Korii DAO - Accelerating the NFT Renaissance

Name of Project

korii DAO

Application Type

NFT DAO Creative Agency

Proposal Overview

A web3 creative agency governed by a community of multifaceted creative entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help build and launch NFT collections, P2E games and other web3 creative projects through storytelling, community engagement and organic following. korii DAO will be the trusted partner for any DAO to issue custom DAO NFTs for their members to strengthen their community and establish and foster their DAO identity. We aim to achieve this through leveraging our unique backgrounds in technology, arts, psychology and product design. By incubating, sponsoring and promoting projects, we enable creators and brands to enter the web3 space and thrive.

korii DAO Vision

The long term vision for korii DAO is to become the leading go-to place for creators and DAOs to launch an NFT project. We aim to accelerate the crypto renaissance by connecting DAOs with artists and creators. The following list gives an insight on approaches and considerations for future developments:

  • Venture Resources - Revenue will fund a liquidity pool for web3 creators
  • NFT infrastructure tools - Tools to facilitate trust in NFT utilities
  • Community - Build a community platform to connect creators and brands
  • DAO culture development - Consultation for DAOs on developing culture and identity

Manifesto: All projects must have a tangible and effective real world impact. The sustainability of creative projects in web3 depends on targeted outcomes that result in positive social, environmental, and community effects. This can be achieved in a variety of ways including:

  • NFT utilities that effect positive real world change
  • incorporating royalty structures that directly benefit charitable organizations
  • funding the creation of new specialized DAOs from individual projects to achieve a specific real-world goal

Obstacles Creators Face

1. Knowledge Deficiency

People are generally uninformed and lost when seeking guidance about entering and thriving in the web3 space. This is compounded by the considerable technical knowledge required to get started. A major barrier for individuals entering web3 is navigating the specialized and often technical terminology. In addition to this, web3 has unique trends and culture that can be difficult for newcomers to easily grasp.

2. Struggling Artist Syndrome

Developing artists and brands are often financially limited with marketing and promotion. These groups generally do not have a large, if any, budget for marketing and promotion. There are entry costs associated with producing content in web3 and general online promotion. These costs include:

  • NFT/Token Minting costs
  • Social Media ad promotion
  • Web page hosting
  • Market research

3. No Sense of Belonging

Even after establishing relationships with other promoters and creative agencies, creators still feel disconnected and removed from the resulting work that they have created. Traditionally, creative agencies enjoy the exclusive benefits of the creator output while leaving creators empty and hollow after the project is concluded.

4. Trust

Creators have a difficult time understanding who to trust in general. One of a creator’s worst fears is being scammed or exploited for their work and there are limited ways that exist currently to validate the intentions of those who offer help. Creators can seek feedback from others, however meaningful interaction between creators who do not know each other can be awkward and slow.

Obstacles DAOs, Influencers, and Brands Face

1. Member Cohesion

Due to the open nature of DAOs and countless opportunities in the web3 space, DAOs need to create strong community cohesion to keep their members engaged. Therefore, DAOs need to create a sense of belonging to keep members active in their DAO. PFP NFT collections are a great way to express community and status within a DAO. korii DAO helps other DAOs to develop strategies and create artifacts to create a strong and resilient community.

2. Finding and Creating DAO Identity

Like in the web2 world, brand identity, or now “DAO identity” is important to differentiate itself from other stakeholders in the space. With our network of creatives and artists, korii DAO supports DAOs in finding and creating their individual identity.

3. Transaction Costs

Browsing through social media/internet to find the matching artists, contacting them, onboarding, negotiating and managing a creative project can be very time intensive. korii DAO allows other DAOs and brands to focus on their mandate, while we are doing the heavy lifting for their creative project. By reducing the transaction costs for both DAOs and artists, korii DAO aims to accelerate the adoption of web3.

Solutions & Process

1. Consult

Offer consultation to creators on web3 industry trends to build their awareness of the space. We will use our creative resources to craft the best stories, utility and vision for each project.

