ExchaingeDAO- Check in

> Team name

> Chosen hackathon track/s
Track 3: Cross-Chain - “DeFi/NFT/DAO” (with focus on DeFi)

> What did you work on this week?
Created token faucet dapp and understanding how it works.
How to do Solidity testing with Truffle.
Understand how the terra-bridge works.

> What are you hoping to complete by next week?
Deep dive through Harmony developer docs
UI: wireframe
Frontend: wallet connectivity
Backend: figure out how to pass mirror finance tokens into harmony.

> Are you blocked by anything?
Low participation. Cross timezone collaboration. 1/2 team Singapore. Other half California. Lack experience and understanding. 75% team new to blockchain/Solidity/Harmony. The one guy who knows it all has work commitments.

> How can Harmony core team help?
The frontend and backend developers are two of the junior team members. We have the general idea of what we want to build. But we do not know where to focus our attention and need more guidance. Someone to point us in the right direction on where to focus efforts would be great.

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@sianjon if you have a chat group, like on Telegram, feel free to add any one of us in the Harmony team. we can help. Also checkout https://cryptozombies.io as it’s one quick way to ramp up to Solidity (and it’s fun too!). If you don’t mind, add me in (same @ Jacksteroo handle on TG) since I’m on the same timezone the half the team.