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This is a proposal to introduce Harmony to Ghana.

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Event #1:

  • $50K for a panel discussion introducing Harmony to Ghana.
  • Event date around April 2022 in Accra, the capital city of Ghana
  • 100-200 target attendance with curated individuals from Web3, Web2, finance, tech, and culture
  • The goal of the panel discussion is to build awareness of Harmony in Ghana to kick off a Web3/Tech summit in the summer.§

Event #2:

  • $100k for a Web3 summit with another $150k from co-sponsors.
  • Partner with the Co founder of Afrochella Alvin Bekoe (Africa’s current No.1 festival)
  • 500-1000 target attendance with curated individuals from Web3, Web2, finance, tech, and culture the goal is to develop interest
    from 9 potential highly influential governors to kick start an ecosystem fund specialising in African interests with a focus on Ghana.
    Involve the African diaspora in these efforts and curation.


Currently, Ghana is gearing up to be the “Silicon Valley of Africa” with big companies establishing their African presence there, notably Instagram, YouTube, and Jack Dorsey’s Twitter.

Dorsey’s outlook on Bitcoin and blockchain technology cannot be overlooked with Twitter establishing their headquarters for Africa in Ghana. He and Jay-Z recently formed Btrust, a 500 BTC fund (as of this writing currently worth $18.5 million at $37,000/BTC) with the initial focus on funding Bitcoin development in Africa and India.

With Ghana leading the charge in tech, Harmony has a chance to make a bold statement on the continent of Africa which will require both a business and creative content strategy that gives

Ghana has become very appealing to tech companies due to its democratic and economic stability. The country has a great reputation on the continent and globally with its current President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo also being the current Chairman of the African Union and voted in Forbes as this years most influential African.


I am proposing that we introduce Harmony to Ghana by first starting with a focused panel discussion on decentralisation and the blockchain in Accra. The goal of this panel discussion is to have Harmony share their vision for having a blockchain that can scale to 10 billion users giving us the foundation to target notable industry people that can help push this vision forwards in the region for a follow up summit in July. Our targets will be the tech enthusiasts and tech leaders with strong affiliation to Ghana such as Bozoma St. John (CMO of Netflix), Jack Dorsey, as well as corporate executives from financial institutions and the highest senior Government officials like the Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia who is very enthusiastic about the digitalisation of Ghana. These discussions can open the door for potential fiat onramps to showcase Harmony on its ecosystem and serve as a great recruitment tool for talent to help build out the technology in the region.

The cost of this panel will be $50k and the timeline for the first panel could be in the month of April, perhaps the back end of ETHBarcelona. It will be a curated event working with my business associate Alvin Bekoe (Co-founder of Afrochella) who has credibility in creating similar events of scale in Ghana leveraging his in house team responsible all Afrochella’s event build outs.

The Budget will go towards

  • Venue Hire
  • Equipment Hire
  • Event planners
  • Marketing
  • Car hire
  • Moderators
  • Catering
  • Team travel + Accomodation

Success at this panel would be for Harmony to share its vision clearly with a selected panel of experts and influential tech enthusiasts in region, building serious interest from Africa by using effective content, PR, and marketing to attract the target audience & stakeholders needed for a follow up tech summit in the summer. It is advised that we showcase a premium wallet solution at this panel that the people can demo and use.

Africa has the youngest population on earth, and that demographic is deep into culture. By working through culture, we can inspire the next wave of Web3 builders to build on Harmony. The enthusiasts in the region are quite receptive and very curious about blockchain so by Harmony introducing themselves in the region through panels and cultural inspired events, it will open up many different opportunities in the region.


The first panel in April will help us set the stage for a bigger summit that we could schedule June/July of this year. The ask to put an event on of this size would cost around $250k. We think if Harmony committed to $100k of the budget, it would rally the right co-sponsors from tech and culture to participate and commit to the other $150k. Harmony would again activate people in the region with their wallet solutions, exhibiting it at the summit. We can prep the wallet in advance to be catered to those on the ground in Ghana with an emphasis of making it simple to use given their existing use of MoMa (Mobile Money).

We could approach other companies like Chipper Cash in the region who could be collaborators in this effort:

We can collaborate with existing wallets built on Harmony that can be tailored to the needs of target users in Ghana. While wallets like Metamask exist, they are not prevalent to the masses around the region.

This is a golden opportunity to have users and builders all rally behind an aligned vision by setting the standard for peer to peer transactions in the region.

Success out of the panel and summit would be for Harmony to provide the framework to develop an Ecosystem DAO focused on funding blockchain projects built in Ghana?Africa with DAO representation. Projects with blockchain solutions built on Harmony’s network that can provide solutions for local and international remittances, real estate acquisitions, and tourism services should be our main targets. A key focus for Harmony’s ecosystem in the region should be centred around a wallet rollout strategy that can be accessed by the Diaspora and locals, serving as a new medium and strategic tool for bridge-building. We can work towards building a strategic partnership with initiatives like Beyond the Return and the Diaspora Affairs at the office of the President.