2. Streamline their Process

We break our process down into 3 phases:

  1. Discovery | Understand and collaborate on the design story. Articulate the mission and value this art brings to the community.
  2. Design | Create branding materials and assets to bring the collection to life. Develop and finalize the look for the NFT collection.
  3. Execution | Launch website, generate, and mint NFTs. Engage the community with social strategy.

Our formula allows for a structure where our creators can easily engage in the w3b NFT space. By streamlining and validating the creators’ vision, we create a safe project space for development and production to be more efficient.

For the onboarding process and formula see korii DAO Onboarding Process

3. Form a space for community

Artists who work with us are automatically connected to the korii DAO network that includes other creators, brands, and developers. Each of our projects has its own community, which all have the ability to overlap with each other. We foster the growth of these communities and encourage individuals to connect and collaborate with each other. This helps to cultivate a stronger and richer network of creatives.

4. DAO for DAOs

korii DAO will also serve to provide community engagement consulting and branding services for other DAOs in the web3 ecosystem, such as other DAOs on the Harmony platform. We will be uniquely positioned to offer creative services to help enrich DAOs and their branding, relieving them of these tasks so they can focus on their individualized goals. This will also help to build our presence in the space and strengthen our relationships across the web3 ecosystem.

As mentioned above, korii DAO will support DAOs to create, establish and foster their individual DAO identities to thrive in the space.


Educate to empower
Throughout the design and creation phases, we will be educating the creators to encourage them to be successful. The result of education is creative empowerment and confidence which ultimately leads to more production and engagement in the space.

Scale to sustain
We are building a lean process of onboarding creators efficiently and smoothly. This process is transparent, repeatable and therefore scalable which will help us to reach more creators and help korii DAO to be sustained well into the future.

Transparency to yield trust
In traditional creative agencies, information about creators’ projects are tucked under the umbrella of an agency name. With korii DAO we promote and bring forth the creator first by their branding on project materials. Our ‘Open Window’ policy allows for interested creators to listen in on our project discussions to get a preview on what it’s like to work with us.


To implement these goals, korii DAO is planning hands-on activities, onboarding and community building, while providing training for creators in web3.

Client-facing korii DAO responsibilities and deliverables include:

  • Story development/art direction
  • Tokenomics design
  • Creation of an online marketplace
  • Market economy structuring (P2E games)
  • Social media management, community development

Internal korii DAO activities include:

  1. NFT Research Paper | NFTs come in many forms and shapes. Some are static, some are dynamic, some are factionalized, some can be sold into a bonding curve, some have metadata on-chain some don’t, the design space is endless. korii DAO will launch a research initiative to stay ahead of the curve and to provide our partners with cutting edge technology and mechanism design. Further, after cultivating and launching various NFT projects, we will have access to data around metrics and processes during the development process. We intend to analyze this information to reveal insights on effective NFT marketing and development mechanisms to further improve our process. This paper has the potential to impact and establish industry standards for the NFT trade.
  2. Project ‘Open Window’ Policy | Discussions with the community about current projects and activities through voice-enabled Discord channel. Active clients and partners would be able to contribute and speak while other members would have listening privileges to see how the sausage is made. These discussions will be available for all creator members, potential partners and others by invite, to show transparency and build trust across our ecosystem.
  3. Meet and Greets | Regular virtual and in-person meeting events will help to cultivate the community across korii DAO creators and interested partners. We intend to host events to give creators, brands and other interested partners a space to make introductions and develop their relationships. These events will allow members from all our projects to socialize with one another and share ideas on other projects, industry trends and more, all contributing to the korii community.
  4. Conference Participation | Staying updated on web3 trends and updates requires active engagement in related industry conferences. These conferences are absolutely critical for building meaningful connections and learning about trends and current issues. korii DAO would continue to expand its presence through table/booth representation at conferences and guest talks by governors. The following conferences planned for 2022 attract global degen audiences and we intend to represent korii DAO:
  • SXSW - March 11-20, Austin, TX
  • Crypto Week 2022 - April 6–9, Miami, FL
  • Paris NFT DAY and Blockchain Week - April 12-14, Paris, France
  • Coachella - April 15-17; 22-24, Indio, CA
  • Consensus - June 9-12, Austin, TX
  • Art Basel - June 16-19, Basel, Switzerland
  • Blockchain Expo - September 20–21, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Blockchain Economy Summit - October 1–2, Dubai, UAE
  • Art Basel - December 1-3, Miami, FL

