Calling all developers. Help wanted!

Today we are starting a new initiative to help improve and scale our docs and tutorials in preparation for the Harmony Hackathon.

To provide the right tools and tutorials, we are asking the existing developer community to assist with the creation of new resources to help onboard new developers. Of course, we deeply appreciate your assistance and will therefore provide compensation for your efforts.

We have divided the tasks into 2 categories: Documentation/tutorials and DApp scaffolds and code samples. Here are the two pages you can review.

Docs and tutorials

Hackathon app samples


  1. Review and find the issues that interest you.

  2. Comment stating your interest. We will then assign it to you and you can begin the work.

  3. Once you’re done, send us a PR and make sure to include your one1... wallet address so we can pay you the reward amount upon approval.


How do I get started?

Once you’ve found the task, comment on the issue in Github expressing your interest. Wait for us to officially assign it to you. Read the instructions in the issue description carefully to understand the requirements. Then fork the project (if applicable), make your changes, and send us a pull request.

An item I’m interested in is taken by someone else, can I also work on it?

For code samples, more than one person can apply. The more app samples the better! For documentation pages only one person can work on it at a time.

How will the compensation work? How much are you going to pay me?

Every issue will have a reward amount. As part of your PR, include your ONE wallet address in the PR description. Once the PR is reviewed and merged, we will send the payment to your wallet.

I’m not a developer but I want to help! How?

If you think of anything else that would be good to have in our docs, feel free to create an issue for it. They don’t all have to be code-related. You can definitely include general tutorials and how-tos for users also. We will review and assign a reward amount.

Can I make video tutorials?

1000% - Video tutorials like the ones from DApp University would be fantastic. Make an issue in Github so we can review, set the reward amount, and assign it to you accordingly.

Will there be more issues added?

Definitely. Make sure to check back frequently as we will be adding more tasks for you to work on.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


So stoked for this! Good incentive, this hackathon is a great place to push forward learning and help the community.

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This is a great incentive for builders and creatives alike! If I think of anything I will update here first :coffee: and brainstorm what we need to iterate :thinking:

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