There exists a strong pathway for building the case of gaining positive regulation from the relevant bodies which will contribute immensely towards Harmony’s commercial standing not just in the region but globally. Favourable regulations will attract the right partners needed to build out Harmony’s platform in the region.

Beyond Africa, there is a big chance to create an awareness campaign centred around Harmony and Ghana working together. With the right alignment and vision between Ghana’s government, media, and globally established tech companies, we have a chance to tell amazing stories from the region, helping Harmony to expand it’s vision throughout the Diaspora, the continent, and beyond.


hey @DTB ,

thanks for this proposal. we’re really excited to see how much interest to harmony we have from Africa!

meanwhile, let me introduce to you our frame for the events:

Organizers of each event follow our templates to bring in new builders. Harmony has success with Gitcoin, DoraHacks, ETH Global and DevPost with $2M+ campaigns. We recommend hosting our own quarterly hackathons with $1M prizes each, sponsoring $100K workshops for industry-wide conferences, giving $50K keynotes in regional events, and empowering 100 local organizers – with $1K budget for a 20-attendee 2-speaker event, or $5K for 50 with 4 speakers, and $10K for 100 with a co-sponsor.

also, there’s a good chance for you to work together with Africa DAO (cc @ep2338) who are managing events in the whole Africa


This proposal has been approved by the team.


This is awesome! :ghana: :raised_hands:t6:


Really excited about the next few months following the Success of the Africa DAO panel at ETH Denver where the announcement of the Ghana Unity DAO was made at our panel discussion featuring Steven, Eduardo,
Princess, myself (Del Titus) & Kweku Mandela.

Further plans to host a panel and an inaugural tech summit in Accra to launch the Ghana Unity DAO has been approved with the first event scheduled from the 27th April to 30th April.

The event will be hosted at the Kempinski hotel in the capital city of Accra bringing together members of the harmony team (Zi, Adrian, Danny & George Hughes) alongside myself and my local business partner Alvin Bekoe as hosts on behalf of the Ghana Unity DAO, relevant government stakeholders and the invited web 3 community. This will be followed by a dinner and networking event scheduled afterwards where we aim to expand our discussions and cement harmony’s local engagement with the web 3 community.

Interviews with media will be arranged, meetings and visits to the government institutional partners will be arranged as well
as one on one meetings with local partners.

A completion with be open for Submission of Web 3 projects that meet the Ghana Unity DAO mandates with winners to be announced at the follow up tech summit in July.

$150k has been approved for both events with the first instalment of $50k to be made available via harmony multisig wallet (0xab7df897306CE3B5556A4b517bf15BD3779AC603) to meet our current commitments to our vendors locally to be able to execute our immediate pending plans.


the $50k installment has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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@DTB great! Looking forward for that opportunity, and for us in Ghana to make a case in the world of disruptive technology.

Web 3 Accra Hosted by Ghana Unity DAO in partnership with Harmony Protocol, GIPC (Ghana Investment Promotion Centre) and Beyond The Return.

The event took place at the 5 star Kempinski hotel from 9:45am to 17:00pm and was oversubscribed by 160 guests more than the planned 100.

See recorded guest list attached,

Note - In attendance were Government officials from… Presidents Office & GIPC

The Keynote speech was delivered by the Deputy CEO of GIPC and on panel was the head of Youth engagement at the Ghanaian Presidency Jake Bediako.

Attached separately are links showing the images & videos from the event including links for a press release and article by Forbes and highlights from the event shown on the top national news station Joy News.

Social Media impressions

Web 3 Accra was promoted digitally to a combined digital audience of 724,418.


In summary the web 3 Accra was a success locally drawing unexpected attention outside the Web 3 community
in Accra.

The official launch of The $1m Ghana Unity DAO & Harmony partnership fund was announced with applicants being allowed to submit projects commencing the 2nd of May.

The follow up (approved) Web 3 conference scheduled for the 28/29 July was also announced where the Ghana Unity DAO will be announcing the shortlisted projects that will be funded.