Deliverables & Budget

3-month Deliverables

  1. Publish NFT mechanism design research paper
  2. Grow social media presence and community engagement
  3. Launch 3 out of 5 NFT collections: We have 5 collections currently entering or entered into the korii DAO process. Based on this process timeline and signed contracts, we should have 3 launched collections within 3 months.

Metrics (3 months)

  • 10 creators onboarded and signed
  • 5000 Total volume of NFTs sold across all collections
  • 250000 - Total amount earned from NFTs sold
  • Set up creator korii DAO creator communication channels; growing the Discord to 500 members, the Telegram to 1,000 and Twitter to 2,000

In order to achieve our goals, korii DAO is asking for $216,531 for 3 months of operations, including initial one-time costs, to refine and develop our processes and scale for the future.

For a detailed budget overview see korii DAO Budget 2022

Revenue Model

Revenue for korii DAO will be collected from multiple income streams associated with NFT and web3 project launches. The following table outlines the sources of income we will generate.

Item Percentage Description
NFT royalty sharing 10-50% Royalties will be split between creator(s) depending on the required responsibilities
Consultation fees varies Creators seeking consultation can book time with korii DAO

These will be agreed upon via a signed document between the creators prior to entering the Design phase. The percentages will be enforced via immutable smart contracts associated with the minted NFTs. Generally, major one-time costs such as in-game token minting will be shared between korii DAO and the creator.

Current Traction & Project Pipeline

korii DAO is onboarding and collaborating with select creators who are interested in creating a big impact in the web3 community. It is important to us that the projects we undertake have a clear and meaningful real world impact.

Our current project pipeline as of Feb 28, 2022:

Ghostin NFT Collection | Hanul x korii

Have you ever met someone, hit it off, dreamt about them and then poof they’re gone without a trace? This NFT collection of 10,000 pieces aims to address this social phenomenon and give holders a better alternative to cope.

FEMDOCs Khan | Ana x korii

What does a woman in medicine look like? She is intelligent, resourceful, compassionate and she can look like anything. Holders of any of these 10,000 pieces will get to contribute directly towards supporting women starting and succeed in their medical career.

ASTROCAT x korii

Astrocat undergoes an epic quest through space to battle the elements and find a new home in this tokenized P2E game.

DRAGONS | Sandra x korii

Fire, passion and mischief come to life through the spirit of Sandy’s degen dragons.

VIOLET SUMMER VR | Violet Summer x korii

An urban lifestyle metaverse founded by Melissa Henderson. The VR site will be token gated and expanded on the harmony blockchain.

ICONIC MISS CRYTO | Camille x korii

Coming soon…

Current Partnerships

korii DAO is in an active or developing partnership with the following DAOs:

  • H.E.R. DAO
  • Minority Programmers DAO
  • Plant Dudes DAO
  • Builders DAO
  • Creative DAO
  • Liquidity DAO (Pending)

People Operations

The humans behind korii DAO possess skills and experience in the necessary areas that are required for launch: Brand and Marketing Strategy, Business Development, Tokenomics Design, Smart Contract Development and Security and Community Relations.

Additional resources as we scale would be business development resources, web designers, graphic designers, market researchers, digital market economists, accountants, administrative support, and legal counsel.

