LA Co-Sponsor Events (bundled)

Posting a document of all the co-sponsor and hosting payments for events surrounding NFTLA.
Our objective with co-sponsors is to amplify Project Y discussions and meet more builders.

Total Co-sponsor budget: $23,500/$25,000

NFT Hypebeast Party and Studio Session

Co-sponsor LA event & Harmony x artist music studio session.

Event: March 28th – 8pm-2am.
Studio Recording Session TBD

Budget: $7,500. Invoice sent to

HypeX Dinner and Party

Dinner: March 30th – 5pm-7pm
Event: March 30th – 7pm-11pm

Budget: $7,500. Invoice sent to

Wallet: one1ve3hfypzm3a8yq09j8qaqyhd90q4ycdgsscftj Paid in ONE

Urconduit High Tide Gallery, Panel, and Party

Event: March 28th & 30th – 7pm-12pm

Budget: $7,500. Invoice sent to

Wallet: 0x809b922bA7071128114b9Eb16A59Ef48936eCC02 Paid in USDC (Ethereum)

ONEPitch Host: LivingWithWill

Budget: $1,000. Invoice sent to

Wallet: 0xfFe258079135bA4558360591c0b2909a032440EA Paid in USDC (Ethereum)

Gross Magazine Rooftop Co-host at the Ace Hotel

Event: March 29th – 8pm-midnight

Budget: $5,000. PAID

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great work dev , big effort has been made by yourself and the team into nft la


NFT Hypebeast Party and Studio Session

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HypeX: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

Urconduit: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Will Dais: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

BLK@NFT LA Dinner: Celebrating Black NFT Artists & Allies

Date: 3/29

3 hour Dinner Event: 6-9pm PT (starts promptly at 6pm)

Venue: Ritz Carlton Los Angeles (less than 1 mile from NFT LA Venue)
Restaurant: Le Petit Chef

Event is Free and invite-only.

Cocktail Hour: 1 hour (6-7pm PT)

3 minute: Intro

10 min: Sponsor & Partner Presentations

20 min: NFT Artists Presentation

3 min: Closing

Remaining time is for networking

7-9pm PT

Seated dinner, interactive dining experience begins promptly at 7pm PT.

50 people maximum

Target Attendee: BIPOC NFT Artists, builders, founders and professionals

The purpose of this event is to celebrate BIPOC NFT Artists, showcase their work and offer an intentional space for conversations to foster collaboration and partnership.

Sponsorship: $5,000 (crypto acceptable with 15% premium fee)

1-2 slide max for Powerpoint Presentation, including all marketing/promotional material (post-event). Attendee data will be provided to sponsor from the registration process. Educational material can be sent to attendees post-event. 2 dinner tickets.

Dinner event will provide videographer/photographer to record event and will upload on youtube.

We request the presence of Stephen Tse and Li Jiang.

Invoice Attached.

USDC address on Binance (ERC20): 0xd7fe1673291ab686632a6c269cefd5481af7db7d

USDC address (BSC): 0xd7fe1673291ab686632a6c269cefd5481af7db7d

*please note there is an additional 15% inconvenience fee attached to all crypto payments.

On behalf of Peter Abilla and Zi Wang (who will be presenting on Harmony and the Timeless 1Wallet) — Approved for $5750 via USDC payment.

We are excited for Zi Wang and George Hughes to represent Harmony at this incredible event and we look forward to supporting BLK’s initiatives in the future.


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BLK event: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Hello Li, so the original invoice has been cancelled due to the application having an issue with it. Below you can see the email details they sent me, you guys can simple cancel that payment & fulfill this PayPal invoice for the $7500 at this link that I sent to Devin below. Please confirm with me & thank you.

Can confirm validity. @lij