Launches: Daccred - design and issue credentials on the blockchain

Integrating Harmony comes with a fair share of Uniqueness, first of, the MVP I have built uses Moralis which doesn’t provide support for harmony out of the box, so this means that we have to rethink how the dapp is wired up.

Will share POC soon.

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Time to build, Let’s gooooo :rocket: :rocket::rocket:

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We are entering the final sprint that will lead to a complete build.
See GIF demo above.

Integration with Harmony Testnet, a couple kinks need to be screwed out in the dApp,

  • State Management
  • On-chain Data aggregation by Contract (For all claimed credentials)
  • Recipient Verification (Signatures or MerkleProofs)

The credential that was deployed in the demo above, can be viewed here
Explorer: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


Until then, see ya :sunglasses: :dash:

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Super excited to announce that we have made good progress so far.

  • We have now successfully integrated with Harmony Testnet in fulfillment of the first requirement for the grant. You can check it out here

  • This is the Harmony Smart contract on Testnet Harmony Blockchain Explorer

  • We set up our GitHub Organization and currently formalizing our development team.
    You can follow our development journey on GitHub here daccred · GitHub

  • Our brand guidelines and focus on user experience is also getting evident

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[part 2]

In the coming weeks, we are looking to do a number of things such as

  • Grow the Daccred Community with Educators, Creators, and Professionals looking to issue Credentials on low cost, fast, and environmental friendly blockchain networks
  • Build out the Credentials claims page templates
  • Support more variables in Designs
  • Build out the dashboard
  • Do more integrations for recipients and waitlists.

We would love Harmony community members to go ahead and test out Accred today. Until then, see youuu

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There are some features we hoped would have made it to this release but, they did not work well, so we we’ve batched them up. E.g.

  • How to manage importing data for wait-list or recipients
  • Workflows for adding elements to the editor

However as we get more people to test and community engagement, we will get feedback and improve accordingly.

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Way to go guys! Great job :clap:t3:
Let’s keep it up :muscle:t3:

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Excellent so far, team! :clap:t4: :clap:t4:

testnet milestone has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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Hey Harmonians, In order to improve accountability, the team has started a Weekly Updates Board .

You can track all of our weekly update. And for the last week. Jan (Week 4)

Here is our weekly update___ We hope to make this a weekly tradition

@ONEcommunityDAO @ONEdeveloperDAO and @ONEincubatorDAO
Please we would like a Delegate to add to our DAO Multi-Sig

We have nominated our first DAO reps as seen here

@giv kindly assist with visibility to the Governors from the Harmony DAO.

Hi Harmony Community!

We are happy to announce Milestone 2

The Governors were chosen from Key contributors of Daccred as part of Operations, Engineering, Community, and Trusted Members of the harmony collective who have also launched a product within the harmony ecosystem. We have an invite-only Tight-knit Group called the “Harmony Launch Grant Collective” Where we also support each other with our projects and help give feedback and test out new features.

DAO Board Governors on a list.

This is the Multi-Sig Address below:

Other News

Our amazing design team has now completed our new brand identity rebrand, a whole new brand
Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 00.33.09
Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 00.39.16

and will be releasing new updates to the platform, and will be unveiling to our community on Twitter and Discord.
Follow us on Twitter to keep up and learn more.

Also, Signup on our latest Revue Newsletter here too.

The redesign would take effect with a new fresh coat of paint on our landing page, we look forward to you joining us on this very exciting experience.


Thank you for completing the milestone. Please follow the funding guidelines and submit the form as usual.


_____ You’re a Legend :star: :star: ____ /___

milestone 2 has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


____ Thank you @lij ____ / ____

Prep for Mainnet

New and improved UX for Daccred

New Issue for our Newsletter

– Can NFTs be Used outside the Metaverse?

Smart Contract Audit

We’ve shortlisted candidates for our smart contract audits and sent out a RFQ.

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Hi Guys.
Haven’t posted here in two weeks, so this is gonna be a bit long.
As always we publish articles on our Newsletter about NFTs, Blockchain and Crypto so don’t miss out on Web3 and Blockchain Trends by Daccred

Product Updates


With the introduction of Access Passes, We’ve kickstarted partnership with ecosystem partners within the region one of which is the Ghana Tech Innovation Week & Award Event. A representative from our team was Live on the HSTV Network to talk about Daccred, Blockchain, NFTs and Harmony.

Deviation from the plan

  • We’ve started considering creating In-app wallets for our users so that they can fund minting transactions for their users, initially we fund addresses in a Waitlist with 1 ONE Token however this hack cannot scale so we need a way for account owners to fund transactions for users who are fresh and new to blockchain, and in this case this certificate is their first gateway into interacting with NFTs for the first time.


  • Roll out of Early Access (WIP)
  • Listing on Harmony Universe (WIP)
  • Harmony Bridge (research)
  • In-App Wallets (maybe)
  • Integrations that enable automation for community managers and business (maybe)
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Very cool. Your development is interesting and useful. Please tell me if I can use your service to create certificates for Ambassador Harmony Ukrainian DAO? Maybe you have instructions? As a token of gratitude I will write a small review about your project.


@baraeva thanks again for reaching out.
We are launching out Daccred pro in the next 2 weeks from now.

We warmly accept your token of gratitude :hugs:
So what’s going to happen is once we launch Pro, I can send your DAO an all inclusive pass (NFT) that would give you access to the full platform.

You can DM me or reach out to @viclotana to get this