Grant proposal: Bringing automated smart contract creation to Harmony with MyWish platform

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MyWish platform

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Partnership, Product Launch

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Proposal overview is the leading smart-contract generation platform where anyone can create a token without coding skills and programming qualifications. We are working to bring blockchain technology to mass adoption by facilitating technology use and application for anyone. Users can easily create a contract such as token, crowdsale, and others without writing a single line of code. MyWish automated smart contract creation allows launching any idea to the blockchain with minimal effort. Our mission is to make complicated things simple and efficient with automated contracts creation and crypto-assets management tools and assistance.

We look forward to work with Harmony increasing attractiveness for new users to enter and build their ideas on Harmony Network. Over four years of hard work, more than 29 000 smart contracts were deployed and 300 projects created a token or crowdsale using MyWish platform. From the moment of integration of the Binance Smart Chain to the MyWish platform, in total, there have been over 8 000 contracts created on BSC testnet and mainnet.

What we do:

- Automated smart contracts creation

MyWish platform allows anyone to create a smart contract without any coding. This way anyone can deploy token, crowdsale, or airdrop contracts fast, efficiently, and simply.

- Airdrop multisender service

MyWish Airdrop service allows sending tokens in batches to multiple addresses, distributing them faster, cost-efficiently, and effortlessly.

- Cross-chain solutions

MyWish Cross-chain bridges enable existing projects and tokens to become available for use in non-native blockchains and get access to bigger audiences, new trading platforms, and competitive transaction terms.

- Blockchain integrations

We extend the platform’s blockchain variability to offer our users maximum flexibility in crypto assets management. New blockchain integrations attract more users and projects to the blockchains by simple and efficient entrance processes.

MyWish team managed to outline the best industry and platform operation practices for four years of market presence. We constantly update and optimize the contracts and services to provide our customers with the most efficient asset management tools. Our award-winning team of developers has proved their proficiency by passing CertiK audits and winning numerous grants such as TRON accelerator-WINNERS, WAVES Blockchain grant-WINNERS, Neo blockchain improvements.

What we request:

We are requesting $50K funding along with the integration of Harmony into MyWish platform. We also look for support in sharing and promoting the collaboration through the Harmony community on social media.

Proposal ask

50К $

Our milestones

  1. Weeks 1-3: Automated token contract creation on Harmony complete and deployed onto testnet
  2. Weeks 3-5: Give beta access to Harmony community to test and give feedback
  3. Weeks: 5-6: Deploy to mainnet
  4. First month after launch: 250 contracts deployed on Harmony Network
  5. Second month: 500 contracts deployed on Harmony Network using MyWish platform

Metrics for success

10 000 token contracts deployed on Harmony network in first 5 months.

External links

MyWish platform:
MyWish Twitter account:


Great Proposal, I am looking to create a token an Harmony. When will you go live?
Will that only include token contract? I am also looking for a crowdsale.


The more we can lower the barrier of entry the better. It would also be nice to see a BSC type of scene on harmony for the degens out there and of course NFT.


More blockchains on the MyWish platform!


Looking forward to integration!

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Wow, that’s great! I’m confident in the success of this platform.


Awesome! MyWish + Harmony = :heart:

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@mas_lina This is a really interesting concept. Some questions:

  • Can you name some of the tokens that have been launched on the My Wish platform that are popular and still in use? (name up to 10, and on which chain)
  • Have you received a grant or investments from other sources?
  • How is the team make up, in terms of the team size, roles and experience levels?

Really appreciate your time in putting this proposal together. We’re pretty close to approving this proposal.

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Hi! Thank you for your feedback and the questions!

  1. Let me list the tokens created with MyWish smart contract generator.
    • Quarashi (QUA), launched on Ethereum: Quarashi Network: QUA Token | 0x0aff88b4cf3015c9c17f1da1fccb88c632f3505e. Our team has also developed a cross-chain bridge and made a wrapped token on Binance Smart Chain for Quarashi: Contract Address 0x7c0DCE613443a493d69Df8AA7623486602e63B65 | BscScan
    • Carnomaly (CARR), launched on Ethereum: Token Tracker | Etherscan 0x884ddbb5dc6c2cef77d3e74c6ccca315797d655b
    • Sharpay, launched on Ethereum: $0.0002 | Sharpay (S) Token Tracker | Etherscan
    • The Luxury Coin, launched on Binance Smart Chain: The Luxury Coin (TLB) Token Tracker | BscScan
    • ENVFinanceToken, launched on Binance Smart Chain: Contract Address 0x4d2b1966f347e48b2d247f684d7677854083e4ab | BscScan
    • Propel, launched on Binance Smart Chain: 0x9b44df3318972be845d83f961735609137c4c23c
    • Binance Smart Chain Girl, launched on Binance Smart Chain: Binance Smart Chain Girl (BSCGIRL) Token Tracker | BscScan
    • Upper, launched on TRON: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
    • WrappedConceal, launched on Polygon: WrappedConceal (wCCX) Token Tracker | PolygonScan
    • Kommunitas, launched on Polygon: Kommunitas (KOM) Token Tracker | PolygonScan

