Lost ones wrong address

hello guys I was using metamask on harmony network i send my one tokens to my busd address by mistake. why on the explorer.harmony.one i see the transaction gone from one to one address but not the address i send it to but in my metamask i see its sent to my busd address

The wallet transaction id is the busd adress by the way?

Your busd address, i assume its on the bsc chain.

Change network to harmony and you will see your coins.

Addresses remain the same on every network but you can only see coins to the network you connect to with that address.

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I am missing funds as well. I was attempting to transfer tether USD from Metamask to Kucoin. I used a wallet address for Kucoin that I thought was their harmony blockchain address. Kucoin customer service says they cannot access the funds? Can you help me find funds please.

Hash: 0xc825daba1f175ddf09353292dfa4b0ac5c6f4ee00e72aa27c22ec38f3e7c46f6

Funds sent to: one1n9edn03hjt8lvfcw8fjleqecqz769448kwgpf7

Kucoin do not support USDT via Harmony.

Regardless, you sent the tokens to the USDT contract itself and not another address…

This means that the tokens are inside the HRC20 USDT contract.

Can they be recovered? The transaction reversed?

afraid not dude… Not unless the contract but this one does not as it is in the bridge…

yes i see that i send them to my busd address to binance but binance said they cant return my one because in my transaction they are sent from one address account to other one address but i send them to a busd address