Proposal overview

Within many communities in Brazil where people live with income less than $250 US dollars per month there is tremendous potential for blockchain, Web3 and Defi to make life changing impacts. We at KREADIVE DAO want to be the catalyst for onboarding and empowering people to have the same opportunities as well as allowing artists to create and do what they love.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Bring awareness and local resources to underprivileged / unknown tribes and/or communities in LATAM through the eyes of our photojournalists.
Introduce / onboard disadvantaged groups into Web3.
Advance economic inclusion through blockchain in LATAM.

Why are we choosing a DAO to structure this organization?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are emerging to be the preferred organizational type for Web3 / blockchain projects. We have chosen this to help grow the awareness of our mission globally and have it become part of the educational process for local communities we assist through our programs.
Each NFT sold through any KREADIVE DAO photojournalism project will allow the holder to be a support member of our DAO.


CONNECT - Artists/photojournalists will connect and merge themselves with communities and causes in LATAM and the world and document them just as they are. Through our images we will open a window for the world to also connect with these communities.

EDUCATE - Teach and onboard small businesses / local communities into web 3 with the help of partner DAOs specialized on this.

EVOLVE - Help communities evolve and grow financially to improve their lives.

INSPIRE - We hope that our work inspires others and builds bridges between communities, cultures and countries bringing us together as ONE.


To make a positive impact to economically distressed local communities in Latin America through photojournalism projects. Artists will show us through their eyes how other cultures, communities live, interact, work, celebrate, create… opening a window and getting us closer to understanding one another. This will create a bridge between worlds that otherwise we wouldn’t have access to. Join our journey.

Main Objectives

We will create different photojournalist series / collections focusing on specific locations in LATAM.
We will connect the communities that have access to technology with education DAOs to onboard them to Web3 and allow them build a new source of income. Communities that lack electricity and / or technology will receive support in the ways they need it the most such as food, health, education partnering with local non profit organizations that already exist in the ground.

Funds will be split into establishment, legal, marketing, research and equipment.

Multisig Wallet: 0x0538715e65581242ee7eAb6B3F26321F38BaADd5

Governors / Founding Team

William Caldeira Brazilian Artist / Photographer and Designer located in Jardim Marilândia, Vila Velha - ES, with experience in communications and documentary filmmaking
Believes that it could be a catalyst for positive change in Brazilian local communities

Aminta Paiz Guatemalan Creative Director / Visual Artist and Mental Health Advocate based in Miami. In addition to her visual arts skills, she brings experience with management of creative teams and working in DAOs.

Craig Holmberg American Web3 / Blockchain technologist from Brooklyn, based in Miami. Brings also extensive experience in DAO governance / treasury / compensation models.
there in your team?]

Proposal ask


Starting Cost
1 Branding
Brand Identity Design $ 200
Social Media Management $ 2000 Year
Website Hosting / Domain $ 150 Year
Web Design $ 1000
2 Legal Consultation Fees
Legal Advisor $1000
3 Core Team $ 1200 $400 e/a
4 Tools / Equipment
Admin computer $ 850
Editing computer $1000
Camera / lens $2,000
Software/ DAO tools $ 600
Total Grants Requested $10,000

Metrics for success


(Q1) Success metrics

  • Identify 3 governors
  • Create multisig wallet
  • Design brand identity
  • Create telegram for DAO communications
  • Create a twitter account for Kreadive DAO
  • Create an Instagram account
  • Design brand identity
  • Market / promote our first NFT launch “A Cara do Rio” A cara do Rio Archives - MAD | NFT
  • Connect our beneficiary from “A Cara do Rio” with a Web3 education / onboard program so we can transfer 60% of the sales to their account

(Q2) Success metrics

  • Launch our Website
  • Identify additional contributors
  • Research communities in LATAM to visit and document
  • Get in touch with non profit organizations and learn about their experience and impact in their communities
  • Set up a budget and plan for our next photojournalism project

(Q3) Success metrics

  • Document 2 communities and launch their respective NFT collections
  • Create a video about each community we visit
  • Create a dedicated article on our website about each NFT drop

Partner DAOs

  • Blu3 DAO
  • Blu3 LATAM DAO
  • Black Leaders DAO
  • Cryptolingo DAO
  • Blockchain Press Club
  • Blockchain in the Classroom DAO

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Love this !! Aminta and William are super artists and photographers and I can’t wait to see where this takes us!

I approve - Project Y.

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I approve this as a part of Harmony Y projects, congratulations!!!


One of the greatest social photographers of our time. The work of William and Aminta have the power of evoking emotions through the art of photography.


Looks good! Spanish DAO would love to give you our support!

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Thanks for everything! :smiling_face_with_tear:

What an honor! We at kreative appreciate your support!

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This is a very gifted team of photographers. Looking forward to the future you’ll bring through your lens. Congratulations!

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Kreadiv DAO will open so many doors in Jardim Marilândia!!!

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