Kenya Harmony DAO

Nice one! Thanks for the speedy update, @George

I will review this today and you can expect a response tomorrow.


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Hello, @George!

Excited to keep this proposal progressing towards a DAO bootstrap fund approval. Thanks for updating governors bio’s with links! Well-educated group and nice to see some familiar faces :slight_smile:.

It appears the 3 mandates for Kenya Harmony DAO are:

Harmony on Wheels (Community Creation)
Developer Trainings and Policy Lobbying (Bridging the gap of WEB2 TO WEB3)
Translate Harmony Website to Swahili (Bringing Harmony Closer Home)

Harmony on Wheels (Community Creation) is a wonderful goal. And a suitable mandate for what the DAO hopes to accomplish. I would ask that you summarize the paragraph underneath that particular mandate into 2 subclauses. The 3 mandates for a DAO should be able to fit within a tweet.

Developer Trainings and Policy Lobbying (Bridging the gap of Web2 to Web3). Harmony does not participate in lobbying. It is something we can not fund. Please consider removing the “lobbying” from your budget. And consolidate this particular mandate into two subclauses that relate to the goal.

Translate Harmony Website to Swahili (Bringing Harmony Closer Home). This is more of a deliverable than a mandate. Translation. Consider a different mandate, separate from Community Creation, that focuses on Bringing Harmony Closer Home.

I would like to reference the metrics again:

  1. Is it possible to refine your metrics to be more quantitive rather than qualitative? For instance:
  1. Be the foundation of Kenya communities DAO.
  • How exactly will Kenya Harmony DAO go about achieving this? And in regards to Kenyan communities, would it be possible for the Kenya Harmony DAO and the Kenya Harmony Gender DAO to combine forces?

Particularly, in regards to this specific metric:

  1. Participate in the annual AGM for Blockchain association of Kenya and sponsor some of the monthly events by the association.

Participating in the annual AGM for Blockchain is a lovely deliverable. The metric of success would be something like, signing up 1,000 people for the 1wallet while the DAO is in attendance. Consider defining the metrics a little more.

Considering the budget, while Harmony is still giving out the DAO bootstrapping funds we do not fund lobbying and we do not fund travel expenses. Once a DAO has found the path to self-sustainability, then the treasury management is entirely up to the governors and their respective communities.

To sum it up:

  1. Consolidate and refine the mandates.
  2. Define the metrics
  3. Adjust the budget

Bullish on getting this across the line with the Kenya DAO governors. Thanks for all of your patience and understanding.

Thanks @frwrdslosh for the prompt feedback and input on the Kenya Harmony DAO, we have done accordingly and updated proposal. Kindly have a look at the items below:

Refined Mandates:

  1. Harmony on Wheels - Grow the Harmony community by 2,000 Through Meetups.
  2. Developer Trainings and Hackthons; Collaborate with Coding schools on Dev’s trainings and Hackerthons.
  3. Engagement: Use Educational institutions to promote Harmony learning as a Gateway with demonstration of Ecosystem dAPPS, growth potential through events, developer outreach and hackathons.
  4. Diversity: Translate the Harmony.One site to Swahili and create awareness on communities and regions that speak Swahili


  1. Work together with Kenya Gender DAO to grow the community to 2,000 Members
  2. Translate the Harmony.One to Swahili
  3. Collaborate with coding schools to reach more than 100 Developers in training and Hackathons.
  4. Participate in the Blockchain Events in the East African Region with the goal of getting a 100 Sign Ups per event.
  5. Combine forces with Kenya Gender DAO on training and hosting MeetUps for Women Software Developers.


  1. $10k for host 5 meetups for 50 people each
  2. $10k for partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers.
  3. $10k for translating
  4. $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region.
  5. $10k for growing a public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter and Telegram.

A Quick Update, Mary Maina will be joining the Kenya Harmony DAO as a Governor. She is an excellent community manager and shall see the success of this and the set Mandates. From here on, she takes over. @MaryMaina4084

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Thank you @George. Excited to join The Kenya Harmony DAO.
Looking forward to contributing and working together with all of you to enable the perpetual growth of the community.

Hello, again @George! :laughing:

Thank you so much for working with us to approve this DAO bootstrap grant proposal. Harmony wants nothing but the best for DAO’s forming on Harmony.

I think the best path to approving this proposal would be to start the Kenya Harmony DAO as a Regional DAO. If you take a look at the Regional DAO guidelines, here, your budget is aligned with the deliverables and metrics to be approved.

We would like to conditionally approve this DAO proposal, as long as certain criteria is met and agreed upon by current Kenya DAO governors. This criteria is:

  1. Modifying Mandates
  1. Current Kenya DAO governors agree to beginning as a Regional DAO (based on guidelines linked above) with a plan to expand in the future. Reminder of the Regional DAO deliverables:
  1. $10k for host 5 meetups for 50 people each
  2. $10k for partnering with a regional hackathon of 100 developers.
  3. $10k for translating
  4. $10k for sourcing 5 approved grantees from that language or region.
  5. $10k for growing a public community to 1,000 active members on Twitter and Telegram.

Upon each completed milestone, the Kenya Harmony DAO will submit an invoice to Harmony to receive funds to their multisig wallet. How governors decide to pay out the funds is up to the community and the current governors of the DAO.

Thank you so much for your passion and patience. Looking forward to your thoughts.

@giv @Sam

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going the way ‘harmony regional daos’ looks really wise if we’re going to concentrate our attention to a certain locality/region/country

Thanks, @frwrdslosh, and you’re quite precise on this. As Governors, we view this as the best direction. A Regional DAO following the set Mandates with an aim to achieve the Set Metrics. Once Again, grateful for giving the Kenyan Community this Chance. We’re optimistic that all will turn out well.


Hello Team, a quick update. Due to my current commitments and responsibilities I may not be able to give quality time and output to the Kenya DAO. It’s on this note I wish to step down as a Governor. As mentioned previously @ MaryMaina4084 Will lead the way as the Main Governor helped by the othe Gov’s. Elated that this will grow to greater heights.

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hey mary, lets work to get those alignments in place! we are almost there!


Sure. Excited to structure the alignments.


Hello Mary, any news here? I think it could make sense you talk to Harmony Swahili Translation and Repository (Swahili Blockchainopedia) DAO - #9 by Sam… and Daniel is outstanding!

There is some considerable overlap, and many ways to collaborate, if not to merge!


hello @ep2338 can we have an AMA in kenya harmony Dao and get to talk to all the governors, this Dao is very important for the community

you guys are almost there!!

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@MaryMaina4084 let us know please!

@ep2338 Looking into this and once arrangements have been made, we can have the AMA session.

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Hello, Kenya DAO!

Wondering what stage you are all at? @MaryMaina4084

The translation of open. harmony. one site to Kiswahili is still work in progress.
Also, we’ve been consulting with the Kiswahili experts to get the best translation,
We are looking forward to having the documentation ready very soon.

Can you please confirm who the initial 9 multisig signers of the Kenya DAO are?


Happy to do that

  1. Kelvin
  2. Mary Maina
  3. Gladys Waceke
  4. Caleb Njoroge
  5. Yvonne Kagondu
  6. Fatma Abdul
  7. Pascal
  8. Mireia
  9. Eduard