We also managed to organise face to face meetings with the 3 main targeted government institutions on our agenda

• GIPC (Ghana investment promotion centre) Deputy CEO Yaw Afriyie) - The meeting was centred around the institutions willingness to work with the web 3 community and some of the precautionary measures government was taking to understand the industry and collaborate with companies in the industry. (Attended by Ghana Unity DAO Governors Del Titus, Mandy Nyarko, Ben Boateng and Alvin Bokeo)

• Head of Youth & Engagement at the Ghana Presidency Jake Bediako - The meeting was centred around collaboration on rolling out a Web 3 educational program through out universities nationwide and creating work shops that would create a pathway to developing a youthful talent pool that know how to build on the harmony one blockchain. (Attended by Del Titus Bawuah & Zi Wang)

• BOG (Bank of Ghana) the purpose of the meeting was to understand the framework in which Web 3 company’s wishing to operate in Ghana should take into account and the central banks vision for the web 3 industry particularly blockchain and extended an invitation to Ghana Unity DAO alongside harmony to join the “Sandbox” initiative -

Our KPI’s for the next 3 - 6months Following the web 3 panel

• Launch Web 3 Accra conference
• Launch application submission (2nd of May) -
• Fund 10 sub DOA’s
• Grow Ghana Unity DAO community to 10,000 members on telegram and and all social media platforms.
• Source additional $5m funding
• Launch NFT partnership with Prince Gyasi drop for 1000.
• Join BOG (Ghana Sandbox initiative)
• Licence Harmony Blockchain in Ghana.

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Reference Links for Ghana Web 3 Accra event

• Forbes - Unlocking Web 3.0 Opportunities In Africa - Forbes Africa

• Ghana News Updates -

• Citi News -

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Following the success of our Web 3.0 Panel in Accra we are now preparing for our conference in July following the immense support from the Ghanaian Web 3 community and government institutions such as GIPC, Beyond the Return and B.O.G to continue to building awareness and commercial opportunities in web 3.

The date for the next event is scheduled for the end of July which we plan to host 1000 - 1500 attendees.

We will be hosting an all day conference alongside Web 3 related pop ups & activations at the Kempinski alongside 7 selected curated spaces through out the city showcasing and bringing more awareness about harmony & the Ghana Unity DAO vision for Ghana Africa and making good of the promises/goals/targets states at our web 3 panel and meetings with government officials in our preliminary meetings.

Areas to be showcased

  • Harmony Blockchain
  • Harmony Products
  • Ghana Unity DAO & Harmony local web 3 community
  • NFT drops & activations
  • Virtual Reality Metaverse Simulations
  • Defi Camps
  • Hackathons

Our objective is to replicate the Harmony ETHdenver experience in Accra July.

Our target panelists include the following names -

Keynote speaker - Head of fintech for Bank of Ghana - Kwame Oppong (Whom we met on this trip)


Peace Hyde (Forbes Africa)
Dentaa Amoateng - Guba President
Abena Sereno - Radio and talk show host
Kudzie Tazavi - Harmony

Host - Jerry Adjorlolo

Prospective Special Guest - Ghanaian Vice President Dr. Bawumia

Speakers and Panelists

Steve Tse - Harmony Founder
Zi Wang - Harmony Co Founder
Jack Dorsey - Founder Twitter (Prospective)
Bozoma St John - Tech Exec
Deleram - Coinbase Creative Director
David Feinstein - Superrare
Larry Osie Mensah - Digital Artist
Prince Gyasi - Digital Artist
Melita Moore - Global Esports Federation
Yele Bademosi - Founder Nest Coin
Kwame Opoku - Crypto Enthusiast
Berima Adjie - Founder Float
Jessie Ghansah Founder Float
Nana Amoah - Meta
Fatima Tambajang - Blockchain Eco system builder
Karla Kirk Cohen - BTC trust (Prospective)
Ojoma Ochai - BTC trust (Prospective)
Jake Bediako - Head of Youth Engagement office of the President
Niyi Ola Otese - Koin Koin Exchange

At this event we will be showcasing Harmony products and will announce the 10 winners we have shortlisted for the Ghana Unity Sub DAO’s applications.

We intend to introduce the Harmony one Wallet & Announce our inclusion in the Bank of Ghana Sandbox initiative.

We will announce our educational program partnership with Government institution and private organisations such as Elevate Network who are seeking partnership to roll out harmony blockchain/web 3 curriculum nationally.

We have the following targeted sponsors interested in participating as sponsors for this event.

  • GIPC
  • Visa
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Coinbase

Due to the heavy influx of private events during this period we need to secure venues and logistics whilst assembling teams as we have just over two months left which is limited time to market and design the program and need to start planning right away.

Our objectives after our event

  • Is to obtain a blockchain license with the BOG in order to operate locally and build local products.
  • Grow our current community in Ghana to 10,000 members in 6months
  • Match fund another $1m within 6months
  • Start building first product.
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It would be great for the Africa DAO to participate! Let’s talk!

Ok sure, let’s communicate on telegram.

This is an amazing initiative. I believe there is an opportunity for a collab with Daccred on this as well. We recently partnered with the Ghana Tech & Innovation Week and would be happy to also support this initiative.