The Governors



Co-founder of korii DAO and member of HER DAO and Plant Dudes DAO. Former Digital Product Designer @ AHIMA. Passionate about connecting brands and influencers to the web3 ecosystem.



Co-founder of korii DAO and governor in Plant Dudes DAO. Tech professional with over 10 years of cyber security, cloud ops experience. Passionate about technology, social systems and digital arts. Van has produced commissioned works in photography and graphic design. Education background includes degrees in Psychology, Medical Physiology and Cyber Security. Chicago native, based in Berlin, Germany.

Mel | BRAND RELATIONS Melissa is a prolific lifestyle writer and digital media executive with past roots at The Huffington Post, The Onion, and Gizmodo, among other mainstream outlets. Her speciality is creative storytelling mixed with an international tech lifestyle approach. In 2016, she began her journey into independent journalism by publishing essays and raising awareness about the dangers of revenge porn and online bullying. By 2017, she discovered blockchain and fell down the crypto rabbit hole. Currently, she is creating content in futuristic formats through her brand Violet Summer®️, where readers can experience her zine in VR and as NFTs at https://violetsummerzine.com. Melissa keeps her audience updated on the latest crypto trends, insights and with her weekly newsletter Crypto in The City. She is Head of Community, ApeWorX, a smart contract python-based developer framework. Her mission and priority are to document and bring together the spirit and personality of urban culture.


Experienced blockchain architect, who worked with a bunch of different web3 technology stacks. Fell down the crypto rabbit hole in 2017, after understanding the power of magic internet money when discovering Steem/Steemit. BA. thesis on "Advantages of Blockchain/crypto for an E-Marketplace in the food industry”. MIT Blockchain Executive alumni, focus on token economies for the platform business model. Creating flywheels :rocket: Projects: SmartAid - a tokenized donation platform (private permissioned Ethereum, React Native). token engineering and design @MOBIX.AI (Fetch.Ai, Ocean Protocol, Polygon, Hyperledger Indy, iOS/Android), R-Archive (Arweave/React Native), Cofounder of Tokenization Working Group (EUTOK @ European Blockchain Association).


Computer Science graduate with over 4 years of professional experience working as a Software Engineer and Application Security Analyst. Developed web and mobile applications for enterprises working in the FinTech and Supply Chain space, performing application security review using a variety of programming languages and development frameworks including C#, Java, JavaScript. As a blockchain developer, working experience with Solidity, Reach and smart contract security review.


Operations lead at DAO LA, producer at Crypto Sapiens and creative director for Aquari. Kayla is currently leveraging her development experience and creative expertise to become a product manager. Kayla is passionate about connecting people with ideas, while creating value along the way.

Camille | CREATOR

Camille Dargan is the founder of Iconic Miss Crypto Clinic and a former business marketing executive from Google, Uber and Met, formerly known as Facebook Camille is a meditation teacher in-training, a certified crisis text-line counselor, and a health and wellness advocate and she lives in Northern California with her husband and their two daughters!



Content creator on YouTube (@samyam) creating tutorials on game development in Unity. Former Software Engineer @ Google working on Augmented Reality (AR), Shaders, Machine Learning, and Unreal. Led the Virtual Reality (VR) and AR club GatorVR at the University of Florida for 3 years while completing Bachelors in Computer Science.

Miriam | CREATOR

Miami Based crypto artist specializing in NFT illustrations/animations, graphic design.


Hello all! We are super passionate about this project and the Harmony community! Our team came to ETH Denver and we all made some fantastic connections. After learning about the Harmony DAO grant we immediately got to work and created our proposal. We hope to hear from the community with your thoughts and feedback. Thanks in advance! :black_heart:


This is remarkable! As an OG Visual Artist, this reads like a very serious game plan I’d love to be part of. I’m elated at how well this proposal spells out a lot of great things for NFT artists and building community. :raised_hands:t5:


Cannot wait to see every Harmony DAO shilling their custom DAO membership NFTs. korii DAO will help other DAOs to create strong community cohesion - code can be forked, community stays.


