Soooo I'm not a Developer

Sooo I’m not a developer or a coder.

I have noticed though that because sooo many of you are sooo much smarter than me and understand the technical language way better than I do, sometimes what is hard to do is to simplify the message.

I’ve done sales for 15 years, spoken on stage many times, and I have worked on explaining any message I understand to where a 7 year old understand this.

This is hardly a resume, but with getting the world more involved into the space, does anyone see these type of skills just as valuable?


I think DAO’S require all kinds of skill sets. Our entrepreneurship abilities go a long ways in helping pioneer the future in the crypto space!:100::partying_face::pray::facepunch::dart::raised_hands::innocent:


Well just crypto in general in this case right? The community is still very small.

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But someone told me build Dao’s and they will come… :facepunch::pray::partying_face::100:


Being a good seller is the most important skill a lot of developers lack. The community is small but very active, which is why I like Harmony.


I’ve been doing sales for over 15 years. I’m pretty good at it. Why hasn’t this been stressed out yet? Is it due to the demand there is within the ecosystem? Too much demand, not enough supply?

Harmony needs developers the most, to create apps that use the blockchain. They have 4 shards but if they are mining empty blocks, what is the point?
I think there are still not enough devs here.
so yeah too much demand, not enough supply.

For big projects to succeed, they need the collaboration of sellers and developers and designers.
Everyone needs to find his niche and collaborate, just like everywhere else.

I’m a dev, specializing in contracts, I can bang out full stack projects faster than I can ask grants for it. Do they sell? Some… eventually… I hope so. My marketing strategies are all software oriented, I can code a twitter bot to airdrop tokens to twitter users to get them to sign up or use reddit, discord or I just pay for ads on youtube.

Would I be able to sell face to face the traditional way or really just focus on selling instead of coding? no, it’s not what I do, I try to code my marketing, even tho I should be doing things that don’t scale.

I think if you are a good seller, you should have the upper hand, because you should be able to sell a project before it was built and get investments and hire a dev after, while I always do the opposite and build everything first.

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Oh Soooooo I need to achieve 1000 users for this Harmony Pay - Stage 2 Integrations & growth - #22 by drspinosa - Funding Proposals - Harmony Community Forum

Not finished the tech bit but I believe very close .

Keep in touch or follow the chat on Telegram and the call for sales will be announced :sunglasses:

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Well, here’s the question for thought:

Who simplifies the product and attracts the majority of the market? Sales.
People in the industry still speak with a lot of jargon, and people are still confused in many cases. I understand the need for developers, coders, etc, but sales is what gets a company from $1M to $1B. Definitely in traditional finance compared to crypto, its probably still 100:1.

Sales is something as simple as a reference. “What soap do you use?” I’ve sold A LOT over the phone, and text. With 8 billion people in the world, to get the whole word within the network effect, will require people in sales who can explain the problem very simple. Average reading level in the USA is 14.

Definitely, all of the backend stuff is critical in order to provide foundation and structure for the norm to get involved in 10 years in a very regulated crypto world by then, but I guess my question is, how do you make it happen faster?

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I agree with you.
Developers tend to over complicate things, my girlfriend after many years still cannot open metamask.
A lot of things built by developers are for developers.

Crypto is very similar to traditional finance and will become completely part of it, but not everybody can hodl through a 60% drop, so getting the whole world within network effect is not easy.

In my opinion, it’s not the finance aspects of crypto that will be most used in the world, but the identity but it’s in the hands of governments to use it.

For example, the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure will allow people to create and control their own identity documents across borders. That is something everybody will be able to use, in the EU.

But going back to selling, I think it’s all about collaboration between people who create the product, the sellers and the consumers and like drspinosa mentioned, we commit to grow a product to 1000 and then to 10k users, so after the devs prototype a product and then finish the techical stuff, they will all need to turn into salesman and keep doing things that don’t scale, until eventually the project takes off.


I agree with the general concesus of what was just said. But at the end of the day we are all on the SAME team. GO humans! And harmony!

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There’s a place for people with all sorts of skillsets in this space. The techies and coders are only a small facet of the equation. We need product designers, UX designers, graphic designers, content creators, public ambassadors, sales people, managers, operationalists, and much much more.

This is what I love about working in Web3!


I agree! There is a huge need for marketing pros in Web3

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Believe it or not you’re ahead of your time.

Devs are busy being Devs

And as you can see there’s no shortage of organizations that have their own idea and want their own money to proceed with

Where you located,. And what kind of sm followings do you have

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We have a makerspace for digital and physical and nft creations. As well as teach the fundamentals of using real world assets as nfts to stake and generate passive incomes as well as loans

All this under One roof

Right now we’re very busy in one location and we are not trying to put a team together with zoom

However if you do happen to be in the northern California area and you can make it to Truckee California

We will bore you with the details

Good luck out there

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