weeks
Web-Based Widget Interface 8 weeks
Documentation and Code Delivery 10 weeks
Code for Basic Native App Wallet 12 weeks
Code for Basic Browser Extension 14 weeks

The goal is to onboard 15,000 users and reach $500,000 in transactions in the first 3 months after launch, and we plan to do this both through new initiatives, existing partnerships, as well as leveraging our existing user base of around 9 million people from other projects that we’ve built

Previous projects built by the team:

Existing Partnerships:

Our project currently has an investor token live on the Ethereum mainnet that we would like to bring over to Harmony as well:

Proposal ask

We are seeking $250,000 for the following uses:

Budget Breakdown: Development

1 web3 developer, at $75/hr, 40 hours per week

1 smart contract developer, at $75/hr, 40 hours per week

1 lead developer, at 75$/hr, 40 hours per week

14 weeks total, at $124,000

Budget Breakdown: Community, Marketing, and Business Development (Post Launch)

Community manager: $50,000, 30 hours/week, 52 weeks

Business developer: $50,000, 30 hours/week, 52 weeks

Budget Breakdown: Marketing/events/promotions budget (Post Launch)

10,000 AMAs/Giveaways

16,000 Bounties, Contests, and other Events

Metrics for success

The goal is to onboard 15,000 users and reach $500,000 in transactions in the first 3 months after launch

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Hey everyone, I’m working with Intercoin on developing different partnerships and ambassador programmes.

I would be glad to see our project grow with Harmony Community :smiley:.

Today we announced Intercoin’s latest strategic partnership with India Blockchain Alliance.
:white_check_mark: Under the agreement, India Blockchain Alliance will introduce Intercoin’s platform products to its members and partners in India through a team of dedicated Blockchain specialists.
This agreement adds new perspectives to India Blockchain Alliance existing strategic relationships with many prestigious academic partners, local business and governmental organisations across India.

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This proposal does not fit an Investment based on the guidelines at Apply for Grants or DAO for the following reasons:

Tokens of each investment are on-chain and semi-liquid. Harmony helps evaluate technical strengths, market potentials, and ecosystem alignment. We recommend $250K-$1M for each check at maximum $10M valuation, collaborate over events and campaigns, and rebalance portfolio quarterly to diversify.

We hope this makes sense. We look forward to assist in other capacities, with our network of partners, DAOs and communities. Thank you for choosing Harmony.