Kanga - End of Hackathon Checkin

> Team name

> Chosen hackathon track/s - We have submitted for the following


  • Hashkey
    • Submitted work on cross-chain interoperability - JUMP

We will continue to work with Harmony on our Launch Plan and other features
We hope to partner with Harmony, Terra and Chainlink on the following moving forward

> What did you work on this week?

This week was focused on getting working versions of the one-wallet integration and jump-api using harmony’s bridge-sdk.

We also spent time preparing videos, test data and submitting work.

We also created an extensive test suite

> What are you hoping to complete by next week?
We now move into preparation for our launch including

  • Tokenomics and Dao strategy
  • Funding goals - including bounties and launch incentives.
  • Adoption Strategy
  • Finalization of Codebase
  • Code Reviews
  • Launch Execution

> Are you blocked by anything?

  • We will work with the Harmony team on bridge-sdk and one-wallet-connectors to complete our jump and one-wallet functionality.

> How can Harmony core team help?
We would like to have a 30 minute Launch Strategy Review session with Sahil and Peter agenda would include

  • Kanga-Harmony Product Fit and Roadmap Review
  • Launch Process Review - Kanga Launch, Tokenomics, Adoption Strategy, Launch Operations, Marketing
  • Liquidity Strategy - Incentives and identification of strategic liquidity providers
  • Funding Strategy - $50k Launch Funding, Hackathon Prizes, Bounties, Optional Investor Funding


go for quadratic matching on dorahacks. looking good!

We now have end to end working for the JUMP api.
Thanks to the harmony team for fixing the binance bridge last night.
End to end demo is here Kanga Finance Jump Preview for the Harmony ONE Hackathon - YouTube
Also https://one-jump.kanga.finance
Public Github repositories are here including

  • kanga - Kanga Core Smart Contracts
  • kanga-sdk - Kanga’s SDK
  • kanga-interface - Kangas Frontend
  • jump-api - Jump API for flashing assets across chains or into kanga liquidity pools on Harmony
  • one-wallet - Working version of using kanga liquidity pools for swaps.

NPM modules are here - which includes many packages for the management of tokens and also the kanga-sdk

Thanks again to Harmony for hosting this event.

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