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Name of Project

WISP Token

Proposal overview

WISP Token is a blockchain-based internet service incentive token for the future of wireless internet! Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) deliver great internet service alternatives for many underserved and rural areas, along with excellent competition and replacement of existing ‘big box’ companies. Using the latest cellular and radio technology, WISPs can provide high-speed broadband access in large areas at a fraction of the cost and with less set up time, compared with laying cable or fiber to each house; especially in remote areas. The savings can then be passed on to the clients in those communities, or countries.

However, a primary challenge for many WISPs is capital, which leads to limited access to infrastructure, limited growth, and difficulty in recruiting. Traditional lending models do not fit the needs of WISPs. Considering these problems, we proposed a new approach: incentive-based cash flow economics for WISPs leveraging blockchain technology. Using the WISP token benefits users, infrastructure providers, partners, and service providers in multiple ways.

The goal of this proposal is to integrate the WISP token incentive program into Harmony blockchain. Smart contracts will be used for internet service agreement between users and service providers and executed on Harmony. We are currently developing MVP on Rinkeby and plan on launching Harmony when the development is stable.

Through our partnership, we have over 1200 active customers (accumulated from the last 4 years) using the wireless internet service and a dozen full time people, along with another two dozen contractors, and part time people. All working on internet installation, maintenance, network design, and support. With the addition of a token reward system, we anticipate much faster growth. We plan to on board at least 2500 active users by the end of 2022. We plan to airdrop existing customers and providers tokens based on their service length. Then identify Helium miners who live in the areas we are interested in expanding the network and airdrop incentive tokens to them as well. As the users expand the network, we will put more pressure to have infrastructure providers partner with us and be on the network.

Proposal ask

50K-250K USD
Network expansion, integrate crypto reward system to existing CRM.
Hiring more developers.
community outreach.

Metrics for success

  • Integrate wallet feature to existing CRM.
  • Reward matrix contract.
  • Form DAO for potential and existing customers and let DAO decide where to expand the network.
  • On board infrastructure providers like fiber and tower providers to the WISP network.
  • Launch WISP token on exchange
  • Attract at least 5000 users to participate in the WISP network and DAO.

External links

Project website:
Project Twitter:
Founder Twitter:
Founders LinkedIn: Seth McGovern - Peachtree City, Georgia, United States | Professional Profile | LinkedIn


$50K USD investment approved for WISPToken. This project will leverage the token infrastructure of Harmony blockchain to further incentivize and decentralize the governance of the associated wireless internet service.


Thank you!
Harmony wallet address: one15re5gz2cyjn6qej5jxgkh9s7yn7kqd602j873f

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we have funded this $50k investment as part of our ethdenver project x: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


Thanks again to the Harmony Team for the $50k investment at EthDenver!

We are making an additional request for $100-200k to continue to build out our token infrastructure on the Harmony blockchain, by hiring additional developers.
We specifically have a need to establish the holding and voting of the token, for holders to establish where they would like us to build our wireless internet services.

We would also like to complete the metrics for success, we outlined previously:
Integrate wallet feature with existing CRM.
Complete the Reward matrix contract.
On board additional infrastructure providers, in the 3 new areas we are building out.
1 of these providers is interested in working with us to explore how a token incentive program may benefit their existing fiber customers!
Complete the additional programing and marketing to list WISP Token on exchanges.

Thank you!

MetaMask Public Wallet address for USDC or other stable coin grants or donations:

Thanks for the new proposal. But these are normal operations tasks on WISP’s original roadmap and are not new evidence for Harmony to invest additional money than previously agreed. So sorry, we will stay with the original investment amount of $50k.

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Thanks for your response! Understand the decision.

Thanks for the suggestion Li, here’s our deck:

Progress update:
WISP token had few iterations on product market fit after talking with potential users and investors of the platform. We pivot to tokenize infrastructure build for wireless internet service. We have been refining our tokenomics, whitepaper and website and working on a mock up application design (not public yet).
Thanks Harmony for funding us again!