This is such an exciting proposal! Excited to read that NFT research paper :eyes: and for these awesome collection launches :fire:


I am eager to see the community response to this proposal. There is a huge need for creative support for individuals and DAOs interested in launching compelling NFT collections. korii DAO is on its way to filling these needs! :boom:


As creators we are often left out of the conversation of innovation and building! Korii DAO will address issues of executing well-thought out projects to the vision of creators while ushering in new waves of revenue and community. I’m excited to be a part of this new community!


Super excited to be a part of the Korii DAO, we need more creators in the space and the lack of easy to understand beginner resources makes this vital. Can’t wait for the awesome projects we launch :fire:


Really excited, from doing NFT drops, branding and strategy is something that is constantly changing and not as assured like development with more nocode tools coming into the space. Really excited that a DAO like Korii DAO coming to provide the infrastructure we need thats more than just development! Keep up the great work!


Met you in Denver and I know with the enthusiasm and passion you bring to the space you and your peers will succeed if led by you @koriiDAO

Count me and the @HarmonyCommunityDAO as ONE of your partners as well :grin: :blue_heart:


Super Excited to add this support and value to the artist entering the web3 space! Yall are going to kill it.


@lij @HarmonyCommunityDAO is there anything we could do to improve our proposal?

We are currently working on a dynamic DAO membership NFT concept. Our tool allows DAOs to directly reward new members by issuing PFP NFTs. Further, it allows keeping contributors engage by collecting reputation/level up their membership NFTs.


Thank you for submitting a proposal to $300M Ecosystem Fund :blue_heart:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Your proposal is under review :slight_smile: Meanwhile, head over to our DAO Funding Guidelines

:heavy_check_mark: Please ensure that your proposal meets the criteria necessary to be considered for a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant.

Note, that even if your proposal meets certain criteria, it does not necessarily guarantee approval or funding :see_no_evil:

Thank you for your time and interest! :rocket:

And my sincere apologies for this delayed response.

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Awesome! We are looking forward to your feedback :rocket: !! Thanks yo much for taking the time.

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:rotating_light::rotating_light: UPDATE :rotating_light::rotating_light:

We just refined our korii DAO budget. Our new budget is more precise on the working packages we are going to accomplish to bootstrap the korii DAO. Thanks a lot for having a look:
< Updated korii DAO Budget >

We are looking forward to your feedback!


Thank you so much, @Phil

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Hello, @koriiDAO and apologies for the delayed response but I’m very excited to get some conversations going!

You’ve already accomplished a great deal. I would like to point the DAO and the author of the proposal to Harmony’s DAO Funding Guidelines. Please note, that a DAO proposal cannot be considered for approval until it meets the necessary criteria:

  1. Mandates: 3 mandates. Specific. Precise. Each mandate to have two sub-clauses to provide further clarification on these mandates. All three mandates and their sub-clauses should fit within a tweet.

Developer DAO:
Support -
Resolve daily issues on forums & channels, drive weekly meeting agenda
Bounties - Prioritize bugs & features with task management & contributor retention
Advocacy - Hold workshops & events, content marketing with talks & blogs
Basic DAO:
Timesheets -
Help contributors track work hours & deliverables in public
Payroll - Setup paid challenges, wallets, streaming payments & taxes
Reviews - Follow up performance feedback for bonus or penalty, rage quits, or kicks.

