Invalid contract address for bscUSDT

Hi there,

Every DEX is showing an “invalid address” message for the bscUSDT contract’s address ( HRC20 Tether USD one1n2yapcds29jqcecymhjdlzqlwwklauu6dxsryq ). Anyone knows why and how to fix this ?

You can select bscUSDT normally direct from the list, otherwise try to use the ETH format so 0x9a89d0e1b051640c6704dde4df881f73adfef39a

I was trying to use SushiSwap, but just checked and Viper is showing it, but it seems that I can’t do anything with it. Liquidity problem maybe?

Looks kind off :flushed: and yes just saw Sushi and others even don’t have it in their regular list to select

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