  2. Apart from the crowdsale we had in 2017 launching the product, MyWish managed to receive grants from other blockchains with automated smart contract creation. No code solution for token generation is one of the most attractive products of MyWish platform. It’s a great way to bring new users and projects to the growing blockchain as a foundation of ecosystem development.
    MyWish has won such grants as Tron accelerator, Waves grant, Moonbeam, Polygon, and Neo.

  3. Our team is a part of the entity with over 100 employees, mostly the developers in customized blockchain solutions for business. MyWish has its crew working only on the platform development. In our team, we have a CEO/Founder ( Crypto enthusiast and serial entrepreneur, Vladimir has over 10 years of experience leading IT businesses. Former Product Manager in Motorola Soluitons (for 7 years). Vladimir is a founder of DDG - software development center with 50 employees. Ph.D in Computer Science), General Manager, Marketing specialist, 2 Backend developers, 2 frontend developers, 2 QA, and 2 support team members.

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Visiting your website and playing around with your tools, the whole experience feels quite mature.

On the harmony blockchain there are already token generators like Token Jenny and, that allow for creating basic HRC20 tokens (with less features than your platform does). However those services are fully decentralized and pretty much free of charge:

  1. What sets you apart from those solutions?

  2. A generated token on your platform costs 4k $ on Ethereum and 300$ on Polygon. Do you provide any additional service for those fees?

  3. Did your contracts had a third party audit?

  4. Your platform doesn’t seem dezentralized: What would happen if you decide to close down business?

  1. MyWish platform has been on the market for 4 years building many solid partnerships with some major representatives of the industry and creating an extensive customer base. Today, more than 30,000 people trusted MyWish for their asset’s creation. MyWish platform is also proud of its award-winning development team working on the project and constantly updating the services. The platform offers not only an automated token creation service but full technical support and guides on how to utilize blockchains and explorers. MyWish also provides many additional services such as airdrop, crowsale, or Cross-Chain Bridges development. There’s also an option of free token creation in Testnet, so the users can try the smart contract creation service as many times as they want. Additionally, MyWish users can create a token with advanced functionality: auto liquidity pool, token burn, and more!
  2. The cost for token creation on the Ethereum blockchain is $1700 and depends on the gas price. The fee includes not only token deployment but the support and guides about the further use of the created token.
  3. MyWish contracts have a third-party audit. There has not been a single hack during the entire operation of the platform.
  4. Being present on the market for 4 years MyWish platform has gained trust from more than 42,000 users and such big market players as Binanse Smart Chain, Polygon, Neo, and others. We managed to get through 2017’s ICO Boom, outlasted the difficult year for the crypto industry in 2018, and took out the best business practices to become a self-sufficient income-generating platform. Our business model allows us to be flexible in the constantly changing industry and continue the continue to develop the platform adding new services to our portfolio.
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@mas_lina Thank you for your diligent and detailed replies.

What’s the estimate fee for Harmonauts to launch tokens on MyWish?

MyWish team would like to do a promo campaign of the Harmony integration and giveaway 50 promo codes for free token creation in Harmony Mainnet. Later creating the token contract in Mainnet will cost $100-150. The creation in Testnet will be free. The fee will cover the user support, maintenance, and adaptation of the network’s updates.

  • In addition to what was said above, the platform allows you to create a token from scratch, set the customizable parameters for your smart contract, and deploy it right from the browser. We also offer customer support throughout the token creation process, as well as after the deployment. There are some additional options available for the cotton contract such as automatic verification, white label and branded report.
  • Having had a long experience of market presence, MyWish gained an extensive base of different blockchains’ users and integrated many networks. integration if Harmony will allow it to attract the audience of other blockchains and increase the awareness and get exposure to the 40 000 MyWish users.
  • MyWish proposes not only zero coding solutions for token creation but also many tools for crypto assets management such as airdrop, crowsale, Cross-Chain Bridges development, and more.

@mas_lina Thank you for choosing to propose for a grant here at Harmony. We’re unable to approve this proposal as we have other platforms which can allow one to create tokens for free and charging just the transaction fee. We look forth to MyWish’s continued growth and success.