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Hi ONE team

I’m Tee from Thailand here

Currently I’m working from home and would love to make some income from participating in ONE community

I have a 3 year background in digital marketing (facebook/instagram/website) and also two years in project operations for Alibaba company. So I think it should be fairly easy for me to:
1.) create/manage a Facebook or Instagram page (and also doing ads if needed)
2.) create a Youtube channel and regularly create contents (in English or Thai)
3.) help moderate a community channel (Telegram/Discord/etc.)

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!


Thank you for the post, @tee_watthana. Have you considered possibly starting a regional DAO with mandates to help expand Harmony’s presence while educating local communities about blockchain technology?

Below is a link to the well written proposal for Africa DAO which you can use as an example of what a regional DAO looks to achieve. Take a look when you have a chance:

We soon might also be looking for ambassadors in various parts of the world to host educational meet-ups. Looking forward to your response!


Happy to support you from the Africa DAO, @tee_watthana! I know other regional DAOs will do the same if need be!

Trying to launch a DAO for Brazil as well, we have a strong community. But still not organized. Since the African DAO is already set, can I reach you @ep2338 out for advices and learning something in the process?


Of course, please also join too so that you may follow our progress. Also, the Nigeria DAO is being set-up. Since you are in the same stage, you should talk. Happy to connect you too.

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Hi there folks :wave: Glad to be here exploring the Harmony-verse. I am a part of several Daos and would love to help spread the Harmony msg. Seems like they are starting out with a focus on strong community, like where else is a love dao in the top priorities? I have just arrived and am trying to find my place. Have been a big ambassador to web 3 and spend about 24/7 in the space. Especially fond of Gitcoin, Token Engineering Commons and 1Hive.

I come from the world of aviation and policy but I have successfully transitioned my skills to the web3 world. I have run a few twitter accounts, or helped to, and 1 telegram account. Started out writing
advertising content, research and tech analysis but have moved into a more fluid independent role that permits me the freedom to follow my intuition. Much like the described work-evolution by Harmony. That is why I believe I will add value to this network.

I will be seein’ ya around the discord and the daos!

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Hi, dpagan

I’m Corley from Taiwan+HongKong.

Currently I’m working from home with my own workshop. I am harmony one holder and a developer with knowledge of php,java,c#,ios,android,swiftui,react,javsscript… …

I have more than 10 years background in programming and working experience. What sort of work can I do to participate in ONE? I missed the chance to have enough ONE to become validator but I wanna another chance to join the harmony eco.


Thank you for your excitement and enthusiasm to contribute to the growing ecosystem of Harmony! I have a few suggestions for OP @tee_watthana

1.) create/manage a Facebook or Instagram page (and also doing ads if needed)

We don’t have an official Facebook community at the moment, but you’re free and encouraged to create a community-managed Facebook group for Harmony. If you attract members and build a community, you can also look into creating a regional DAO.

2.) create a Youtube channel and regularly create contents (in English or Thai)

For YouTube content, I suggest reaching out to and working with the Creative DAO. There’s a possibility they need translations or new content in Thai. Some members include @bigwhle, @Cheeky, and @Bricktop_One. They might be able to help you on this item.

3.) help moderate a community channel (Telegram/Discord/etc.)

Moderating an official community channel would be a great way to help and temporarily falls under the Ambassador DAO (for now). Currently we have no openings for moderators but this might change in the near future. There is an unofficial community group on Telegram, Harmony ONE Thailand, which is currently seeing a lack of traffic and member participation. If you have any ideas on how to help attract members, feel free to collaborate with them here:

This is where a regional DAO can be very helpful.

I hope you find this helpful @tee_watthana

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Those tips are very usefull! I’m trying to engage with the community, specially from my country. I see it as a great and ample market waiting to be guided. I believe ONE has value and it’s heavily underpriced. So due to this, would be beneficial to start in being adopted by the masses. The Brazilian crypto community is quite small compared to the numbers that we have, 223 million inhabitant and less than 5% heard about crypto. And from those 5%, less than 30% actually used. Acording to Chainanalysis those 30% is responsible to put the Brazil in 13th Global Position in crypto adoption.

Trying to set foot in many fronts as possible to give ONE more visibility, but I see that I lack the resources needed. Our TG community has around 200+ members, I´m moderating there and trying to promote a little more engagement to the members, but feel like I´m missing the resources to do so. Otherwise the adoption will be slow paced as we´re currently observing. There´s no reddit or subreddit yet, I´m producing some youtube videos , not anything too fancy (as example Staking HarmonyOne - Guarda Wallet - YouTube), but just to start guiding on staking, and will soon produce soon education content with ONE unique features and more guides over dapps, bridge usages and etc.

That being said, I believe this is the right moment, to try to spread the word about ONE and educate people about it. Since the Harmony Ecossystem grows each day, the fees are minimal and blazing fast transactions , all of this combined is exacly what is needed, since we recently adopted a one of a kind of instant bank transfer called PIX. It vaguely ressembles as blockchain, the adoption was massive, and HarmonyOne could be benefited from this & ride the tide as well.

I´m quite curious, but still alone, have some crypto enthusiast friends as well, but I lack the information needed to create a DAO or even make a proposal to ask for funds to achieve the intended objective.

I would like to have some help in order to try to help the Harmony as whole to be the first blockchain mass adopted in Brazil.

Sources -

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hey @CryptoTech still available if need be!

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Hi! How is the best way to contact you? Already found some members to start forming our DAO. Since yours is already founded, would be nice to learn with you about the aspects needed, so we can save a big time!

I want to make some money by working. What is the best bounty for me to start getting associated with Harmony?

you some something like this and get paid?

Hello, I am from Nigeria, asking if I am not late to join the Nigeria DAO

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Still diggin around and seeing what is happening with Harmony. I had the pleasure of talking with the Harmony reps at EthDenver and learned a bit more about the network. I am a core member of Gitcoin DAO fraud detection and defense group and I am certain I would be a valuable addition to the ambassador team. I have been involved with daos for over a year now. I am also part of the token engineering commons Dao and 1Hive, where I got my start tweeting for the project.

I will keep at it until I find my place here haha. Also researching how to become a validator/ node operator for Harmony. If you have a vacancy in your team please reach out. I am a older ex-professional with a lifetime of experience and I am sure I can add value.

I will read up about the Africa Regional Dao as suggested. I’ve thought about holding neighborhood ‘crypto education sessions’ to help spread adoption.

Another idea I have is to buy a hydro-electric generating station and build a crypto mining facility. This could be a multi-dao project


Hello Dpagan,
Can you have a look at my introduction here , I will be glad if I get a feedback from harmony team. Thanks

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It would be so cool to start a DAO for UBI for new entrepreneurs getting their businesses off the ground. No proof or anything necessary, just a low amount so people can survive for the first few months getting a new company or startup off the ground.

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