Liquidity DAO Governors 3rd Term Elections

Hello “Harmonizers”,
We at LiquidityDAO are about to complete the 2nd term and start the election process for the 3rd term. As per the Governing requirements of the DAO we would like to open this up for new candidates to submit their Candidacy for the DAO Governor-ship. We open heartedly welcome new candidates to bring new ideas to enrich the LiquidityDAO so more ideas and solutions/services can be added into the DAO’s delivery portfolio.
In the first two terms the Governors worked hard to establish the the needs for Liquidity as a an idea that has applications for many, if not all exchanges and chains. We started by establishing dev bounties for community members to participate in them, build software components and models for connectivity into various platforms within the Blockchain arena. We do believe that some of the Web2 systems can be bridged into the Web3 world where Liquidity in various forms make sense and we would love to demonstrate more these shared via the LiquidityDAO. We conducted some analysis and research on spreads and Liquidity with respect volume, depth the market books, etc. Lot more could be done and we need help to expand this effort. We have also launched a Market Making campaign for Harmony One tokens on OKEX exchange in the past. We are working hard to build community based on value that can be build, shared and cherished by the Blockchain world. Expansion of the blockchain world so more people become engaged in some fashion is truly the goal here.
The election process will run for a week starting July 6th, 2022 (Wednesday), 10:00am California time and end on July 12th, 2022 (Tuesday), 9:59am California time.
Please join and help build this into a better environment for creativity to be shared with the whole world.
People of this planet, we all know that times are not the best for Blockchain/Crypto. The same difficult times are looming for existing Web2 businesses as well. So, even though it sounds like a cliché we cannot avoid focusing in the good thing that is hidden underneath all of these uncertainties and that is the mere fact that we have the power collectively turn the tide by working and dedicating our time for the right cause. Harmony has an audacious goal for bringing “Consensus to 10 billion” which is not about short term excitement but a long term goal of focusing on building a better environment for all. Fairer, simpler, trusting and based on strong technology that surfaces utmost transparency. I have been a Governor not for my monetary gains (If that was the case I would have dedicated my time minting real big dollars as they still do exist for good talent). We are here do to better for all of us. Saying so, I would like to bring up the fact that we will not have funding for Governors pay, which is the bitter truth, but truth nonetheless. I am sure we have somewhere in us to see our contributions be used for the betterment of peoples’ lives in some ways. So as new Governors indicate their interest for the Governor-ship kindly remind your selves that if we together pool through and make the ecosystem better we will all do quite well and be rewarded for our hard work in many different ways, instead of just earning an hourly rate.
Please consider joining us and make this a better ecosystem. Looking forward to bright new faces beaming with new ideas that we can all implement with each others help and leave a mark.

Thank You
LiquidityDAO Governors

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I’ve polled some Liquidity DAO governors and Harmony team members about where the DAO can improve.

Some problems they raised included:

  • People work in an ad-hoc fashion since there are no clearly defined roles in the DAO
  • Some of the 9 governors like to propose ideas, but it falls on others to do the work
  • Lack of direction and communication channels with Harmony team
  • Gnosis multi-sig is hard to manage due to lack of Harmony integration

Proposed solutions:

  • Reduce number of governors from 9 to 5
  • Clearly define DAO roles (for example: 1. project manager, 2. community/Harmony liaison, 3. treasury manager, 4. engineer, 5. bot trader)
  • Refine the requirements for new governors that match the roles they are seeking
  • Define scope: support DeFi and NFT dApps on Harmony
  • Define north star metric: grow TVL on DeFi / NFT Harmony dApps

How would you have managed the treasury differently? All the stablecoins would have been lost anyway.

that’s a different issue that Liquidity DAO doesn’t control. treasury mgmt refers to the allocation of the DAO’s budget to trading competitions, liquidity provision, and dev bounties.

of course, the future of this DAO is predicated on the value of the funding available, so there’s definitely impact but that’s not the scope of this thread.

Seems important if you have no money at the end

I already addressed this point. If you’re just here to whine, go to CT.

Great suggestions, agreed!

Given that not many had the time to consider the election window for the LiquidityDAO Governor-ship role we have decided to slide the election window by a few more days.
So instead of July 6th, 2022 (Wednesday), 10:00am California time and end on July 12th, 2022 (Tuesday), 9:59am California time we have decided to move out the election time to start on July 11th, 2022 10:00am California time and end on July 18th, 2022 (Tuesday), 9:59am California time.
This would get some more time for candidates to submit their candidacy for the role.
Election Start date/time: July 11th, 2022 , 10:00am California time
Election End date/time: July 18th, 2022, 9:59 am California time

We are excited to see some new Governors join us for the cause.

Let’s influence a difference.

Thank you

I think Harmony should define the Liquidity DAO budget before holding elections.

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Given the changes in the environment and operating focus of Harmony LiquidityDAO will not hold its elections and at this point the operations will be frozen.

Thank you