  1. Deliverables: Looking forward for the next 3 months only, identify key deliverables directly tied to the mandates of your DAO that you will be focused on accomplishing. Be specific. Chart, in steps, how you will get from where you start to delivering your goal.
  2. Metrics: Quantifiable and verifiable. List the “stretch goal” metrics that you and your DAO will be using to measure your impact in furthering your mandate. Low bars of success indicate a certain level of disengagement, while high bars and stretch goals indicate confidence in yourself and your community to accomplish that about which you are passionate.
  3. Signatories : List the 9 signatories that will start your DAO. NOTE: As we have said in the DAO Funding Guidelines (Guidelines for Harmony Grants) being a signatory is not about having a part-time job. Think about your three mandates and try to find passionate individuals that have the skillset and expertise to help you accomplish those goals.
  4. Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet : Establish a multisig wallet that requires 5 out of the 9 governors to approve the disbursement of funds.
  5. Schedule the Next Community Vote : DAOs are not kingdoms. The initial signatories do not rule by divine right, nor are they supposed to be “Signatories-for-Life”. DAOism is about community. About passionate participation in projects. It is vital that we have a regular rotation of community members experiencing the responsibility of managing the DAOs treasury.

Mandates :white_check_mark:
Deliverables & Metrics :white_check_mark:
Signatories :white_check_mark:
Harmony Multisig :x:
Second Election :x:

I would also like to point the DAO’s attention to this bit in the guidelines:

The Minimally Viable DAO - Milestone Payments:

As we have learned in the Launch Grant program, it is best to create milestone payments. In that spirit, we have studied the DAOs that have been successful both in Harmony and on other chains and have determined three vital components for success. We refer to this as a “ Minimally Viable DAO ” and will pay out the bootstrap grant according to the following:

  1. Create a Multisig Contract ($15K) : This milestone is covered in step 5 of the “Mighty Six” above. This is required as all assets of a DAO are shared amongst the community. Without a multisig, this would be impossible. All withdrawals from the DAO multisig should have a matching community vote to approve that withdrawal. This is how a DAO Shares Assets .
  2. Hold a Community Vote for Multisig Signatories ($20K): 9 signatories will be selected out of a field of 12 candidates. Over 100 community members vote. The role of the signatory is to approve transactions out of the DAO multisig wallet in accordance with the community vote. These signatories rotate every 3 months based on a community vote. The responsibility for the success and failure of the DAO is a shared responsibility for all of the members and this is the milestone we look for as proof.
  3. Social Token ($15K): All DAOs need to share a common interest, something that binds them together. By issuing a social token, you can identify your community, your tribe, your teammates and co-conspirators. A social token and an NFT are not the same thing. Social tokens are similar to membership cards, but they operate on-chain. They are fungible so that one is the same as another and - if the DAO wishes to sell them, rather than issue them - they all are at the same price. By deploying a social token, the DAO has shown it has a Shared Interest .

The total bootstrap grant is $50,000 and a DAO that qualifies for this grant will have the minimal attributes. The grant will be paid out as the DAO satisfies each of the MVD milestones.

Please create a multisig on harmony and schedule a second election to be considered for approval. A small caveat. . .even if a DAO proposal meets the criteria necessary to be approved, it does not guarantee approval of funding.

Looking forward to the updates and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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Thanks, @frwrdslosh! Please excuse the late response, we had a quite busy week @NFT Miami / BTC Miami and moving forward on our Astro Cats P2E game. Further, we are evaluating whether to use Gnosis or Aragon for our multi-sig. We will update the proposals shortly.

:rotating_light::rotating_light: UPDATE :rotating_light::rotating_light:

korii DAO established an Aragon DAO on Harmony Mainnet.

Name: koriidao.aragonid.eth
ETH Address: 0x5eb1f39cb226442dbbbcba0c8131088b4da24976
ONE Address: one1t6cl889jyezzmwauhgxgzvgg3dx6yjtkx26pv0

We are currently adding all our governors to the multi-sig wallet.
Our next election of korii DAOs is in 6 months (Oct 2022).

Looking forward to your feedback @frwrdslosh! :blue_heart:


Thank you for the updates @Phil

Quick update from Harmony:

The Harmony DAO Ops team will resume approvals and funding on May, 1st. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we learn best practices and navigate the proposal process. In the meantime, please take a look at the updated DAO Funding Guidelines.

note: this comment is not an approval of the proposal